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The Xsotan Wormhole Guardian (XWG) is located in the very middle of the Galaxy. During the Boss-fight the ship opens multiple wormholes, with an anouncement in chat stating, "The Wormhole Gaurdian is channeling the black hole's power," and summons a bunch of smaller ships through wormholes. After its shield is down, it will begin to summon larger 'dreadnought' ships that have fighters and a decent health pool. The Boss possesses about 25 000 000 hull, 5 000 000 Shields, and 50 000 Omicron in lasers, railguns, and cannons, although this can vary a lot.

The XWG's shield is invulnerable while the smaller Xsotan ships are around, and becomes vulnerable for a period when they are destroyed. Once the shield is depleted, the XWG will be continually vulnerable.

Guaranteed drop from XWG. Used to find 5468 6520 4149.

Defeating it awards you an achievement titled 'Savior,' and a large amount of high-tier loot, as well as a usable item titled with three sets of ascii encoded hex characters. The item spits out coordinates when used where there will be a red skull on the map leading to 5468 6520 4149 (The AI in hexadecimal), a seemingly corrupted variant of The AI that holds the title of hardest boss in the game.


The XWG can be interacted with. This brings up an empty menu, unless the player has a Wormhole Power Diverter equipped, where they can choose to steal the black hole's power for themselves. If this is done while the XWG is channeling the blackhole's power, the player will also receive a thick, bright, yellow, beam from the XWG and generate wormholes of their own (in blue beams), summoning powerful ships from factions that the player has acquired from other faction during the One Against All And All Against One quest. Said ships can be interacted with, and ordered to fight either the small Xsotan ships or the XWG

At a research dock, you can create the Xsotan Wormhole Generator using Xsotan technology fragments dropped by other Xsotan ships. In typical research fashion, it should take at most 125 (5^3) to get it guaranteed, 64 (4^3) if you're lucky or 27 if you are impossibly lucky.

The black hole is a few hundred km away from where the XWG spawns and is completely safe to approach, touch or even fly to the center of. You clearly aren't supposed to because the black hole has no interior texture and disappears the moment you cross the event horizon.

Respawn Mechanic:

In previous versions the Guardian would respawn a set amount of time after being defeated. Currently when the Guardian dies, it no longer respawns. Instead there is a Xsotan Invasion event periodically affecting all sectors with an active player within the center barrier. This event spawns initially hostile Xsotan (unlike standard Xsotan whom spawn neutral until a turret/fighter is used). These Xsotan continually spawn for the duration of the event.

The event has several special ships that must be defeated to progress the event. First there's the Xsotan Emissary. Destroying this ship causes a Xsotan Quantum Dreadnaught to spawn. Once defeated, a Xsotan Summoner will spawn. Once that is defeated a Prototype Wormhole Guardian will spawn and an empty boss bar will appear. Over time, this bar will fill. If the Prototype is defeated, local npcs will proclaim victory and all other Xsotan (except summoned minions for some reason) will hyperspace out. The event will restart a period of time later. If the bar is allowed to fill (and an amount of time passes), local npcs will declare failure. Xsotan will then warp out and half an hour later the Wormhole Guardian will finally respawn.

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