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General[edit | edit source]

5th Tier Resource. Yellow in color. Sometimes hexagonal in shape.

Flavor[edit | edit source]

Xanion - Xanium

Xanion is considered the second of the Technological Materials. Nothing but armor is beyond its capabilities.

Xanion shares many properties with Naonite, being malleable at tiny scales, and to be made into proper armor. Its properties do support advanced computing, like Trinium.

Special Blocks[edit | edit source]

- Supports Generators, Energy Containers, Integrity Field generators, Shields, Hyperspace Cores, Hangars, and Computer Cores.

Where to find it[edit | edit source]

Xanion is found in sectors within a radial distance of 200 from the galaxy's middle.


Usage[edit | edit source]

Used in all Xanion building blocks & used for repairing all Xanion ship components.

Can be sold to vendors for credits.

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