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The XSTN-K upgrades are a series of legendary artifact upgrades that are seemingly related to the Xsotan. These upgrades are typically rewards for major quests or boss fights, and are used as extremely powerful upgrades, and to open up the portal to enter The Core.

Each XSTN-K gives a specific and unique buff that is related to the method of obtainment when equipped and, typically, permanently installed. As an example, fighting Boss Swoks, a pirate kingpin, yields an Armed Turret Slot Artifact, XSTN-III.

Progression Use[ | ]

When searching hidden mass sectors close to the barrier, the player may find a structure of 8 asteroids in a circle, numbered from I to VIII. The player is then intended to create 8 distinct ships and put one of each Xsotan Upgrade in a separate ship and place the ship in front of the asteroid with the number of the artifact the ship has. When all 8 ships are placed next to their respective ominous asteroids, a wormhole to cross The Barrier is created, and the endgame begins.

Note that you while need to permanently install all artifacts (with the exception of the Exodus Artifact, XSTN-I) for them to work as upgrades, you do not need to permanently install them to open the wormhole.

The player will also not receive any quests relating to any of the XSTN-K upgrades unless they appear as obtained in the player profile tab. This can be problematic if an upgrade is collected in an alliance ship and is immediately put into the alliance vault, rather than the player's personal vault. This can easily be fixed by transferring the items form the alliance vault into the player's vault and back again.

Subsystems[ | ]

Below is a list of each Xsotan subsystem and their statistics.
Every artifact is of Legendary rarity and has a price of 10,000 credits except for the XSTN-K IV, which has a price of 3,000,000 credits.
Each subsystem can only be installed once per craft, meaning it is possible to have many of each subsystem across an entire fleet, but only one per ship.
All artifacts do nothing unless permanently installed except for the XSTN-K I, which does not need to be permanently installed to function.

XSTN-K I[ | ]


XSTN-K I icon

Obtained from the Haatii at the end of the Project Exodus mission.
This artifact activates Ancient Gates in the same sector as a craft with the artifact installed.

Artifact Effects
Activates Ancient Gates Yes

XSTN-K II[ | ]


XSTN-K II icon

Researched at a Research Station using any 3 Legendary subsystems, [As of 2.3.0] excluding other Xsotan artifacts.

Artifact Effects
Arbitrary Turret Slots +8
Auto-Turret Slots +6




Dropped from Pirate Captain Swoks' ship after it is destroyed.

Artifact Effects
Armed Turret Slots +10
Auto-Turret Slots +6

XSTN-K IV[ | ]


XSTN-K IV icon

Sold for 3,000,000 credits by a Traveling Equipment Salesman called by a Trade Guild Beacon bought from an Equipment Dock.
Players must be allied with a faction to purchase Legendary rarity subsystems.

Artifact Effects
Unarmed Turret Slots +10
Auto-Turret Slots +6

XSTN-K V[ | ]


XSTN-K V icon

Dropped by the last destroyed ship of The Brotherhood.

Artifact Effects
Generated Energy +30%
Battery Recharge Rate +25%
Armed Turret Slots +2
Arbitrary Turret Slots +1
Unarmed Turret Slots +2
Shield Durability +25%
Hyperspace Jump Range +1.5 sectors
Hyperspace Jump Charge -15%
Cargo Hold +30%
Maximum Engine Velocity +30%
Loot Collection Range +1 km
Deep Scan Range +3 sectors
Radar Range +5 sectors

XSTN-K VI[ | ]


XSTN-K VI icon

Dropped from The AI after it is destroyed.

Artifact Effects
Pilot Workforce +1200
Fighter Squads +4
Required Miners per Turret -100,000
Required Mechanics per Turret -100,000
Required Gunners per Turret -100,000



XSTN-K VI icon

Dropped from the MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab after it is destroyed.

Artifact Effects
Generated Energy +200%
Battery Recharge Rate +125%




Dropped from Bottan's ship after it is destroyed.

Artifact Effects
Hyperspace Jump Range +7 sectors
Hyperspace Jump Cooldown -50%
Hyperspace Jump Charge -80%
Battery Booster Battery Booster
Object Detector Object Detector
Cargo Extension Cargo Extension
Energy-To-Shield Converter Energy-To-Shield Converter
Engine Booster Engine Booster
Generator Subsystem Generator Subsystem
Trading Subsystem Trading Subsystem
Mining Subsystem Mining Subsystem
Hyperspace Booster Hyperspace Booster
Radar Booster Radar Booster
Scanner Booster Scanner Booster
Shield Booster Shield Booster
Shield Ionizer Shield Ionizer
Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring
Tractor Beam Upgrade Tractor Beam Upgrade
Turret Control Subsystems Turret Control Subsystems
Velocity Security Control Bypass Velocity Security Control Bypass
Xsotan Artifacts Xsotan Artifacts
Internal Defense Weapons System Internal Defense Weapons System
Hydra Subsystem Hydra Subsystem
Shield Reinforcer Shield Reinforcer
Transporter Software Transporter Software
Hull Polarizer Hull Polarizer

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