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The XSTN-K upgrades are a series of legendary artifact upgrades that are tied in to being related to the Xsotan. These upgrades are typically rewards for quests or boss fights, and are used to open up the portal to enter the barrier for the first time.

Each XSTN-K gives a specific and unique buff that is related to the method of obtainment when equipped and, typically, permanently installed. As an example, fighting Boss Swoks, a pirate kingpin, yields an Armed/Military Slot Upgrade.

Progression Use[]

When searching hidden mass sectors close to the barrier, the player may find a structure of 8 asteroids in a circle, numbered from I to VIII. The player is then intended to create 8 distinct ships and put one of each Xsotan Upgrade in a separate ship and place the ship in front of the asteroid with the number of the artifact the ship has. When all 8 ships are placed correctly, a wormhole to cross The Barrier opens. Things leading to those artifacts can be found in sectors with a hidden mass signature (equip a radar upgrade).

Note that you do not need to "permanently" install the artifacts.


Below is a list of all of the upgrades, what they can be used for, and the basic description on how to get. While each upgrade is unique, it is possible to have multiples of the same upgrade across your fleet. This means you can have more than one ship with the XSTN-I upgrade, but each ship can only have a single copy of that upgrade.

XSTN-I: Project Exodus - Acts as a key to activate Ancient Gates when equipped. This is the only artifact that does not need to be permanently installed to function.
XSTN-II: Researched at the Research Station with three Legendary Upgrades (or two with one XSTN upgrade) a - Give +8 slots to Armed or Unarmed Turrets.
XSTN-III: Pirate Captain Swoks - Gives +10 slots to Armed Turrets.
XSTN-IV: Sold by the Traveling Equipment Salesman - Gives +10 slots to Unarmed Turrets.
XSTN-V: Artifact delivery quest - Gives +30% Generated Energy, +25% Battery Recharge, +2 Armed Turret Slots, +1 Armed or Unarmed Turret Slots, +2 Unarmed Turret Slots, +25% Shield Durability, +3 Jump Range, -15% Recharge Energy, +30% Cargo Hold, +30% Velocity, +0.1 Km Loot Collection Range, +3 Deep Scan Range, +5 Radar Range.
XSTN-VI: the AI - Removes requirements for pilots, miners, and gunners. (Note: AI pilots appear to either be very bad at dodging enemy fire or don't bother attempting to dodge. Proceed with caution if you plan to use AI pilots in combat fighters.)
XSTN-VII: MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab - Increases energy production by 200% and increases battery recharge rate by 125%.
XSTN-VIII: Bottan the Smuggler - Gives a 10-sector hyperspace jump distance range, -50% hyperspace cooldown, and -80% recharge energy.
System Upgrades
Battery Upgrade, C43 Object Detector, Cargo Upgrade, Energy To Shield Converter, Engine Upgrade, Generator Upgrade, Improved Trading System, Mining System, Quantum Hyperspace Upgrade, Radar Upgrade, Scanner Upgrade, Shield Booster, Shield Reinforcer, Tractor Beam Upgrade, Turret Control System, Velocity Security Control Bypass, XSTN-K