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Weapon Chamber is a type of Rift Bonus that may be attached to a Rift mission. When jumping into a rift containing a Weapon Chamber, a locked vault is added to the map. This vault contains a large number of Subsystems and Turrets, but can only be opened by first activating three switches found in distant areas of the rift (some of which require a Battery to operate).

Mission Board[ | ]

As a type of Rift Anomaly, a Weapon Chamber can be randomly attached to a rift mission as one of its "environmental effects".

This is signified prominently with a hexagonal yellow icon next to the mission's title on the Mission Board. For Weapon Chambers, the hexagon contains a picture of a cargo crate. The same yellow icon also appears in the Environmental Effects list in the mission's description.

Weapon Chambers only seem to be possible add-ons for Rift missions of depth 11 or higher (currently unverified).

Rift Generation[ | ]

When a rift containing a Weapon Chamber is generated for play, the following items are added to the sector:

  • A Vault containing the reward, set to the "locked" state.
  • Three Switches, all of which must be activated in order to unlock the Vault.
  • Three Batteries used for enabling the switches.

The Vault and three Switches are each placed near a different Monolith. The Vault is usually closer to the center of the rift, whereas Switches can be spawned next to more distant monoliths.

One battery is spawned next to each switch. Two of these are close to their respective switches, whereas the third is already connected to its switch when the mission starts.

Objective[ | ]

In order to unlock the Vault and retrieve the items contained inside, it is necessary to flip all three Switches, and then activate the Vault itself. The order in which you flip the switches is irrelevant, though each switch can only be activated once.

Two of the switches are inoperable until a Battery is found and attached to the switch. As mentioned above, one switch already has a battery attached.

To attach a "missing" battery, you must first locate it in the vicinity of the switch, either using an Object Finder (or similar subsystem) or following the noise and light it emits periodically. Then, you must dock with the battery and bring it close to the switch, at which point it will automatically detach itself from your ship and attach to the switch. You may then interact with the switch and activate it.

Each time a switch is flipped, the game goes into a brief cutscene showing a light on top of the Vault turning from red to green. When all three lights are green, the Vault may be interacted with, causing it to open and spill its contents.

Vault[ | ]

The Vault is a squarish object with three red lights on top. It will refuse to open until all three lights turn green.

Once the lights are green, interacting with the Vault brings up the option to open it. When you do so, all contents will instantly spill out of the Vault.

When using an Object Finder or similar tool, the vault's location appears as a red bracket.

Switches[ | ]

A switch is a long, narrow piece with a light at one end. You may interact with a switch at short range, but it will refuse to activate until a Battery is attached.

The light at the end of the switch indicates its status:

  • Red: Battery not attached, switch is inactive.
  • Green: Battery is attached, switch ready to be flipped.
  • Grey: Switch already flipped, no longer usable.

If a switch has no battery attached yet, bringing a battery to within ~0.2km away from the Switch will instantly undock the battery from your ship and attach it to the switch. If the switch already has a battery attached, it will ignore any additional batteries brought to it.

When using an Object Finder or similar tool, switches appear either as a red bracket or a flashing grey bracket. This behavior seems to be inconsistent, with the first and third switches appearing differently than the second (more testing required).

Batteries[ | ]

Batteries are small, boxy objects, blueish in color, with a lightning icon emblazoned on the side. You may not interact with a battery.

Batteries periodically emit a "ping" sound that can be heard within about 15km of their position. They flash with a light blue color simultaneously with the sound.

When a battery is brought to within ~0.2km of a switch that does not already have a battery attached, it will automatically undock itself from your ship and attach to the switch. This activates the switch, allowing it to be flipped.

When using an Object Finder or similar tool, batteries appear as a cyan (light-blue) bracket.

NOTE: There may be more batteries in a rift sector than just those required for the Weapon Chamber puzzle; additional batteries may spawn for opening locked containers. All batteries are interchangeable no matter what purpose they were spawned for, and a rift will always contain enough batteries for both purposes (assuming none have been destroyed for any reason).

Reward[ | ]

A Vault contains a large number of items, approximately as many as are dropped from a Xsotan Aggregator. However, the general rarity of the items is significantly higher, often with two or more Exotic items and potentially even a Legendary item. The high-end items will often include at least one advanced Subsystem, of the kind sold at Rift Research Centers or rewarded for Rift Missions.