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This is a quick overview about all current and previous versions of the game.

Current Version[ | ]

The Current Version of the game is 1.0 r22861

All patch notes of all versions can be viewed at the official forum topic: News

Release Versions[ | ]

Avorion Version 1.0 r22861
- Date: April 29th, 2020 - (No Patchnotes)
Avorion Version 1.0 r22102
Patch 1.0 Hotfixes - (Date: March 17th, 2020) - News: Version 1.0 Hotfix-Patchnotes

Gameplay & Balancing

  • Added a base selection of essential turrets available at every Equipment Dock
  • Reduced the fines for smuggling
  • Improved clarity of torpedo shafts being blocked (or not)
  • Added a warning message as to why gates might not work when destination is still being generated
  • Reduced additional damage of lightning guns from 50% to 15%
  • Reduced additional damage of Xsotan ships in the center of the galaxy
  • Reduced randomness of Xsotan ships' turrets
  • Special Xsotan enemies (Carrier, Summoner, Quantum) now have stronger weaponry (Rare) than the default ships (Common)


  • Fixed an issue where some UI elements caught mouse events they weren't supposed to catch
  • Fixed an issue where ships would wrongly be tagged as black box wreckages
  • Fixed a rare crash in Object Detector Upgrade
  • Fixed several translation issues
  • Fixed an issue where the game stuttered while looking around, when a gate would first appear on screen
  • Fixed a crash in AI repair command
  • Fixed several performance issues with server browser
  • Fixed several performance issues in main menu
  • Fixed an issue where the currently selected mission in the Missions Tab wasn't updated
  • Fixed an issue where an outdated image would be shown when selecting a wormhole
  • Fixed an issue where the title of a selected object could reach over the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip of items could often reach over the left side of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where fines for smuggling would wrongly accumulate over time
  • Fixed an issue where extended fighter controls were not collapsed when changing ships
  • Fixed an issue where smaller ships in the center wouldn't get turrets attached
Avorion Version 1.0 r22068
Patch 1.0 Hotfixes - (Date: March 14th, 2020) - News: Version 1.0 Hotfix-Patchnotes


  • Fixed an issue where pausing the game in multiplayer was possible
  • Fixed an issue where the game was regularly paused by the host in a locally hosted game
  • Fixed an issue in building mode where turret designs were removed on undo/redo
Avorion Version 1.0 r22062
Patch 1.0 Hotfixes - (Date: March 13th, 2020) - News: Version 1.0 Hotfix-Patchnotes


  • Object Detector Upgrade is now a unique upgrade since you don't need more than one


  • Fixed several issues with ships stuttering while flying when server load was high
  • Fixed several performance issues with Object Detector Upgrades
  • Fixed bad visibility of Object Detector Upgrade highlights
  • Fixed several typos
  • Fixed an issue where pausing the game in multiplayer was possible
  • Fixed an issue where the game was regularly paused by the host in a locally hosted game
  • Fixed an issue in building mode where turret designs were removed on undo/redo


  • Fixed an issue where pausing the game in multiplayer was possible
  • Fixed an issue where the game was regularly paused by the host in a locally hosted game
  • Fixed an issue in building mode where turret designs were removed on undo/redo
Avorion Version 1.0 r22044 / r22047
Patch 1.0 Hotfixes - (Date: March 11th, 2020) - News: Version 1.0 Hotfix-Patchnotes


  • Added (configurable) pausing when the game loses focus (Alt + Tab)


  • Added a server.ini setting to disable creation of backups


  • Fixed an issue with the game crashing while creating text glyphs
  • Fixed several issues with broken translations
  • Fixed an issue where the EnergyTab didn't refresh when the amount of produced energy changed
  • Fixed an issue with modding localizations
  • Fixed an issue where story hints in a sector would always all be the same
  • Fixed an issue where some stations were created without cargo space


  • Added logging to find performance problems
  • Added logging to find more crashes related to file writing
Avorion Version 1.0 r22021
Release 1.0 - (Date: March 10th, 2020) - News: Avorion 1.0 is Officially Released

Avorion 1.0 Now Available!

Here we are, 1.0! We're incredibly happy that we made it this far. The entire Boxelware Team wants to thank everyone who supported us. Our families, our colleagues, partners and most importantly: You! Thank you for buying Avorion and helping supporting us, you're awesome!

But that's not all! The entire team here at Boxelware is looking forward to the next steps that will be coming to Avorion, so stay tuned for all that's coming next!


  • Added a "parent folder" button to craft designs window


"What would a patch be without some fixes? Here you go. As usual, bugfixes marked with [UBR] are User Bug Reports. Thank you and keep it up!"

  • Fixed an issue when saving predefined ships on first startup
  • Fixed a crash in repair state
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with "missing freighters" mission
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where Xsotan Technology Fragments wouldn't stack
  • Fixed several issues with hull polarizer upgrade
  • Fixed some issues with shield ionizer upgrade
  • Fixed some issues with background nebula generation

What's next?

Avorion is now at the level that I (Konstantin) imagined it years ago when I first had the idea for it. That's the reason why now, it's time to go from Early Access into 1.0. But that doesn't mean that we're done with it. Over the next weeks we'll be sorting out the inital launch chaos, and after that we'll start working on the first free update. It'll contain features that have been suggested by the community and that we really loved, but that just didn't make it into the 1.0 version.

In the future we're planning on releasing free updates and a few DLCs (for bigger, content-heavier updates) for both new features and new content. So stay tuned! We're planning to support the game for at least two years. Much longer if things go well. Avorion is our baby and we love working on it! ;)

If you have any troubles or even more new ideas for the game, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or other members of the community. Check out our Discord Server or the official Avorion Forum.


And now have fun playing and may the Adventurer be with you!

Pre Release Versions[ | ]

Avorion Version 0.33 / 0.33.1 / 0.33.2 / 0.33.3 / 0.33.4 / 0.33.5 / 0.33.6 (placeholder) 
Avorion Version 0.32 / 0.32.1 / 0.32.2 (placeholder) 
Avorion Version 0.31 / 0.31.1 / 0.31.2 (placeholder) 
Avorion Version 0.30 / 0.30.1 / 0.30.2 (placeholder) 
Avorion Version 0.29 / 0.29.1 / 0.29.2 / 0.29.3 / 0.29.4 / 0.29.5 / 0.29.6 (placeholder) 
Avorion Version 0.28 / 0.28.1 (placeholder) 
Avorion Version 0.27.1
Date: November 6th, 2019


  • [UBR] Fixed some events starting even though game is paused
  • Fixed an issue with remote sector calls crashing the server
  • [UBR] Crew payment timer is only reset to 0 on payment or destruction, no longer on crew leave
  • [UBR] Fixed upgrades sometimes being invisible in system upgrade overview
  • [UBR] Fixed some issues with ship AI and docking to stations
  • Fixed possible server hangs on login

Announcement: Patch 0.27.1

Avorion Version 0.27
With this update we want to help ease the learning curve of basic game mechanics. With several new tutorial missions the Adventurer helps the player to understand new block types and weapons.

In addition to the tutorial missions, long-term quests are introduced. These are given to the player after first meeting the Adventurer.

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK): Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.


  • "The Adventurer is the players' introduction to the story. Additionally the Adventurer now gives the player long-term quests that guide through the game."
  • Added new tutorial missions for introductions to
    • R-Mining
    • Torpedoes
    • Commanding Fighters
    • Fleet & Map Commands
  • The first dialog with the Adventurer is now forced (instead of hail) to reliably introduce players to the story
  • Added new missions that accompany the player through the game, specifically for
    • Crossing the barrier
    • Finding Avorion
    • Reaching the center of the galaxy


  • Particles and effects are now paused in pause mode
  • Added torpedo space to ship stats overview in ship menu
  • Added a tooltip line for consumption of energy when upgrades are permanently installed
  • Removed option for mailing items from alliance inventory since it wasn't possible anyway
  • Activating items from the alliance inventory is no longer possible
  • "Mission Updated" etc. texts no longer overwrite each other when multiple missions are started simultaneously
  • Quick-Switching of control schemes (F2) is now disabled by default (Can be turned back on in settings)
  • Improved error messages when connection to (local) server doesn't work
  • Server now waits for Steam network response when initializing networking, not when downloading mods
  • Downloading mods is skipped entirely (not just download an empty list) when download list is empty


"Since we often ran into performance issues, we had to introduce some changes to the inventory and mail system. A frequent performance issue is the unlimited inventory size. We have limited inventory space to 1000 slots (which we think is a good compromise between performance and comfort) to see how things work out. Keep in mind that these are experimental changes."

  • Limited inventory of players and alliances to 1000 slots
    • This prevents players and alliances to pick up or get items when the inventory is full
    • The limit is introduced to save performance without limiting the player too much
    • 1000 Slots means 1000 different items, stackable items can still be stacked to infinity
  • Sending mails is no longer possible when inbox is already full
  • Mails sent to a player with a full mailbox bounce back
  • Increased fighter dodge recharge time to 120 seconds from 60
  • AI ships no longer get coaxial guns

Scripting API

  • Inventory():hasSlot() now ignores item type
  • Added a maxSlots property to Inventory
  • Added Inventory:hasSlot(item) function to check if items can be added
  • Implemented a "addOrDrop" function for Inventory that drops the item when inventory is full
  • Adding mails to a player is no longer inhibited by max mails limit
  • Implemented sendCallback() function for Faction that delegates it to alliance or player
  • Added callback to refinery for onTakeAllPressed
  • Added more control for bullet points in mission description
  • Upgrades of all player ships now accessible from scripts
  • structuredmission.lua framework: Implemented a "noBossEncountersTargetSector" property for disabling the spawn of the AI and Swoks
  • Improved docs for new properties for disabling player events
  • Implemented properties for structuredmission.lua framework to disable player events in target sector
  • Implemented disabling of certain player-related events in specific sectors
  • Merged spawnswoks.lua and spawnai.lua into their own script to have random encounters in one place
  • PlayerID's property "id" is now a string
  • Fixed several issues when registering new callbacks while callbacks are being executed
  • Added a setter to Hyperspace Engine for "can pass blocked sectors" property
  • stringutility's join() now uses tostring() internally to convert values reliably
  • Added more tags to civil ships to distinguish freighters, miners and traders
  • Moved script updates of player communicator to update of the sector the player is in for improved performance while multiple players are online
  • Players' scripts are now updated in parallel for better performance
  • Invoking functions on players from another sector is no longer possible

Implemented invokeRemoteFactionFunction() and runRemoteFactionCode() to make up for removing invoking function on players in other sectors


  • "Bugs marked with [UBR] are user bug reports. Thanks to everyone for reporting and keep it up!"
  • Fixed a bug in Cover Retreat mission where the two factions didn't attack each other
  • Fixed a bug in Cover Retreat mission where the enemy fleet didn't attack the player
  • Fixed an issue where sellable inventory items couldn't be sold
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters started from ships with AI Xsotan artifact would never need pilots again
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where destroying items in Alliance inventory wasn't working
  • [UBR] Empty reconstruction tokens that are applied to alliance crafts now put the token into the Alliance's inventory
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with Merchant Beacon where Alliances couldn't call in merchants
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with Merchant Beacon where any faction would respond (instead of specific faction)
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with Reinforcements Transmitter where Alliances couldn't call in reinforcements
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with Reinforcements Transmitter where timer would be set wrongly when player is not in a ship
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues where turrets weren't deleted while modifying crafts
  • [UBR] Fixed relations of factions improving when killing their own hired head hunter
  • [UBR] Fighters are now correctly displayed as enemies, even if their mothership is gone
  • [UBR] Fixed "Pick up stolen Cargo" combo box not having the correct setting selected for the current ship
  • Fixed an issue where dumping cargo could lead to bad cargo problem not disappearing
  • AI, Swoks and Guardian can no longer immediately spawn on game start / login

Announcement: Beta Branch Patch 0.27 - More Missions

Avorion Version 0.16.6
The Avorion Combat Update Part I is now live!

Featuring specialized enemies, new weapons and most importantly: Torpedoes! Use these powerful one-shot weapons to obliterate your enemies, and equip Point Defense Turrets to protect yourself from torpedoes at the same time!

Turret Scaling

Turrets now scale depending on their class and tech level, increasing damage and range for larger turrets, but they'll also require more turret slots and more space on your ship! Also, beware the recoil!


Equip torpedoes to obliterate your enemies with a single shot with these extremely strong, heat-seeking weapons!

Point Defense Weaponry

With the new Point Defense Chainguns and -Lasers, you also have means to fight off your enemies' torpedoes! These specialized weapons have a very high fire- and turning rate, at the expense of damage, but they'll catch those torpedoes!

Tons of More Stuff!

There's also tons of other features that will be added in this update, including:

  • Easy sector switching for improved commanding of ships
  • Specialized Anti-Fighter Weaponry
  • New Usable Items
  • Rebalancing and Specialization of Weapons

And those are only the big ones! You should definitely check out the full patchnotes more all the glorious details:

Announcement: Patch 0.16.5 Combat Update I - Patchnotes

Have fun!

Avorion Version 0.15.8
It's time for the economy update! We're proud to present a lot of improvements to the economy and production chains of Avorion!

Station Building

You can now build nearly all stations, including Shipyards, Repair Docks, Turret Factories, Equipment Docks and many more!

The owners of these stations get a 20% tax of the income of these stations, as well as cheaper prices!

Player Trading

Players will now be able to actually trade with each other, allowing them to set their offers and then accept them, instead of having to write mails and hoping that the other player will respond.

Cargo Shuttles

In order to keep your production chains running, we've now added cargo shuttles to the range of features!

You can buy cargo shuttles and configure your stations to either deliver their goods to other stations or fetch required production components from other stations, be it AI stations or your own.

Fully Configurable Factories

In addition to cargo shuttles, you can now configure the price margin for your factories, which will directly influence the amount of traders that will either buy or sell their goods there.

Factories can also be told to actively request trading ships to deliver goods to them or buy products when your factories' cargo bays are full.

Rebalanced Economy & Factories

With the economy update, we've also overhauled all production chains to make sure they're all profitable over time.

Additionally, factory and station costs have been drastically reduced to be profitable. Life on a station is way less dangerous than on a space ship that might fly into battle or asteroids, so your station's crew shouldn't ask for that money, right?

You'll also like to hear that some derpy AI cargo ship pilots will now get docking assistance through tractor beams.

Reworked Chat Window

We've made some big improvements to the Chat Window! You can now (finally) scroll in the chat window, and we've also added more channels that you can select and filter by, so that you can keep an overview of all the things that are going on.

Crew Transports

In order to ease building of huuuuuuge space ships we've added a nice little comfort feature:

At every station where you can hire crew, if your relations are good enough, you can request transports for huge amounts (300 or more) of crewmen, that will instantly crew your entire ship.

No more flying from station to station just to get that battleship going.

Lots of Quality of Life Changes & More!

Apart from the above changes, we've added tons and tons of other small improvements: Much better performance during fights and building, improved UI, more events and many more.

If you'd like to check out the full patchnotes, we've collected them here (it's a long read though!): Economy Update Final Patchnotes

With this update we're also starting to add earlier versions of Avorion to the betas, so that you can go back to any final version of the updates in case you liked that particular update back then. 

We wish you lots of fun with the Economy Update!

Avorion Version 0.14.5
  • Added controlling of fighters of current ship in strategy mode


  • Added buttons to the transfer ui to transfer the whole crew/cargo/fighters at once

Workshop "Frankly, the current workshop tag system is a mess. We've isolated the biggest categories and most used tags and bundled them into a fewer tags that can be assigned in-game now, without adding custom tags any more. We think that this should help the general overview over the workshop."

  • Reworked Workshop Tags

Bugfixes "As usual, bug fixes for reports by users are marked with [UBR]. Thanks guys and keep it up!"

  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where transfering fighters would not work correctly
    • Added warning when a squad is full
  • Fixed rect selection still being there when closing strategy mode
  • [UBR] Pause command is only sent when there's a local session going on
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where game wouldn't unpause when clicking "Resume game"
  • Fixed bad overlap of windows when 3 or more windows are active
  • [UBR] Fixed fighters attacking everything once their mothership was lost/destroyed
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships wouldn't send out fighters if they had no turrets
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships wouldn't mine/salvage when they had fighters but no turrets
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where ai controlled ships wouldn't assign their fighters' orders and targets correctly
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters wouldn't get destroyed correctly
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters wouldn't land on the ship even though there's enough space
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where numbers in cargo transfer text boxes would be reset every few seconds
  • [UBR] Ships in smuggler hideouts no longer check for stolen goods
    • This is only active for newly generated smuggler hideouts
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue that let repair costs be shown in "Set as Reconstruction Site" dialog
Avorion Version 0.14.4
The Fighter Update Is Here!

Here's a quick overview of what's new in this update:

  • Build + Design your own fighters
  • Fighters can be produced in the hangar
  • Fighters dodge attacks to make them harder to kill
  • Added new languages: Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • Improved server configuration options

The full patch notes are as follows:

Fighter Rework

  • Fighters can now be produced in the hangar
    • Assembly blocks provide a production capacity per second (details see below)
    • Fighters require a certain production effort to be produced
    • A fighter with a required production effort of 20000 takes 100 seconds on a ship with a production capacity of 200 per second
    • A fighter will always take at least 60 seconds to be produced
  • Fighters can be assigned as a blueprint to a squad for production
    • This will destroy the fighter and enable production for the squad
  • Fighter production costs materials
  • Fighter pilots have a high chance of ejecting into space when their fighter is destroyed (95%+)
    • Higher level fighter pilots have a higher chance of ejecting (and thus survival)
    • Ejected pilots can be collected like loot
  • Added a new Assembly Block that speeds up the production of fighters
    • Higher material assembly blocks provide more production capacity
    • Higher level assembly blocks enable more simultaneous productions of fighters
    • But: For 2 simultaneous productions at least 2 assembly blocks are required (and so on)
    • Maximum number of simultaneous productions is 5
  • Fighters now dodge shots whenever they would be hit
    • Every fighter has 3 dodges per minute and 1 for every professionality level of their pilot
    • When a fighter dodges, it becomes invulnerable to shots for 1 second
    • When all dodges are used up, fighters have a 30% chance (+10% per pilot level, max 50%) of dodging shots
    • Fighters do sick loops and barrel rolls when they dodge a shot

Fighter Factory

  • You can now design your own fighters at a fighter factory
  • Combine a plan with 200 or less blocks (WIP, we might change that number later on) with a turret to get a fighter
  • Fighters will deal 30% of the damage that the turret dealt and take over all other stats of the turret (except for independent targeting)
  • Fighter stats can be assigned with + and - buttons
  • The amount of points available for the fighter depends on the rarity of the turret that was used
  • Depending on the used material, fighters will get boosts in several areas
  • Fighter Factories will spawn in newly generated sectors


"Thanks to our new platform http://translate.avorion.net and our many hardworking community translators we have finished the first community translations for Avorion. We'll update these translations as we go, and it's possible that a few sentences might not be perfectly translated or missing. If you find translation errors, you're invited to help translating the game into your own native language on http://translate.avorion.net. We want to thank all the members of the community who helped contribute to these translations and who helped improve Avorion! Thank you!"

  • Added support for new languages, these can now be selected in the game menu
  • Added language support for Chinese (Simplified)
    • Special thanks to Tarlafic for administrating the translation and translating the game into Simplified Chinese.
  • Added language support for Chinese (Traditional)
    • Special thanks to AikawaKizuna for administrating the translation and translating the game into Traditional Chinese.
  • Added language support for Russian
    • Special thanks to Kantor for administrating the translation and translating the game into Russian.


  • Hangar now shows the amount of deployed fighters
  • No more fighters can be added to a squad if the squad is full and deployed
  • Added sounds for debris effects from last update
  • Fighters can now be transferred between ships
  • AI controlled ships only deploy fighters that match the target (miners for asteroids, etc.)
  • Inertia dampener blocks explode instead of shattering


"Before, fighters were very easy to destroy, so we let them deal as much damage as normal turrets. Now, since fighters are a lot harder to kill and a lot easier to obtain (and maintain!) we think their damage should be reduced."

  • Reduced firepower of combat fighters by 70%
  • Reduced mining DPS of fighters by 50%
  • Reduced prices of force turrets
  • Turret factory spawns more often


  • Client automatically sets graphics to low after a startup crash to ensure a successful next startup
  • Game is automatically paused in single player when pressing Escape key


  • Updated german localization
  • System upgrades can no longer be favorited or marked as trash in systems tab
  • Added some more loading screen tips for fighter factory and hangar
  • Added more tips about fighters to loading screen


"These are some of the first PvP configuration options that we want to offer server administrators. More will follow over time."

  • Added a configurable maximum limit of deployed fighters per player/alliance and sector
  • Added a /pause moderator command
  • Pausing only works when there is only one player on the server
  • Added a server configuration option to server.ini for pause
  • Added a server command line option for pause
  • Pause always works in singleplayer by default
  • Added filtering by name to /playerinfo command
  • Added a /destroy moderator command to destroy the currently selected object
  • Player to player damage can now be disabled server-wide in server.ini
  • /ban, /unban and /give commands now work on offline players, too
  • Added /mute and /unmute moderator commands to prevent a player from sending chat messages
  • Added /ground and /unground moderator commands to prevent a player from doing hyperspace jumps


  • Entity can now also be created with strings that contain uuids
  • Added a custom SelectionItem that can be used in UI selections
  • Added an interface to FighterAI component to access current target, squad, orders and mothership of a fighter
  • Added an interface to FighterController component to access squad orders
  • Added a FighterOrders enum
  • Added a WeaponCategory enum
  • Added getSectorCoordinates() function to Player
  • Added sendChatMessage(...) function to Alliance
  • Client script API forbids io and os libraries
    • Exception: os.time()
  • Added a playerToPlayerDamage property to ScriptServer


"Bug reports by users are, as always, marked with [UBR]. Thank you guys for helping, testing and contributing. Keep it up!"

  • Fixed a rare crash when some entities get deleted
  • Fixed a crash/hang in delivery mission
  • [UBR] Factions that are at war with players and that would attack anyways will no longer scan for stolen cargo
  • [UBR] Factions that are at war with each other send less traders into enemy territory
  • [UBR] Fixed cargo UI showing cargo with an amount of zero
  • [UBR] Fixed insurance paying when station founders are transformed into a station
  • [UBR] Fixed a few turret duping issues
  • [UBR] Added missing RCON config to server.ini
  • [UBR] Added missing script background threads config to server.ini
  • [UBR] Fixed quick spinning of ship after loading screen
  • [UBR] Fixed loading screen hanging after pressing space
  • [UBR] Fixed Xsotan AI inaggressive in some cases
  • [UBR] Fixed hangar shields not being scaled when scaling whole ship in building mode
  • [UBR] Fixed crew transfer gui showing wrong numbers after transferring crew
  • [UBR] Fixed Habitat, Casino and Biotope missing from trading overview
  • [UBR] Changed screenshot filenames to the same format as Steam
  • [UBR] Fixed fighters flying away instead of staying with the mothership when circling or defending
  • [UBR] Fixed building mode closing (and not windows) when pressing Escape
  • [UBR] Fixed several performance issues in hangar when lots of productions are active
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue that led to durability of fighters degrading
  • [UBR] Fixed stolen cargo being picked up even though cargo bay is configured otherwise
  • [UBR] Fixed dumped cargo rotating strangely
  • [UBR] Fixed inventory selection item highlights sometimes being white boxes in fighter factory
  • [UBR] Fixed scrapyard licenses not running out for Alliances
  • Fixed a few issues that caused crashes when accessing Alliance members
  • Fixed a crash when ips.txt file is unavailable
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with wrong display and selling price of several fighters
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with the chat flood protection
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where hull repair lasers don't work because they only hit the shield
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where galaxy map would highlight all sectors when only a space was entered
  • [UBR] Fixed the engineer in the bottan quest spawning multiple times
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue that prevented proper building with the copy-paste tool
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue that let some blocks be unselectable for a while
  • [UBR] Fixed typo in german localization
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where operation exodus wouldn't be accomplished when the Xsotan artifact is collected
Avorion Version 0.13.0
Hey everyone,

the Multithreading Update has been on the beta branch for a few days and everything looks great so we have moved it to the stable branch.


  • Added a planetary trading post that sells goods from a nearby planet
  • Added an event where a freighter is chased by pirates
  • The cultists in asteroid ring sectors now behave the way they're supposed to
  • Improved aiming of salvaging turrets
  • Fighters search for mothership only every ~5 seconds when it's gone
  • Disabled player events while in sector (0:0)

Multithreading We improved the multithreading handling of the server and client. For those of you who don't know what this means: In short: The server and client will both run a lot smoother on machines with more CPU cores. Performance for machines with 2 or less cores should be unchanged.If you're interested in the details, I've published a more technical post about the multithreading rework here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/445220/announcements/detail/1434814734654746607 basically, the server is now capable of using all its cores on calculating large battles so that performance should go up by a lot.

  • Pirates, Xsotan and other enemies are generated asynchronously, reducing server lag when ships spawn
  • Server sector updates are now completely multithreaded
  • Client particle updates are now completely multithreaded
    • We're planning on doing client sector updates in parallel as well, but we need a little more time for this.

RCON Interface

  • Added an RCON interface to the server (default port: TCP 27015)
  • The RCON interface requires a password which can be configured in server.ini. Without password, RCON is disabled
  • The RCON interface can be used to remotely control the server and enter commands as if over command line
    • But you can use any RCON client you'd like


  • Improved window handling in build menu
  • Added showing amount of goods on the current ship in trading overview
  • Added icons to transfer crew & goods ui

Scripting API

  • The amount of async script threads can be configured in the server.ini (default: 2)
  • Changed setFont parameter from string to FontType enum
  • Planet specs are now controlled from within sectorspecifics.lua
  • Added a toRandom() function to generate random Uuids
  • Added a execute() function to execute code directly within scripts
    • Warning Modders: This function should NOT be called with code that is sent from a client!
  • Added an AsyncPirateGenerator
  • Added an AsyncShipGenerator
  • PlanGenerator can now generate plans asynchronously
  • Renamed piratehunter.lua to pirateattackstarter.lua
  • Renamed events.lua to eventscheduler.lua
  • Plan damaging callbacks are now bundled and sent at the end of a frame
  • Added a damage type that can be applied to inflictDamage() or destroyBlocks() functions
  • Added callback functions to script API for ListBox
  • Added a new InputWindow class
  • Added a function to return indices of all present factions in a sector


  • Added a /workers command for controlling the amount of worker threads
  • Sending performance stats to admins is now configurable in server.ini


  • Added debris on block destruction
  • Improved rendering stability


  • Minor improvements to spelling in loading screen tips
  • Added better support for multiple localizations
  • Language config files are now .xml and can include more information, such as new fonts
  • Improved german translation
  • Improved weapon accuracy of ships in sectors without players
  • Copy-Pasting of text via Ctrl-V is now possible on Linux
  • Frequent updates are now gathered and sent at the end of a frame to save bandwidth
  • Improved performance of plan damaging
  • Status command prints amount of worker threads into filename
  • Improved script updates to avoid updates at the same time for less performance outliers
  • Improved logging

Bugfixes "As usual, user bug reports are marked with [UBR]. Thanks everybody, keep it up!"

  • Fixed Fighters not being updated when a player is out of sector
  • Fixed wormhole guardian not aggroing alliances
  • [UBR] Fixed broken database conversion when fighters are on a ship
  • [UBR] Fixed TurretAI not switching targets when target gets out of range
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when shutting down server with lots of players in the same group
  • [UBR] Fixed alliance ships being unable to be controlled in strategy mode
  • [UBR] Fixed AI health bar not working correctly
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when trying to invite non-existant players to an alliance
  • [UBR] Trading overview sorts correctly in all languages, not just english
  • [UBR] Fixed huge "Small Xsotan Breeders"
  • [UBR] Fixed some wreckages not having resources displayed and not being recognized by salvaging AI ships
  • [UBR] Fixed AllianceRank not being registered in the scripting API
  • [UBR] Fixed setting and getting script values from alliances
  • [UBR] Fixed some components always being added, even when they've been removed from the descriptor
  • [UBR] Fixed lasers and glows not showing up in asteroid rings when activating the Xsotan portal
  • [UBR] Fixed mouse position being reset after loading screen
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue when multiple mines with the same name are founded
  • [UBR] Fixed alliance ships being deleted when entering (0, 0)
  • [UBR] Fixed wreckages not being where they're supposed to be
  • [UBR] Fixed ghost wreckages
Avorion Version 0.12.7
The Alliances update is now officially live! We've worked hard on this update and we hope you'll enjoy it.

Warning: Backup your savegame!

We have had several incidents reported where the update may have broken savegames. It is strongly recommended to make a backup of your current saves.

Please report these incidents in the forums and supply your old galaxy so we can see what's going wrong.


  • Players can now found alliances
  • Invite other players to join your alliance
  • Alliances work like their own factions: They have money, resources and an inventory
  • Players can be assigned ranks, defining permissions in the alliance
  • All alliance members are visible to all other alliance members on the map
  • Alliance members share all information on the galaxy map
  • While flying an alliance ship, all actions represent the player's alliance

Co-Op Flying

  • Alliance ships can now be flown by multiple players
  • Added Seat Management for crafts to allow players to manage different tasks (steering, firing, etc.)

Out-of-sector simulation

"We'll be adding some more means for better control of which sectors will actually get updated on multiplayer servers. For now, sectors with lots of stuff will have a higher priority."

  • Sectors with player and alliance content are updated while the player is not inside the sector
  • Default amount of updated sectors per player on multiplayer is 6 (the sector the player is in, plus 5)
    • This value can be configured in the server.ini settings and will be a lot higher for singleplayer
  • If a player has property in more than 6 sectors, this happens:
    • Each sector will have a priority score
    • The 5 sectors with the highest scores will be updated
    • The score in the sectors is 3 for each player station, plus 1 for each player ship

Steam Workshop

  • Steam Workshop integration for ship and station models is complete
  • Saved ship plans can now be uploaded to the Steam Workshop
  • Subscribe to ship plans on the Steam Workshop


  • Added a new flight recorder block
    • Flight recorders will mark the death location of the ship on the map
    • Flight recorders will only work if they're *still on the ship* when the ship is destroyed
  • Trading posts always have dedicated cargo storage
  • Added licenses for stolen, dangerous and illegal cargo transportation
  • Added multiple mirror planes in building mode
  • Removed randomized building mode
  • Implemented whole ship modification
    • Scaling entire ships
    • Upgrading the material of entire ships
    • Rotating entire ships
  • Added selective block modification
    • All but one material or block type are faded out
  • Added a search field on the galaxy map
  • Turret factories sell a random, more expensive selection of the goods they require for building turrets
  • New Turret: Pulse Cannon
    • Pulse Cannons shoot ionized projectiles that have a very high chance of penetrating shields
  • Added respawning of resource-asteroids in sectors with large asteroid fields (will only be in effect for new sectors)
  • Removed collaboration component since Alliances replace this functionality
  • Added experimental backwards compatibility for saves created in the beta branch
    • A backup of the sector file will be created before converting, so no data will be lost if the conversion fails
    • Please report conversion errors in the forum or via the bugtracker so we can fix them!
  • Independent turrets now get their targets assigned by the server and no longer search them on the client
  • Mining and Salvaging AI commands now no longer continue when there was a player entering the ship


"We're currently working on making shields less powerful, and one of the means to do that will be adding more weapons that are strong against shields, such as pulse cannons. But we also felt that plasma cannons didn't have the impact on shields that they were supposed to have, so we upped their damage to shields."

  • Doubled shield damage of plasma guns


  • Reduced darkness of window shadows
  • Added a setting for limiting FPS
  • Improved rendering performance in sectors with lots of wreckages


  • Improved performance of inventory grid displayers
  • Added filtering for inventory grid displayers
  • Added favoriting of inventory items with right mouse
  • Added marking of inventory items as trash with right mouse
  • Tooltips are only drawn when mouse is not obstructed by other windows
  • Improved borders of inventory items
  • Added loading screen tips for various new features
  • Added a button to sell all trash immediately
  • Added chat message channels for sector, group, everybody (default) and alliance
  • Added display of relative or total costs to saved ships window
  • Improved handling of multiline text boxes
  • Added a key for toggling strategy mode (default: F9)
  • Added an option to disable toggling of strategy mode by zooming
  • Added various tips about new or old features to the loading screen help
  • Gate connections now have a different color than wormholes on the map
  • Added a message when changing control scheme
  • Improved german translation
  • Added a textbox to quickly transfer lots of cargo and crew
  • Trading routes tab is disabled when trading module doesn't support it
  • Added a Beta Branch notification when starting the game


"Most important changes here: Better performance on the server (memory and runtime) and improved savegame security."

  • Crafts that were destroyed through database corruptions can be restored
  • Players can be moved to other sectors, including ships (just rename the files if the names clash)
  • Player & Alliance files are saved redundantly to avoid loss of data on file corruptions
  • Improved performance when players log in
  • Improved overall networking performance
  • Improved overall memory performance using lazy initialization of collision data
  • Improved performance of traders in sectors without players
  • Added detailed output about script memory usage to /status command
  • Sector content is now compressed before being sent, reducing traffic when changing sectors by 70%
  • Server files are now compressed
  • Implemented whitelisting of steam groups
    • There's a separate file group-whitelist.txt in the server folder where you can add 64bit steam group ids that should be whitelisted
  • Improved traffic for normal sectors with players
  • Improved performance for sectors without players
  • Added more tracing and logging to server startup sequence
  • Added a time counter for online time of server
  • Fixed a major performance issue for armed ships near the barrier and the center of the galaxy
    • Large AI ships in the center of the galaxy no longer spawn with 50+ turrets
    • These ships now have less turrets but the turrets deal more damage so the lesser turrets are compensated

Scripting API

  • Entity IDs are now 128bit UUIDs
  • Script memory footprint reduced
    • Scripts that are attached to the same object are loaded into the same lua VM, if possible, to reduce redundant data
    • Added namespaces so scripts can be distinguished from each other and to avoid name collisions and functions getting overridden
    • Scripts that have DIFFERENT namespaces will be loaded into the SAME lua VM, since name collisions aren't expected to happen
    • Scripts that share the SAME namespace will be loaded into DIFFERENT lua VMs
    • Scripts that have a namespace must have a comment '-- namespace NAMESPACE' where NAMESPACE is the script's namespace
    • Scripts that have a namespace must have a namespace table with the same name as stated in the namespace comment
    • Scripts that have a namespace comment must prefix all non-local functions and variables with their Namespace table (see scripts for more details on this)
    • Scripts that have no namespace comment statement will always be loaded into different VMs (which is exactly the old model)
    • It is STRONGLY recommended to modders that they rework their scripts to use namespaces to save memory performance!
  • Lua VMs aren't set to invalid after a normal error, but still on fatal errors (exceptions)
  • [Documentation] Fixed methods of inherited script classes not showing up in completion docs
  • [Documentation] Fixed broken base classes when base gets a [client] or [server] extension
  • CheckBox can be enabled and disabled
  • CheckBox can be configured to have its box on the left or right side
  • TextBox can have a background text
  • Added a VanillaInventoryItem item that can be used for scripting inventory items
  • Fixed an issue with infinite recursion in printTable()
  • Added a PlanSelectionItem item that can be used in selection grids to display BlockPlans
  • Added functions to access all plans that are saved locally or downloaded via the Steam Workshop
  • Added Timer and Profiler classes
  • Implemented API for async script calls [while theoretically functional, still highly experimental]
  • Added a new "onPlanModifiedByBuilding" callback for when the Plan component is modified through building
  • Added a Physics component for manipulating physics of an entity
  • Added a property to Entity that allows setting a damage multiplier for that specific entity


  • Several small performance improvements all over the place
  • Improved logging
  • Reduced size of ship .xml files
  • Player is placed in last craft used upon login
  • Broken scripts are removed from scriptable objects on when loaded from database


"As usual, user bug reports are marked with [UBR]. Thanks everybody for helping with the game!"

  • [UBR] Fixed extreme loading times due to too many inventory items
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash that occurred often during instanced rendering (asteroids and such)
  • [UBR] Fixed overflow of resources and money
    • Resources and money are now 64bit integers, meaning they can go up to 9.223.372.036.854.775.808
    • Overflowing is no longer possible
  • Fixed player being placed in his drone on use of /teleport command
  • [UBR] Fixed space bar not working sometimes in loading screen
  • [UBR] Fixed a hang when holo blocks decay due to missing repair crew
  • Fixed a (rare) player duplication issue
  • Fixed a crash when destroying/deleting a station
  • Fixed a crash when loading corrupt scripting values file
  • Fixed trading posts not having any cargo storage
  • Fixed a crash when loading an object with a script where the script file disappeared
  • [UBR] Fixed smuggler's market not working when too many stolen goods are on the ship
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in patrol AI
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in loading screen
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when exiting the game while in strategy mode
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when loading templates.xml
  • Fixed ships by faction on map not being saved/loaded correctly
  • [UBR] Fixed quick menu buttons being clickable through the building inventory
  • [UBR] Fixed keyboard and mouse up events not being registered in loading screens
  • [UBR] StructuralIntegrity effect is now always visible on the correct ship
  • Fixed translation of EnergyConsumer names
  • Fixed mining systems always showing asteroids for all players in a sector
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in energy tab when resolution is too low
  • [UBR] Fixed auto pay crew not working in creative mode
  • Fixed an issue where repair docks would require negative payments by players
  • [UBR] Fixed roll being displayed as bad even when it's not when using gyros
  • [UBR] Fixed asteroids in the outer regions being sold for 0 credits
  • [UBR] Fixed normal cargo getting sold at smuggler's market instead of stolen cargo
  • Fixed several money scaling issues, money of stations and transactions scales correctly now with distance to the center
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when discarding broken blocks and the repair brush is open
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where the repair brush's diff'd blocks wouldn't disappear
  • [UBR] Fixed tooltip and default values of hyperspace upgrades
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when loading corrupted groups file
  • [UBR] Fixed default server port not being able to be set via settings.ini
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in AI orders script when assigning guard order
  • [UBR] Fixed trading overview not showing factory items
  • [UBR] Fixed trading overview tooltips
  • [UBR] Fixed an error in trading overview when max stock of a station's good is 0
  • [UBR] Fixed several divisions by zero crashing trading upgrade
  • [UBR] Fixed trading post not refreshing its UI
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in building mode related to deletion of all blocks
  • [UBR] Fixed independent turrets having different targets on client and server
  • [UBR] Fixed independent turrets sometimes not shooting on the client
  • [UBR] Fixed brake thrust of ships being 0 in stats overview in shipyard
  • [UBR] Fixed salvaging or mining AI commands not stopping when there is no longer a captain
  • Fixed a huge server performance issue when undoing a ship transformation to a large ship in the building mode
  • Eliminate pirate mission terminates itself when there is no location (which happens mostly after server crashes)
  • Fixed speed particles being visible in strategy mode
  • [UBR] Fixed stations and asteroids getting stuck within each other forever and impairing performance
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue in faction database when starting the game in a directory linked via symbolic links
  • [UBR] Fixed faction war side decision triggering incorrectly when repairing ships of one side
  • [UBR] Fixed wrong tooltip description for repair beams
  • [UBR] Fixed incorrect spelling of zinc
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in diplomacy tab when sorting or filtering
  • [UBR] Fixed a few issues with tutorial when creative mode is active
  • Fixed ships sometimes not moving when strafing
Avorion Version
"The new Patch is now live! We added some more tweaks, fixed some crashes and removed some quirks. Thanks to everybody who tested on the beta branch and gave valuable feedback!"


  • Fixed version that's printed out on server start
  • Decreased gyro power requirements by 80%
  • Increased inertia dampener power requirements by 66%
  • Analysis of last 20 frames is printed out when profiling is enabled and /status command is used
  • Tooltips of notification displayer aren't shown when mouse is invisible
  • Current ship tab shows turrets without going over bounds
  • Implemented a /leader command to promote another player to the leader of the group
  • Generator adds gyros to generated ships
  • Added a warning message for steam API init failure
  • Added hints for reworked flight mechanics and new blocks
  • Fixed a crash when trying to read relations between factions that are not the player on the client


"Here are the patch notes for the current patch! The patch will go live on the beta branch until tomorrow, and if everything goes well, we'll set it live tomorrow."

Flight Mechanics Revisited

There have been a lot of adjustments to flight mechanics and the pancake thrusters mechanic/exploit has been removed, since it was never meant to be used the way people used it. Thrusters will now scale with volume. While cleaning up the (very old) code thruster stats calculations, I removed several artificial enhancements to thrusters and flight behaviour of the ships. For example, thrusters had several enhancements that ended up giving them 6 times the power that they should have. These enhancements have been removed, but in turn I buffed thruster strength so while it shouldn't cancel each other out, thruster strength hasn't just been reduced to 1/6 of your ship. There was a similar restriction to engines, which I removed, but in turn reduced the power of a single engine. So your ships should accelerate worse with less engines, but a lot better with more engines.



In order to make up for the changed thruster mechanics, and since I think that thrusters were kind of an uber-strong block that does everything (which I'm not a fan of), I added a few new blocks: Directional Thrusters, Gyro Arrays and Inertia Dampeners. The old thruster block still exists.

Directional Thrusters will work just like normal thrusters, but their power will be along a single (configurable) axis, so you have more and better control about the stats of your ship.

Gyro Arrays will only affect the rotational speed of your ship. Their placement is not as important as with thrusters, since they apply torque directly to your ship. On the other hand, you don't have lever mechanics (like with thrusters) that will allow you to get better stats depending on the distance to the center of mass of the ship. They also scale with material strength, so you might want to upgrade them along the way to the center of the galaxy.

Finally, Inertia Dampeners are a block that creates subspace friction and that has a very high energy consumption. Due to the special properties of Iron and Avorion, Inertia Dampeners can only be built out of these two materials, and they scale with material strength. Since they create subspace friction, they will reduce drifting and can brake your ship, but they won't be able to accelerate your ship.

So your ship will feel different after this patch, but with the new blocks I'm giving you the tools to get the old flight feeling back. I tested a few community ships from the forums and found that the changes required to get the old feeling back were not that intrusive and could be made in a couple of minutes.

In order to not let the newtonian-flight-crew feel left out, I split up gyros, inertia dampeners and thrusters into several subsystems and you can now disable the (energy-intensive) flight assist for a boost in available energy. So if you like the feeling of drifting through space, you're going to love this. And configurable pro- and retrograde markers.


In this patch I'll introduce groups. You'll be able to invite other players via the chat or a new menu entry when interacting with their ships (however, since this is done by a script, this will only work on new ships and drones). Players of the same group will be highlighted in the UI and on the map. Please keep in mind that this is not the Alliances update, we're currently working on that, but I found it important to release the current development progress since it has a few important changes.

Server Browser

Last big feature (but not least): I added a server browser and servers with the "listed" option enabled will be listed here. You can also configure passwords for your server if you want to play by yourselves.


So here are the full patch notes for this patch. I've been typing these up from the last patch to the default branch, not the last patch to the beta branch, so you might see some features again in these patch notes.


  • Flight mechanics have been revisited
    • Improved the flight behaviour, especially related to ship inertia (your ships might drift more now)
    • Removed artificial 6x power boost to thrusters
    • Increased power of thrusters
    • Rotational speed cap is now 4.0 rad/s (from 2.0 rad/s)
  • Docks regenerate on stations as long as there are less than 2 docks
  • Added a new repair mode
    • Added a window that shows repair costs
    • Repairs to blocks can be discarded from this window
    • Repairs can be done block by block
  • Client sided ships steer more precisely
  • Mines buy a range of goods
  • Energy systems can be toggled on and off one by one
  • Players can now set a repair dock as their reconstruction site where they will respawn on death
  • Added "neutral zones", sectors where no attacks will happen and where players can't deal damage to each other
  • Ships are protected while changing sectors and while loading screen is visible on client (this can be disabled with a server setting)
  • Added an AI command for salvaging


  • Players can invite other players to groups
  • Use /invite [player] to invite players to your group
  • Use /join [player] to join a player's group
  • Use /leave to leave a group
  • Players can also interact with ships of another player to invite them (works only for new crafts and drones)
  • Members of the same group are shown in the top left of the screen
  • Members of the same group are highlighted on the map
  • Members of the same group are highlighted in the sector


  • Resources are no longer shown during flight mode in favor of the group UI
  • Resources are shown when interacting or in menus (basically whenever you might need to know exact numbers)
  • Total and relative resources are shown when picking up resources and money
  • Camera is reset to front-view when leaving building mode
  • Ship tab shows missing blocks
  • Mail window has a filter + combo box for players
  • Improved calculations for ships being too big to fit through wormholes/gates
  • Added display of center of mass in building mode
  • Added preview for thruster holes in build mode
  • Added pro- and retrograde markers
  • Fixed and improved visuals of systems upgrade tab
  • Loadingscreen tips are no longer bold so they have better readability
  • Added tooltips stating what turret control systems actually do
  • Added explanation to m/s in loading screen
  • Added scrolling to F1 online players list


  • Implemented new visuals for thrusters
  • Shields no longer obstruct particle effects like fog, shots, sparks etc.
  • Reduced brightness of thruster flames

New Blocks:

  • Directional Thruster
    • Similar to thrusters, but their forces only work in one dimension
  • Gyro Array
    • Strength scales with material
    • Gyros increase rotational speed of the ship in a specific direction
    • Placement doesn't matter (in contrast to thrusters), except for how the center of mass of the ship is shifted by the mass of the gyro
  • Inertia Dampeners
    • Creates subspace friction that brakes your ship
    • Only Iron and Avorion can provide the physical properties required to generate subspace friction
    • Inertia Dampeners can only be built from Iron and Avorion
    • High energy consumption


  • Thrusters now scale with volume, not surface
    • Surface only affects the distribution of forces created by thrusters
    • Large surface -> large portion of force in that direction
    • Increased strength of thrusters
    • Thrusters are about ~62% as strong as engines
  • Rebalanced engines
    • Removed artificial restrictions on engine scaling with volume
    • Reduced power of engines
    • Engines are now worse when you have few engine block volume, but better when you have more
  • Military outposts buy electromagnetic charges
  • Adjusted reputation loss when destroying crafts of an AI faction
    • Loss for destroying fighters is 1500, down from 20000
    • Loss for stations is 50000, up from 20000
    • Relation loss for other non-ship objects are 5000
    • Ships remain at 20000 reputation loss
  • Reduced factory sale ratios from up to +-50% of good price to +-30%
  • Factories no longer have abundant amounts of very valuable goods on creation
  • Solar panel price depends on surface area as well now

Server Browser

  • Added a server browser for steam servers
  • Servers that have the "listed" property enabled will be listed in the browser


  • Added password protection for servers
  • Implemented binding to IPs with steam networking enabled
  • Several commands now work with player indices and steam IDs
    • Affected commands: /ban /banip /unban /give /groups /kick /teleport
  • Added a /playerinfo command that prints indices and other info about players (mods only)
  • Added a /status command that will print some status and profiling infos about the server
  • Added a /selfinfo command that will show a player administrational info about himself
  • Administrators don't undergo whitelist, blacklist or password check when logging in
  • Amount of generator threads are configurable via command line and server.ini
  • Added the console input command handler for windows
  • Implemented reconstruction of faction index from files on error
  • Implemented pruning of bad ips from blacklist
  • Implemented adding of IPs to steam network server clients
  • Added some warning messages when potentially problematic server settings are detected
  • Improved deletion of large wreckages
    • Deletion disabled for generated station wreckages
    • Deletion time of large and small wreckages is configurable
    • Improved wreckage despawning behaviour
  • Profiling of sectors on server can be enabled and disabled with a server setting (disabled by default)

Scripting API

  • Implemented a sector.lua script that is always present and that can be used for sector-static initialization
  • Tooltip of ui elements can be reset by passing nil as tooltip
  • Respawn sector of players can be set and retrieved
  • Player to player damage can be disabled for sectors
  • Added a script command for sending chat messages on client
  • Added server-sided chat commands that can be issued from scripts


  • Client waits for server to start up in singleplayer
  • Improved data writing and securing for less file corruption
  • Removed some output from shader compiler when not needed
  • Limited the amount of chat messages that can be sent per 5 seconds

Known Issues

"These issues will be resolved until tomorrow, when the patch will move over to the default branch for everybody."

  • Ship generator not using gyros
  • /leader command to make another player the leader of the group
  • Scrolling of turrets in current ship tab


"As usual, user bug reports are marked with [UBR]. Thanks to you guys and keep it up!"

  • Fixed a rare server stall when a player is written to file
  • Fixed typos in german localization
  • Fixed a server crash when loading corrupt data
  • Fixed several typos in lots of places
  • Fixed a crash in mouseover for UIListBox
  • Sector changes have to be confirmed by the server before they're marked on the map
  • Fixed thruster strafing being unaffected by energy efficiency
  • Fixed Hyperspace Core processing power to normal
  • [UBR] Key bindings no longer reset with each update
  • [UBR] Fixed Steam achievements related to Steam stats not working on Windows
  • [UBR] Fixed a few issues related to Windows UI scaling
  • [UBR] Fixed smuggler mission targets being generated inside the ring
  • [UBR] Fixed rename squad input window
  • [UBR] Fixed a massive performance issue with miners when no more asteroids are present
  • [UBR] Fixed scripting data not being saved on server shutdown
  • [UBR] Fixed scrolling in cargo tab
  • [UBR] Fixed scrolling in cargo transfer window
  • [UBR] Fixed wormholes going into the ring
  • [UBR] Fixed crash in trading overview
  • [UBR] Bottan no longer jumps away only because relations are bad
  • [UBR] Fixed building preview stats (especially brake stats) being buggy
  • [UBR] Fixed an exploit related to chat
  • [UBR] Fixed several server crashes when receiving garbage
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash related to faulty deadlock detection on Windows
  • [UBR] Fixed headquarters not showing up in sector overview
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in UITextBox when a new text was set and scrolling was too far right
  • [UBR] Fixed swoks not attacking on one dialog option
  • [UBR] Fixed allied ships attacking each other when escorting
  • [UBR] Fixed an error where players would get recreated each time they log in
  • [UBR] Fixed broken interaction with wormhole diverter and endboss
  • [UBR] Fixed broken reach of factory-produced weapons (ScriptWeapons's reach modifier works as intended now)
  • [UBR] Fixed rigid beam weapons not working on ships that have shields
  • [UBR] Fixed black shields on low-end GPUs
  • [UBR] Fixed performance issues on galaxy map
  • [UBR] Fixed overflow in crew numbers
  • [UBR] Fixed naming of newly founded stations
  • [UBR] Fixed mission coordinates going out of bounds of map in several missions
  • [UBR] Fixed gates crossing the barrier to the center
  • [UBR] Fixed missing translation in tooltip of trading overview
  • [UBR] Fixed boosting when engine is disabled
  • [UBR] Fixed holo blocks getting destroyed by craft decay
  • [UBR] Fixed an error/crash in convoi distress signal mission
Avorion Version
Lots of small QoL changes, less crashing, less total war between factions, better multiplayer performance and a lot less disappearing ships, even when a crash happens.


  • Wreckages from fights remain for up to 30 minutes instead of up to 2 hours
  • Player and his new sector are immediately written to disk after a hyperspace jump
  • Faction wars now require an aggressiveness of 0.9 or higher up from 0.75 or higher
  • Now only 20% of all factions are at war with someone else, instead of 50%
  • Faction battles appear less frequently
  • Reduced frequency of distress calls and pirate attacks by an average of 20 minutes
  • Reduced brightness of thruster flames


  • Overheating bars of weapons are closer together
  • Improved display of volume and mass, both in building mode, ship and system tab
  • Added tooltips for turrets when hovering over them in the building mode


  • Implemented /teleport command
    • Teleports a player and his current ship into a new sector. There might be a delay if the sector doesn't exist yet and has to be created first.
  • Old administrators no longer get cleared when --admin is added to command line arguments
  • A console output is written when a player is killed by another player
  • Added an option to disable immediate write of player data to save performance
  • Server can recover lost ships in some cases
  • Added a countdown and message to /stop command


  • Removed some old debug output that looks like an error but isn't one
  • Server stalls are now detected and written to log for easier debugging
  • Added an explanation for singleplayer servers and what happens when you start singleplayer


As usual, user bug reports are marked with [UBR]. Thanks for reporting everybody! Keep 'em coming!

  • [UBR] Fixed a server crash when reading corrupted data
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when fighters want to return to a ship without hangars; This fixes most of the server crashes you've been getting during faction battles
  • [UBR] Fixed a bug that continued spawning faction battles as long as a player hadn't chosen a side yet
  • [UBR] Fixed building of blocks with negative sizes
  • Faction battles no longer spawn when there are no players in the sector
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when too many lightning turrets were shooting at the same time or during low FPS
  • Fixed disappearing speed flight particles
  • [UBR] Fighters aim at the centers of blocks of objects, not the actual middle of the object
  • [UBR] Fixed research station crashing when dragging an item from the result field in the ingredients field
  • [UBR] Fixed heat bars going over their bounds when firing energy weapons with high energy consumption
  • [UBR] Fixed shipyard forgetting orders
  • [UBR] Fixed an exploit for gaining lots of money
  • [UBR] Fixed ships flying away and crashing into asteroids/stations after changing sectors, which looks like you've spawned inside an asteroid
  • [UBR] Fixed dialog window quickly accepting input when holding space bar
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in build mode when deleting blocks
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in build mode when the camera is inside a block
  • [UBR] Fixed a glitch when starting fighters from hangars that look up or down instead of left/right/front/back
  • [UBR] Fixed game settings being changed when loading an old save in the current branch
Avorion Version 0.10.2

"In this patch we focused mainly on fixes and server stability, not on new features. You can expect new features further down the road."


"Our public test server helped us gain some valuable insight into several server issues and we're confident that we fixed the worst of those."

  • All server ports are now configurable via command line
  • Improved server stability
  • Added an option to enable/disable VAC authentication
  • /players command prints the number of players and separates them with commas
  • Added a /status command that prints out some information about the server's current status
  • Server sectors are saved one by one now, this might take longer but will use up less memory
  • Added a text field for passing additional arguments to dedicated server
  • Renamed—name parameter to—galaxy-name and added a --server-name parameter (for later use in the server browser)


"Integrity fields now work more the way they were intended to in the first place. And we made some QoL improvements, hyperspace blockers have a range of 20km now and you won't get shot down in your start sector when just starting out."

  • Integrity field blocks only increase durability and no longer make blocks invincible. Blocks inside integrity fields can now take 10 times as much damage before they explode. This does NOT change the ship's overall HP or * * * * damage taken, it only makes the blocks harder to destroy.
  • Hyperspace blockers now have a range of 20 km
  • Increased max distance to ships in order to trade with them to 200m (You don't have to be super close to other ships that longer)
  • AI ships prefer attacking armed ships as long as you didn't attack them (Less getting shot down in start sector while building)

Scripting API

  • Added stop(), save() and hasAdminPrivileges(player) functions to script server API


  • Added more logging
  • Some problematic characters are now forbidden in ship names
  • Achievements are disabled in creative mode
  • Removed "Previous Target" control binding option, previous target can be selected by holding Ctrl while pressing "Next Target"
  • Hyperspace recharge bar turns red when blocked
  • Added hints for bad brake thrust
  • Added hints for hyperspace blocking
  • Added some loading screen tips related to drift
  • Updated "Buy Turrets" and "Buy Upgrades" to "Buy/Sell Turrets" etc.


"Thanks to everybody for taking the time for reporting those issues, you guys are awesome!"

  • [UBR] Fixed several server stalling issues and crashes
  • [UBR] Fixed MouseSteering being unselectable in controls
  • [UBR] Fixed a bug in insurance where players were damaged by enemies but didn't get payouts
  • [UBR] Fixed "invalid name" error in game settings window
  • [UBR] Fixed an exploit that would allow building of insanely large blocks for free
  • [UBR] "Apply Plan" now correctly applies the plan to the built craft, not the flown craft
  • [UBR] Fixed ScriptConsole appearing whenever ' was pressed
  • [UBR] Fixed blur shader failing to compile on low-end graphics devices

Known issues

"We know about these issues and we're working hard on fixing them, but they simply didn't make it into this patch."

  • Several achievements don't unlock
  • Slow allied ships
  • Client crashes when loading a galaxy after previously working fine
  • Impaired server performance for higher player counts
  • Turrets twitching
  • Auto turret orders s resetting on sector change

Planned Features

"Apart from fixing the above issues, we've got several other features planned for the immediate future, to give you an outlook on what's going to come next."

  • Player Groups (see players from the same group on the map and in sectors)
  • Safe Sectors where players can build, fly and log out in peace
  • Compression of server data, both when sending (making loading screens shorter) and saving to disk
  • Safety in loading screen
  • A teleport command to move players to different sectors
  • Flight vectors
  • No-Flight-Support mode
  • Regeneration of broken docks
  • Console interface for windows dedicated servers
  • Respawn sector changing
  • Server browser

For the not-so-immediate future we have our next big update planned: The Alliances update! This will, in addition to groups, allow players to form an alliance, that counts as its own faction and that has its own resources and ships. Alliances will basically be what guilds or clans are in other games. We're also planning to host official servers for you to play on, so you can look forward to that as well!

Avorion Version 0.10.1

"Let's do a quick patch before release."


  • Added a first version of the Scripting API documentation
    • The documentation can be found in the SteamApps/Avorion/ folder
    • The documentation is automatically generated and still work in progress. There are several places where documentation is missing, but we're constantly working on improving here.
  • Server settings are saved on /save or saveData()
  • Access list status is printed in server settings
  • Research station respects auto-fire properties
  • Added some comments that boarders and security logic is not yet in the game
  • Adjusted several window sizes so players with lower resolutions can still use the UI


"A few bug fixes. User bug reports are marked with [UBR]."

  • Fixed spawning of Swoks in start sector
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash on startup for high resolutions
  • [UBR] Fixed a few issues with Ctrl-Z and coloring/transforming blocks
  • [UBR] Resolved bleeding of blurred backgrounds over their texture borders
  • [UBR] Fixed reading of access list mode from server settings
  • [UBR] Ship Tab is now updated correctly when adding/removing turrets
Avorion Version 0.10


"Turret rotation can be locked and we added faction wars in addition to several quality of life improvements such as easy camera adjusting when changing between ships. Factions will also start wars against each other and players can choose a side."

  • Turrets can be rotated before placing
  • New Block: Turret Rotation Lock
    • Turrets built onto this block can't turn
  • Turrets built onto this block won't check if they would hit the ship and will always fire (but shots won't have any effect if they hit the player's ship)
  • Aggressive Factions will now start wars with factions around them
    • During the first combat a player encounters between two factions, he can decide which one to side with
    • "This guy attacks our ships!": After attacking a ship of one faction, this faction will become an enemy immediately
    • "This guy is helping us!": After attacking a ship of one faction, the other faction will become an ally immediately
  • Added an equipment dock to start sector which doesn't sell fighters
  • Prices of trading goods are now influenced by the relations to the buying/selling faction
  • Pirate attack is cancelled when there's only one player, the player is in his home sector and his play time in this galaxy is less than 30 minutes
  • Mined resources immediately lock on to the craft that mined them
  • Tweaked ship generator to allow more different builds and less idiotic ships
  • Added 10 more randomly selected colors to starting block colors
  • Added a button (Left Alt) to configure the position of the camera easily
  • Improved fighter returning AI
  • Turret AI and Ship AI now aim at the geometric center of blocks, not the middle


"These took quite a while to get right, since they previously were hilariously overpowered. They still are against fighters, and we're currently working on a solution to that, too."

  • Some turrets have "Independent Firing", meaning they deal less damage but aim on their own
  • You can control these turrets from the turret control panel on the bottom
  • Turrets have 4 fire modes: Player, full auto, semi auto and attack target
    • Player: The default shooting mode, Player controls the turrets
    • Full Auto: The turret aims completely on its own, prioritizing dangerous targets such as fighters
    • Semi Auto: The turret detects whether it can shoot where the player is currently aiming. If yes, it's player controlled. If not, it aims on its own.
    • Attack Target: Similar to fighters, tells the turrets to attack a specific target.
  • Turrets in Auto-Mode will choose their targets based on their weapons
    • Mining lasers will look for asteroids with resources
    • Salvaging lasers will look for wreckages
    • Armed turrets will look for enemies
    • Repair turrets will look for damaged allies
  • A new group "Auto-Turrets not in a group" has been added to the bottom turret groups


"We made a few changes to the renderer, which allow us to add more cool effects such as more volumetric fog and screen space reflections. Enjoy!"

  • Added experimental screen space reflections in the "High" shader configuration
  • Mirroring plane in building mode is now a grid
  • Improved clipping of space fog in "High" shader configuration
  • Improved visuals of space fog
  • Improved overall fog (exponential instead of linear)
  • Improved preview of blocks in inventory, better scaling, better light angle
  • Reduced brightness of engines
  • Reduced reflectivity of Trinium


"Several QOL improvements to the tutorial, more error resistance and some explanations about less obvious, but important mechanics in Avorion."

  • Different stages of the tutorial can now be selected
  • Added a tutorial lesson for braking behaviour of ships
  • Added a tutorial lesson explaining exiting into the drone
  • Added a tutorial lesson that returns the player back to his home sector
  • Added a tutorial lesson for configuration of camera
  • Tutorial can only be played in the home sector
  • Added scaling and deletion explanations in Tutorial
  • Safe mode can't be deactivated during tutorial


"Mainly adding more clarity to why certain situations happen the way they do."

  • Research station now actually moves items around for better clarity of what's happening
  • Added rendering of exit regions on hangar blocks
  • Ship in current ship tab now shows turrets as well
  • Fake distress signal pirate leader creates a dialog when player enters the sector
  • Size of damage numbers can be configured
  • Added a time limit that has to be reached before a ship problem message can make a beep again
  • Added hints for why fighters might not start
  • Added warnings to scrapyard when your time is running out
  • "L Mouse", "R Mouse" etc. is now "Left Mouse" and "Right Mouse"
  • Added a sound effect when fulfilling a goal in the tutorial
  • Added a title to dialog window to see who/what you're talking to
  • Reworked all windows in main menu
  • TextBox text is greyed out when ineditable
  • ComboBox no longer gets highlighted when inactive
  • Default UI color is now brighter
  • Added side-scrolling in normal text boxes
  • Tooltip headlines are no longer bold
  • Added display for energy weapons: How much energy they currently require


"A few adjustments to make batteries and some other things more viable, and AI shields and damage up (depending on difficulty). Background: AI ships deal a lot less damage to players. This is mainly since the player is usually up against multiple, equally armed ships, and usually spent a lot of time creating and refining his ship, and we want to avoid frustration. But right now combat isn't really a challenge, so we upped the damage dealt to players. Please tell us your feedback of the new perceived difficulty, this is important to us. Thanks!"

  • Increased the basic battery storage from 2GJ to 20GJ
  • Increased storable energy of battery blocks from 2.5 to 10 times the energy yield of a generator of the same size
  • Increased damage of AI ships to player
    • In percent of actual damage capable
    • Beginner: Remains at 2.5%
    • Easy: From 5% to 7.5%
    • Normal: From 10% to 20%
    • Veteran: From 20% to 40%
    • Difficult: From 40% to 60%
    • Hard: From 75% to 80%
    • Insane: Remains at 100% damage
  • Increased damage of AI ships to other AI ships so battles are over quicker
  • Doubled the reward for the pirate killing mission
  • Players always get 10.000 credits in the beginning, regardless of difficulty
  • Reduced probability of petty system upgrades
  • Maximum shields of AI ships increased from up to 50% of HP to up to 100% of HP
  • Mining laser's damage scales less with rarity
  • Increased time that damage to an object is remembered from 1 minute to 5 minutes
  • At least 1 mechanic is always required now


"As usual several performance updates, this time mainly to rendering and shot collision updates. We had some problems when big fire fights were happening away from the origin of a sector, but those are resolved now!"

  • Lots of performance improvements in rendering (client) and updating (client & server)
  • Added a near infinite grid collision structure for better performance, especially when moving far away from the center (0, 0, 0) of a sector

Server Hosting

"We added a separate Steam tool for hosting dedicated servers and made hosting more clear (it's an explicit button instead of a small confusing "public" check box)."

  • Added a separate dedicated server tool on Steam
  • Added a window in the main menu which incorporates the tool for hosting a dedicated server in the client
  • Improved handling of connection problems with server on TCP and Steam protocols (no more hanging!)
  • Improved handling of server startup and shutdown
  • Servers can always be shutdown from localhost, using the dedicated server window or tool
  • Added more config options for server, such as verbose output, startup script and startsector script
  • Server accepts all command line arguments multiple times and uses the last
  • Updated a few option descriptions in server cmd line interface

Scripting API

  • Font of UIListBox can be set
  • Labels can be set to active or inactive
  • Implemented deferred callbacks for scripts
  • Selection returns table with ivec2s as keys for getItems()
  • Added equality comparison with == for inventory items
  • Added an enum for ChatMessageType


"German localization is in! We're currently looking into how to do localization for other languages we don't speak. The problem is that Avorion is still constantly evolving and texts are always rewritten and have to be constantly updated."

  • German localization is finished, as well as a template for further localizations
  • Implemented detection and setting of language from steam client
  • Adventurer spawns in less friendly areas as well
  • Xsotan traits are now all unknown
  • Adjusted sometimes deafening sound effects
  • Lasers start flickering once they have no more energy
  • Increased spawning area of Swoks and The AI
  • Removed a story dialog that doesn't actually tell the player anything
  • Added a description to hidden mass detection upgrade
  • Distress call missions can be abandoned now
  • Improved logging


"As usual, some bug fixes. But this time we've decided that we'd like to highlight player bug reports to thank those players for taking their time to report errors and help us improve Avorion. User bug reports will be marked with [UBR]."

  • Fixed a lua stack overflow issue leading to mysterious crashes all over the place
  • Fixed a bug where the client would hang in "Saving Galaxy" on shutdown
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown
  • Fixed an error in trading manager when initializing secondary trading scripts
  • Fixed a crash in blocker script
  • Fixed a few issues where enemies wouldn't be recognized correctly by AI ships
  • Fixed pitch black being selected as default color
  • Fixed wrong directional thrust braking which didn't take into account orientation of the ship
  • Fixed overheating lines being too wide sometimes
  • Fixed strategy mode order lines disappearing after sector change
  • Fixed z-buffer issues in building mode preview blocks
  • Fixed flying through gates in strategy mode
  • Fixed "Connection Lost" menu is no longer scaled wrongly with super sampling enabled
  • Fixed a few events happening in sectors where they shouldn't
  • Fixed a bug where factions would be duplicated in diplomacy tab
  • Fixed a bug where sender of chat messages would always be "Server"
  • [UBR] Destroying a ship no longer worsenes relations to factions that helped destroying that ship
  • [UBR] Fixed continued flying when changing sectors
  • [UBR] Fixed UI buttons on the top right not displaying properly when adding/removing upgrades/scripts
  • [UBR] Fixed wrong display of number of ships in sector
  • [UBR] Amount of assignable crewmen is now determined by workforce of officers, not number
  • [UBR] Probability of system upgrades in equipment dock is the same as the dropped ones
  • [UBR] Fixed several Achievements "Into the Unknown" "Historian" "Center of the Galaxy" not unlocking
  • [UBR] Fixed missing default interactions for founded stations
  • [UBR] Fixed issues with the delivery mission when delivering to the same sector
  • [UBR] Fixed several pathfinding issues
  • [UBR] Fixed a few crashes in shipyard
  • [UBR] Fixed several cases of ${variables} instead of text
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash in transfer of crew and goods
  • [UBR] Fixed several mystery crashes in the regions related to Operation Exodus
  • [UBR] Fixed UI buttons on the top right not displaying properly when adding/removing upgrades/scripts

"Thanks to everybody who took the time to report these issues, you guys are great!"

Avorion Version 0.9.7


"Mainly, we reworked the way crews work. We've added specialists which can level, there's no longer a hard cap on crew sizes, and instead your crew has a morale."

  • Crafts send a notification when they lost track of their followed target
  • Crafts send notifications on destruction and being damaged
  • Added a window for current block size
  • Added a block transformation brush
  • Refactored crews into normal crewmen and specialists
    • Non-specialized crewmen don't differ from previous crewmen
    • Specialists are limited to a single profession
    • Specialists provide additional workforce
    • Specialists level up over time when morale is good, gaining additional workforce
    • Specialists must be hired at a station
  • Added crew morale
    • Morale reflects general happiness of your crew
    • Not paying your crew decreases morale steadily over time
    • Overpopulating your ship decreases morale after 10 minutes
  • Removed hard cap of crew size
    • Instead: Too big crew decreases morale after 10 minutes
  • Updated descriptions of several crewmen


"We're paving the ways for internationalization. While we don't have any useable translations yet, we're now able to translate the game."

  • Added API for localization
  • Added "Immune to Electricity Weapons" tooltip to stone blocks
  • Added color parsing to ChatMessages
    • Write \c(f00) or \c(ffff0000) for red, for example
  • Added more clarity to dialog when being caught smuggling
  • Added some more missing descriptions to several trading goods
  • Tabbing through objects now sorts by distance to the player's ship


  • Added some more hints on how to beat the science lab


"We went a little overboard with the nerf to salvaging laser prices, they have been adjusted to be more normal now."

  • Increased price of salvaging lasers to normal amounts
  • Decreased probability for very rare turrets
  • Stone Blocks now cost only 1/200th of their previous value
    • This is in relation to some issues with Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y on founded mines


"This one is a pretty big internal upgrade to the way the engine calculates ambient occlusion. You'll be happy to hear that there will be a lot less block ghosting and CPU load, especially on weaker machines."

  • Massive improvements in ambient occlusion calculation for incremental changes
    • Less block ghosting
    • Ghosting blocks are marked as deleted in building mode


  • Client exits with correct return code 0


"Thanks to everybody who reported all these!"

  • Added missing icon for "your ship is damaged" warning
  • Fixed a bug where beams with increased range didn't have the correct FX length
  • Fixed a bug where projectile weapons with increased range didn't actually have increased range
  • Fixed a typo in alienattack
  • Fixed -0 omicron display for crafts without weapons
  • Fixed an issue in repair dock when user interacts while in a drone
  • Fixed an issue in shops that would allow players to dupe items
  • Fixed an issue where turret generation would not be deterministic
  • Fixed an issue where the very center of the galaxy could be blocked by hyperspace rifts
  • Fixed broken laser beams for ships with shields
  • Fixed wrong icons for turret selections
  • Turret group selections are preserved over hyperspace jumps
  • Fixed dropping cargo too early when upgrades would extend cargo bay
  • Fixed some issues with crew payments
  • Fixed force- and other fighters being free
Avorion Version 0.9.6
"A few bug fixes, quality of life improvements and a new block type: Hyperspace Core."


"In order to make your life easier once you've reached the center, we've added Hyperspace Core blocks, which, when built with Avorion, will allow you to jump over rifts. We also added a lot more clarity for the Operation Exodus mission."

  • Research Station items are now sorted by rarity and type
  • New "Hyperspace Core" block
    • Increases jump distance
    • Avorion Hyperspace Cores allow players to jump over rifts
  • Fighters can be destroyed by dragging and dropping them out of the window
  • Weapons are assignable with the same game keys as they're selected with
  • Added more clarity to Operation Exodus
    • Added a "New Mission" display
    • Found beacons are logged
    • The next beacon locations can be shown on the map
    • Final beacon blinks


  • Made "Saving Galaxy..." screen more responsive so it doesn't feel like the program crashed


"There is a specific tactic we want you to use against the Mobile Energy Lab, which is why we're cranking up its firepower. A lot."

  • Increased fire power of the Mobile Energy Lab by 1500%


  • Additional range in beam weapons now affects visual lasers as well
  • Fixed beams of fighters not being shown
  • Fixed fighters wiggling while flying
  • Fixed several crashes in server CLI
  • Fixed radar upgrades not working immediately
  • Fixed a bug where colors were displayed when adding/removing upgrades
  • Fixed ludicrous prices for higher salvaging turrets
  • Fixed a bug where ships wouldn't stop shooting after enemies are defeated
  • Fixed smuggler rendez-vous point being generated into unaccessible sectors
  • Fixed research station not requiring to dock

Known Issues Deleting stone blocks from a claimed asteroid and then pressing Ctrl-Z or Ctrl-Y doesn't restore money correctly The same goes for repairing claimed asteroids

Avorion Version 0.9.5
"Lots of bugfixes, one of those was very important as it lead to strange behaviours with script restoration, resulting in broken saves and broken stations, ships, everything all over the place. We also toned down the resources you gain from salvaging normal blocks, such as hull blocks. Salvaging more technical or advanced blocks still yields the original value of the block (assuming your salvaging laser's efficiency is 100%)."

UI "We added a new, more situational hint system, which will display messages with highlighted objects for better clarity. These hints can be disabled one by one when they're shown."

  • Added arrows for the dialog window when answers are scrollable
  • Replaced the hint system with a new system for more situational hints
  • Added tooltips for weapon group assignments
  • Re-enabled drag & drop in systems tab
    • Left-clicking a system no longer immediately inserts it
    • Right-clicking still does
    • You can drag & drop a system upgrade into the slot of your choice


  • Reduced salvaging resource yield of non-special blocks, such as hull, cargo bay or housing
    • Resource yield of advanced & more expensive blocks such as thrusters, engines, generators remains untouched
    • Displayed mineable material respect this factor now as well


  • Fixed a severe bug that would lead to crashes, corrupted saves and strange game behaviour all over the place
  • Fixed crew of station founders going MIA when founding a station
  • Fixed mines not doing anything when no cargo bay is present
  • Fixed a crash when clicking "Dump Cargo" buttons too quickly
  • Fixed a crash when collecting more cargo than the cargo tab can display
  • Fixed a crash in turret factory when switching to launchers
  • Fixed a bug where clicking "Show Location" in missions would show a random location
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't deal full damage to other players
  • Fixed a bug where mine and station founding would return player to his home sector
  • Fixed a bug where auto-crew-assignment was trying to assign pilots
  • Fixed interactions with factions not working as they were intended
Avorion Version 0.9.4
"We've enabled co-op building! You can now grant a player permission to build your ship together with you, and we added a new 'Build' interaction for all ships."


  • Improved steering of ships, won't steer up/down as much when left right is enough
  • Enabled co-op building
    • Grant a player a building permission in the permissions window and he can build your ship together with you


  • Added more debug output on crash
  • Several stability improvements


  • Several minor performance improvements


  • Improved handling of rotation, which should fix a bug where ships were rotating extremely fast
  • Fixed a bug where system upgrades could cause negative overflow of required energy
Avorion Version 0.9.3
"In this update we've got salvaging lasers for wreckages, better pickup behaviours and the first balancing adjustments. Also massive performance improvements!"

Gameplay "Gameplay-wise you can look forward to salvaging lasers, so you can finally recycle your latest ship after you successfully smashed it into an asteroid. You'll also be able to build turrets on slopes now, and we added story hints from friendly NPCs for you, in case you get stuck. Last but not least: The cargo pickup behaviour for stolen cargo can be set in the cargo tab."

  • Added salvaging lasers
    • Salvaging lasers work similar to mining lasers but can harvest metal, but not stone
  • Stolen cargo is no longer picked up by default
  • Turrets can now be built on slopes
  • Turrets can now be built on materials better than themselves
  • Added dialogs for story hints to all civil ships (miners, cargo transports)
  • Cargo is only dropped when cargo bay becomes actually too small for the ship's cargo
  • Shipyard's single block's size is now 2,2,2 instead of 1,1,1
  • Starter turrets have uncommon (green) rarity instead of common (white)


"Since the game is not getting more difficult as quickly as we'd like it when you approach the center, we've adjusted the size scaling of enemy ships. AI ships scale more linearly towards the barrier, and are slightly weaker in the beginning. Shields of enemies have been tuned down, since they would usually just lead to less exciting, drawn out long fights."

  • Tripled the money reward for the pirate attack event
  • All weapon types can be found ~25 sectors farther away from the galaxy center
  • Adjusted size growth of AI ships towards the center of the galaxy to be more linear
    • Size growth is now steeper in the outer regions, and less steep in the central regions
  • Reduced sizes of enemies in the very beginning
  • Reduced shields of generated enemies


  • Added a combo box in ship cargo tab for specifying stolen cargo loot pickup behaviour
  • Improved the shipyard price UI
  • Shipyard supports string seeds in addition to numeric seeds
  • Moved "Report Bug" button to the top right with the other buttons
  • Added an error message when specialist crew can't be hired
  • Yellow content indicators no longer override green map content indicators when a green content indicator is correct
  • Added a tooltip for yellow map content indicators
  • Added an icon to sectors with notes on the map
  • Added an icon to sectors with missions on the map
  • Trading UI input box doesn't reset to 0 when the goods of the station change
  • When an interaction with a station is impossible, the interaction will still be shown but the station will tell the player why it's not possible
  • F3 debug info now shows an FPS counter


  • Improved flickering of blocks of generated ships and stations


"We finally got around to implementing a major performance boost in the collision libraries, leading to massive speed-ups at all ends. Enjoy!"

  • Massively improved performance of ray-intersection
    • Sectors with lots of turrets should have a lot better performance now
    • Combat should have a lot better performance now
    • Ambient occlusion calculation should have a lot better performance now
  • Improved performance of object-object intersection
  • Fixed some performance issues with UI rendering (it's a lot faster now)

Modding API

  • Implemented a Sector function for gathering all entities with a specific script
  • Added a function to check if UIVerticalLister has enough space for an element
  • Crew():getMembers() returns all members of the crew as a table
  • Added special Crew accessors for each crew member type


"Lots of bugfixes, but most importantly, we realized that AI ships were only ever using 2 of their turrets. This issue is now resolved, so beware the next time you fly into combat (against stronger enemies)! All enemies and bosses will be as hard to beat as they were intended to be!"

  • Fixed a bug that prevented AI ships from using all turrets (careful now!)
  • Fixed several issues with the "Bloom" setting
  • The AI won't spawn twice in the same sector
  • Generated stations will now always have enough room for their crews
  • Fixed wrong "Mission Failed" display for organize goods mission
  • Fixed a bug where founding stations was impossible after an error
  • Fixed a bug where building a dock block would sometimes crash the client
  • Fixed a bug where drag & drop in the hangar tab was impossible
  • Fixed a bug where buying cargo was impossible in creative mode
  • Fixed a bug where shipyard wouldn't charge for insurance or crew
  • Fixed a bug where shipyard wouldn't add a captain to the crew of the new ship
  • Fixed a bug where shipyard wouldn't load the currently produced ship when game was shut down while producing
  • Fixed a bug where ship would continue flying in mouse mode when interacting with a station
  • Fixed buyback not working for travelling merchants
  • Fixed a bug where the smuggler wouldn't find the suspicious goods when the player had other cargo as well
  • Fixed flickering of the player's ship
  • Fixed a bug where the player's ship would sometimes turn invisible
  • Fixed text cursor in text boxes not blinking
  • Fixed a crash when fighters didn't find their correct target
  • Fixed a crash when a ship in escort mode couldn't find its protegee
  • Fixed a bug where after a crash a ships turrets would disappear
  • Improved wording of Xsotan attack event infos
  • Fixed several minor issues related to multithreading
Avorion Version 0.9.2
  • "Reconstruct Broken Blocks" has been changed to "Repair Ship"
    • Repairing ships now restores its health as well
    • Repairing ships is only possible when you haven't been damaged for at least 30 seconds
    • Repairing ships only removes turrets which have been built onto the damaged ship and would be inside blocks
  • Small amounts of Titanium can be found in Iron regions


  • Removed the loading screen tip for resetting the camera behind the ship
  • Added more tips to the loading screen
  • Opening windows or the building mode is no longer possible in the galaxy map


  • Failed server command line interface initialization error is written to log as well
  • Server sends crash dumps when it crashes

Modding API

  • Implemented Sector callbacks for players leaving & entering sectors


  • Fixed an issue where the state of the player wasn't saved on linux on shutdown
  • Bloom is disabled as a hotfix when intel drivers have been detected
  • Fixed undismissable vanilla crewmen
  • Renamed misleading carrier ship names to cargo ship names
  • Fixed removing turret systems not deactivating turrets
  • Fixed wrong "Exotic" display in turret factory
  • Key-Up events are correctly detected while Pause Menu is active
  • Ship-Tab stats are updated correctly when a system is added or removed
Avorion Version 0.8.5 Hotfix
  • Fixed turret pictures not being shown in some cases
  • Holding CTRL will stop ship from steering while you're looking around
  • Added CTRL controls to tutorial
Avorion Version 0.8.5
  • Reduced maximum light intensity
  • Implement dithering for lensflares to prevent banding
  • Fixed solar panel block appearance


  • Added Lasers
  • Added Super Action Mode
    • Start with a fully equipped, medium sized ship
    • Endless waves of enemies, one wave of allies
    • How long can you last?
  • Added a warning message when pirates attack
  • Increased frequency of pirate attacks
  • Increased frequency of general events happening
  • Added defenders to home sector
  • Added pirate attacks to home sector
  • Tutorial checks if players leave the ship during moments where they should be in a ship
  • Reworked and improved placement of player when being destroyed
  • Building Mode auto-saves ships
  • Pirate attacks give turrets + upgrades in addition to money
  • Implemented an attack by an unknown species
  • Attacks by pirates and others are disabled in creative mode
  • Added secret stashes with money, turrets and upgrades
  • Added radar and engine booster upgrades
  • Claiming asteroids can be done from 100m away
  • Repair dock lets you repair with 1 km distance and won't let you repair when your ship is whole
  • Turret restoration: When a player has no ships and no turrets he gets starter turrets for free
  • Improved tutorial: Continue after docking if there are enough crewmen

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased default weapon DPS by 100%
  • Increased base velocity by 25 m/s
  • Increased max velocity by 50%
  • Increased available system upgrade slots to 3
  • Thrusters of drone are stronger for easier strafing
  • Buffed solar panels
  • Reduced mining laser efficiency for very high tech levels
  • Arbitrary TCS is working more understandably
  • Resource generation in asteroid fields is more stable, less RNG
  • More passing ships have cargo
  • Increased start amount of money for easier difficulties


  • Implemented a warning displayer for ship insufficiencies
  • Added more tooltips to blocks to clarify how they work best
  • Added explanation of targeting circles to tutorial
  • Added stats preview to shipyard
  • Added display of tech level of turrets
  • Fixed font glyph overlap
  • Game tells player he must found a ship in order to build
  • Editing a damaged ship error message tells player to repair ship first
  • Add tutorial quickmenu tooltip
  • Improved tutorial texts, clamp text to screen height


  • Added timestamp to log
  • Add additional roll left key 'z' to support US layouts by default


  • Fixed resource trader being generated too far from asteroid fields
  • Fixed a bug where 0 engineers and mechanics would create bad stats
  • Fixed a crash in ship window when exiting into drone while crew menu is open
  • Fixed a crash in building mode when selected turret is no longer present
  • Fixed F displacing the camera when a non-scripted entity is selected
  • Fixed shipyard ships potentially spawning away
  • Fixed crash on destruction of ships
  • Fixed crash on adding a system upgrade to a locked slot
Avorion Version 0.8.4
  • Increased glow visibility of rich asteroids


  • Increased efficiency of mining lasers by 20%
  • Increased damage of mining lasers to asteroids by 100%


  • Error messages when you can't trade due to insufficient cargo space or credits


  • Fixed goods traders crashing when trying to buy with drone
Avorion Version 0.8.3
  • Improved ambient light
  • Implemented planet intersection for lens flares
  • Added some more variation to generated asteroids


  • Increased size of accessible area to 9x9
  • Players' start sectors are placed next to a faction's home sector
  • Fixed super-rotation of AI ships
  • "Parking AI": Ships steer more carefully when very close to each other


  • New Font!
  • Notifications are moved to top on refresh
  • Indicators disappear when ships are out of sight
  • Velocity display blinks when boosting
  • Added kickstarter link to main menu links
  • Added qui_sum twitter link to main menu links
  • Updated logo in full version screen
  • Changed "full version only" to "unavailable in demo :("


  • Added crash safety if a bad client logs into a server
  • Implemented cmd line options for redirecting std err and std cout to log in server
  • Server Identification checks for patch version
  • Added split logging to cout, cerr and log


  • Client settings split up into ini and xml file for easy editing
  • Improved performance of ship and station destruction
  • Implemented post processing for full canvas screenshots (Ctrl + F12)
  • Critical graphics settings require game restart
  • Building other ships except your own no longer possible
    • Applies to demo only as it was confusing most of the time


  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed a server crash if a bad client logs in
  • Fixed double loot collection bug
  • Fixed unicode textbox problem
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed crash on Intel graphics when using high shaders


  • Supplied linux server.sh and client.sh are now executable
Avorion Version 0.8.2
  • Complete rewrite of mouse steering of ships
    • Camera behaves normally while in mouse mode
    • Ships turn towards the mouse as fast as they can
    • Ships no longer dangle in mouse mode
  • Added mouse sensitivity setting
  • Added controls for strafing up and down
  • Added hotkey for releasing mouse
  • Losing focus of window shows mouse and deactivates mouse steering


  • Added sun blinding lens flare effect
  • Greatly improved Atmospheres of planets
  • Pimped station generator to create more complex stations
  • Improved visuals of sparks
  • Increased default minimum saturation of sectors, a lot less ugly grey sectors
  • Adjusted lighting to no longer require gamma setting of 1.2


  • Increased probability of non-marked sectors
  • Founding ships costs 500 Iron instead of 7500 credits


  • Added VSync check box
  • Added tooltips for blocks in building mode
  • Added window for building mode hotkeys
  • Added description for crew jobs
  • Added sounds for warnings and info notifications
  • Added a shadow to UI windows
  • Added more contrast to stone textures
  • Default key for console is now #
  • Key bindings window auto-selects current control scheme
  • Moved warning and error notifications to notification bar on the right
  • Warnings, Infos and Errors are no longer shown in chat
  • Fixed weird HUD and Menu overdraw
  • Improved centering of font in buttons
  • Changed "Repair Ship" tooltip to "Reconstruct Broken Blocks"
  • Energy tab now shows turrets as energy consumers
  • Mouse pointer is visible while chat window is active


  • Added cmdline options for redirecting server output to log
  • Client starts server with output redirection in singleplayer
  • Server Identification checks for patch version
  • Server has a fixed update step with maximum of 5ms
    • This should fix the hardcore-spinning ships and stations
  • Server settings split up into ini and xml file for easy editing


  • Client settings split up into ini and xml file for easy editing
  • Improved performance of ship and station destruction


  • Fixed camera moving sluggish in 1st person
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed a server crash if a bad client logs in
  • Fixed a crash in consumer script
  • Fixed disappearing mouse pointer in connection lost menu
  • Fixed ambient occlusion option not getting saved to file
  • Fixed some crashes in crashed scripts (yes this is for real)
  • Fixed some formatting in game settings window
  • Fixed mouse clicking on UI in mouse steering mode
  • Fixed rendering crash when rendering a moon as first object in the game
  • Fixed a bug when being returned to start sector and re-inserted into a drone
Avorion Version 0.8.1
Linux Demo release

Features and Improvements:

  • Added adjustable camera
  • Added a tracing mode
  • Added loading screen tips for mining lasers
  • Added loading screen tips for solar panels and thrusters
  • Added [Work In Progress] tag
  • Improved faction name generation
  • Improved visuals of asteroid belts
  • Improved tracing and error logging
  • Improved intelligence of traders when docking
  • Optimized performance of spark particles

Bugfixes and Adjustments:

  • Adjusted life support killing crew members
  • Old ship is stopped when exited
  • Player's craft stops steering when interacting with something
  • Reduced strength of thrusters
  • Adjusted probability for sectors with content
  • Increased strength of engines
  • Blocks are no longer black when loaded with empty color from XML
  • Improved strafing smoothness
  • Fixed a bug/crash in factories and consumers
  • Fixed a bug in galaxy where ships would not get saved
  • Fixed several rendering bugs
  • Fixed a bug with resolution on start up
  • Fixed bad 3D listener position
  • Fixed several possible script crashes
  • Fixed a crash on exit
  • Fixed strafing and its thruster particle effects
  • Fixed ships flying with double velocity doing weird physics things
Avorion Version 0.7.1
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a spelling error in shipyard stats preview
  • Fixed server commands not working in console
  • Ship building times were shortened
  • Ship building times were adjusted to always 20 seconds in creative mode
  • Improved visuals of thruster blocks, hole size adapts to block size
  • Renamed 'Infinite Resources' check box to 'Creative Mode'
Avorion Version 0.7
Main New Features:
  • Wormholes
    • Different kinds of wormholes that transport in different directions
    • Wormhole routes are shown on the map once explored
  • Reworked Building Mode
  • Server performance improved by a lot
  • New Thruster block
  • Clickable chat links to sectors
  • Improved station and ship generator
  • Infinite Resources Mode

Reworked Building Mode:

  • Building Inventory
  • Drag & Drop from inventory to quick access bar
  • Building stone blocks is now possible
  • Building Mode is configurable with hotkeys
  • Saving of Ship Plans/Templates
  • Deleting Blocks with blocks attached is now possible
  • Scaling steps of blocks can be configured
  • Placing entire ship parts/templates
  • Deleting blocks/turrets in mirror mode will delete the mirrored block/turret as well
  • Rotating blocks/templates via NumPad
  • Selection of multiple blocks
  • Deletion of multiple blocks
  • Ctrl C, Ctrl V (remembers clipboard after logout, but not when exiting the game)
  • Ctrl V into Building Inventory saves the part/template forever
  • Placing turrets in mirror mode works now
  • Randomized Mode
  • New ship stats overview + stats change preview
  • Improved rendering of costs of current block
  • Ctrl Z, Ctrl Y for undo/redo
  • Blocks that overlap too much can't be built


  • Multithreading for Server
    • Configurable amount of threads that update the sectors
    • Improved performance for servers with lots of sectors without players
  • Scriptable chat commands
  • Added /save command
  • Added /ban command
  • Added /unban command
  • Added /banip command
  • Added /unbanip command
  • Added timestamps for server logs
  • Server seed is now a character string


  • Lightened up plating texture
  • Lowered default value of space fog amount to 30%
  • UI Color is configurable
  • Improved station and ship generator
    • Spikes
    • Round elements
    • Rings
    • New engines
    • Ships look more like actual ships
  • Darker ambient lighting
  • Better texture for crew quarters
  • Ambient light source color depends on the background color of the sector
  • Increased overall size of windows on all blocks
  • Planet colors match the background better
  • Suns can have multiple colors
  • Planets have prettier clouds
  • Planets have an improved atmosphere
  • Planets with water can have more colors, not just blue and green
  • HP of target are shown in brackets when selecting a craft


  • Automatic management of crews
    • Crews get assigned to their jobs automatically by default
    • Crews get paid automatically by default
  • Renamed Projectile Weapon to Chain Gun
  • Renamed Beam Weapon to Laser
  • New sound for Chain Guns
  • Asteroids are destructible
  • Posting sectors from the map into chat
  • Smoothed movement of turrets
  • AI is able to follow the player via sector jump and through wormholes on its own
  • AI respects jump cooldown
  • Improved AI aiming
  • Removed ship volume cap caused by systems
  • Selection of different weapon groups
  • New block: Thruster
    • Thrusters control yaw pitch and roll speeds of the ship
    • Braking power and drift reduction depends on thrusters
    • Ship course is corrected while not steering
  • Relations to other factions are better by default on easier difficulty levels
  • Starting resources are more on easier difficulty levels

Balancing Adjustments:

  • Assigning crews to jobs is now free
  • Decreased amount of thrust that engines provide
  • Decreased amount of engine crewmen necessary for engines accordingly
  • Increased maximum speed by around 50%
  • Increased weapon strength of AI factions by 100%
  • Removed Abattium and Urgium
  • Increased base size of single block in shipyard
  • Removed coal power plant
  • Biotope buys coal instead
  • Added energy cells as secondary ingredient to lots of factories
  • Increased repair rate of ships
  • Increased default time of auto save from 5 to 10 minutes
  • Average cargo prices are only visible for economy systems
  • Pirates are fairer


  • Error messages for failed interaction with stations
  • Removed Tutorial
  • Added hints that are shown while playing
  • Cargo Block was renamed to Cargo Bay
  • Improved handling of windows while moving them
  • Key for showing the chat window is now configurable
  • Removed the unnecessary context variable from scripts
  • Increased range of sound effects
  • Picking up colors shows the color itself, not the loot model
  • Reworked Controls Window
  • Most settings can be changed without logging out of the server now
  • Removed F1 help window
  • Ship and Player menus are now windowed
  • Improved performance when owning many ships
  • Improved performance in ships tab
  • Reworked the Turrets Tab
    • Added different color borders for turrets, for material, rarity and type
    • Added sorting of turrets
  • Added display of ship's turrets to CurrentShipTab
  • Added new tips for loading screen
  • Greatly improved performance in sectors with lots of turrets
  • Whisper command sends a copy of the message back to the sender
  • Improved handling of right click on galaxy map
  • Different weapon types can be selected using the NumPad

Bug Fixes:

  • Mouse steering won't steer the ship while in menus
  • Fixed broken alpha on icon on map
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes ships wouldn't be able to move any longer
  • Fixed visuals of drone's turrets
  • Fixed asymmetric engines
  • Fixed a bug where no turrets would be generated on ships
  • Fixed name of power plant
  • Fixed jittering of AI ships
  • Fixed decay of drones
  • Smaller ships created by generator are less crippled and useless
Avorion Version 0.6
  • Core Features:
    • Avorion Launcher
    • Trading System
    • Production Tree
    • Cargo Block
    • Cargo Bay
    • Factories
    • Trading Post
    • Consumers
    • Weapons Merchant
    • Ship Systems
    • Cargo Loot
    • Color Loot
    • Docking to stations
    • Added new undetectable sectors
    • Wreckages can have cargo
    • Container fields
    • Detectable sectors are safe
  • Graphics:
    • Station looks are connected to their function
    • Improved background nebulas
    • Station docks are indicated by lines of lights
    • Support for OpenGL 2.1
    • Changed relations colors
    • Added Vsync option in graphics settings
    • Fuller background colors in sectors
    • Refined spacefogs, added an option to adjust the amount of fog
  • Adjustments:
    • Slightly lowered amount of regular sectors
    • Lowered costs of ships by 50%
    • Decreased rise of efficiency of mining lasers towards the galaxy center
    • Turrets can only be built on blocks of the same material
    • Destruction of turrets of a faction will result in reputation loss
    • Lowered reputation loss at scrapyards by mining wreckages illegally
    • Increased sizes of faction territories
    • Scrapyard license fee scales with position in galaxy
    • Increased time taken by jump route calculation
    • Decreased the average size of generated ships by 50%
    • Added a size deviation factor, so generated ships don't all have the same size
    • Increased Relations gain by trading with money
    • Shipyard costs include the costs of the systems
    • Increased crew payment interval from 1 hour to 3 hours
  • UI:
    • Colors in the building menu are sorted by hue
    • Moveable interaction windows
    • New Online Multiplayer Window that can poll servers
    • New LAN Multiplayer Window that detects servers in local network
    • Private notes can be added to sectors on the map
    • Player's sector is no longer marked with a green existance indicator on the map
    • Cargo and ship systems are shown in ship overview
    • See fire power of other ships
    • Reworked Building GUI
    • Improved Icons
    • Relations to own ships are no longer shown
    • Reworked the TargetDisplayer to show systems of ships
    • Reworked resource trader menu to match the rest of the GUI
    • Players get the entire discovered faction territory displayed on the map
  • Server:
    • Send commands to server via console
    • Added server description for polls
    • Switch to TCP if UDP is not working properly. Might slow down connection speed but at least the game can be played
    • Added a private mode for servers/singleplayer; Private servers won't be listed in local Network and only 1 administrator is allowed on them
    • Public chat gets displayed in server's console
    • Added /whisper command
    • Added /version command to check the server's version
    • Added /seed command to check the server's seed
    • Added /suicide command
    • Sectors get unloaded from memory faster when unused
  • Scripting:
    • Cleaner scripting interface
    • Extended documentation for scripts
    • Entity callbacks
    • Scripts can call functions on each other
  • Misc:
    • Improved performance in crowded sectors
    • Added server profiling during runtime
    • Improved overall rendering performance
    • Added turn left/right to mouse steering controls
    • Stations always use the weapons with highest possible reach
    • Players are placed next to stations (preferrable a resource trader) when initially placed in the drone
    • Client console is now hidden, output is written to log file
    • Credits close automatically on ending
    • Transfer Crew and Cargo between own ships
    • Resource traders always have a deterministic amount of resources
    • Client window will stay responsive during loading screen
    • Shipyards can build single blocks
    • Rephrased some error/warning messages
    • Added X button to Client Window
    • Local saves folder on linux is ~/.avorion, no longer ~/.local/share/Avorion
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a connection problem with UDP
    • Fixed resource notifications not in sync with server
    • Fixed a bug where players could jump very far after dying
    • Fixed the hyperspace targeter targeting the wrong direction
    • Fixed a bug concerning the connection lost menu
    • Fixed a crash caused by sound effects during fighting scenes with beams
    • Fixed not appearing settings.xml after starting the game
    • Fixed connection taking very long until a timeout happens
    • Fixed a crash when removing the last block of a ship
    • Fixed a crash when shutting down the server while generating a sector
    • Fixed clicking through windows
    • Fixed controls display
    • Fixed shader level detection
    • Fixed Chat Window not reappearing
    • Fixed the "epic kinetic bug", shooting asteroids around with lightspeed
    • Fixed a bug that crashed the server when creating new sectors
Avorion v0.5 Demo
  • Server administration with commands: groups/admins, blacklist/whitelist
  • Repairing of damaged ships
    • Modification of damaged ships is now prohibited
    • Repair Dock
  • Different Initial Relations of Factions
  • Pirates are generated into the galaxy
  • Building Mode: Show current craft stats
  • Crews
    • Gunner Crew
    • Mining Crew
    • Engine Crew
    • Repair Crew
    • Train Crews
    • Hire crews from stations
    • Crews must be paid regularly
  • Ships Overview Menu
  • Factions have regions where they belong
  • Highlighting of faction regions on map
  • Tooltips for explored regions on the map
  • Reserved Loot for each player
  • More Particles with explosions
  • Button for quick switching between allied targets (G by default)
  • Particle effects for asteroids with resources
  • UI Element for Hyperspace Cooldown
  • Indicators for own ships on the map
  • See ship stats of own ship
  • Player Overview
    • Turrets
    • Ships
    • Diplomacy
    • Mailing System
  • Better Graphics
    • Bloom
    • Better Background
    • Better Fogs
  • Changed weapon targeters from triangles to circles
  • Notifications on loot pickup
  • QuickMenu
  • ServerStats
  • Secondary control style, accessible via F2
  • Difficulty Level
  • Scripting Callbacks
  • More Scripting Functions
  • Credits reworked
  • Scrapyard
  • Scripting Documentation
  • Tutorial Screen
  • Predefined Shapes in Building Mode
  • Coloring Blocks in Building Mode
  • Startup Script for the server


  • Fixed mining-through-asteroids bug
  • Fixed '2 players enter the same sector' server crash
  • Fixed a potential crash when loading shaders
  • Lots and Lots more


  • No more gold in asteroids
    • More resources instead
    • Improved base efficiency of mining laser
  • Drone Destruction throws a player back to his HomeSector
  • Hyperspace Transitioning reworked
  • Different Hyperspace Cooldown for each ship depending on mass
  • Reworked UI
  • Bigger starting sectors
Avorion v0.4 Demo
  • Linux Port
  • Better Logging
  • Loading Screen
  • Mining Lasers mine lower materials faster
  • New model for resource loot
  • Weapon rarities
  • Improved physics
  • Resource Trader station
  • Improved Graphics
  • New kind of planet
  • Improved Balancing
  • Naming of ships
  • Improved server stability


  • Fixed the lots-of-loot bug
  • Fixed the bump-to-lightspeed bug
  • Fixed the %AppData% path problem
  • Fixed the long loading time when starting up big servers
  • Fixed the broken chat window
  • Fixed server memory usage
  • Fixed lost Key-Up Events


  • No more .bat files
  • Save path can be changed
  • Serverlog.txt moved to galaxy folders
Avorion v0.3 Demo
  • Different materials
    • Build blocks of various strengths
    • New asteroids containing materials
  • Turret plans are dropped on destruction of ships
  • AI
    • Make your own ships follow you
    • Enemy ships attack the player
  • Scripting
    • Lua 5.2
    • Generation of sectors is scripted
    • Interactable shipyards
    • Interactable ships
  • Relations to other factions
  • More different sectors
  • Asteroid fields
  • Improved menus and interfaces
  • Mining Wreckages
  • Better Galaxy generation
    • Materials are found in specific regions
    • Enemies grow stronger towards the center of the galaxy
  • Sound effects
  • Background music
Avorion v0.2 Demo
  • Many randomly generated space ships
  • Planets in the background
  • Galaxy Map to navigate your ship
  • New kind of turret: Laser
  • Turrets can be attached to your ship now
  • Display of weapon targeting
  • Improved camera controls
  • Create more singleplayer galaxies
  • A lot of bug fixes and performance improvements
Avorion v0.1 Demo
  • Randomly generated background
  • Randomly generated ships and stations
  • Multiplayer
  • Asteroids
  • Mining
  • Different sectors
  • Ships breaking into pieces when shot
  • Building mode
  • Background dependent ambient lighting
  • Specular highlights on space ships
  • Turrets and shots