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The Turret Control Systems are a systems upgrade that increases the number of turret slots on the player's craft. There are three main types, M-TCS, C-TCS, and A-TCS, which stand for Military, Civilian, and Arbitrary, respectively. M-TCS increases the number of armed turret slots, C-TCS increases the number of unarmed turret slots, and A-TCS increases the number of arbitrary turret slots, which can be used for either armed or unarmed turrets. The first couple of rarity levels simply decreases the power cost of the upgrades. However, later on the power consumption of the upgrades increases, while also increasing the slot increase simultaneously.


Shown below is a table for stats of all rarities of the upgrades for M- and C-TCS upgrades. All power draw is for C-TCS upgrades, and to get M-TCS power draw, multiply figures by 1.5.

Item Rarity Slots Bonus Slots Power Demand Bonus Power Demand
Petty +1 +1 240 MW 240 MW
Common +1 +1 200 MW 200 MW
Uncommon +2 +1 333.33 MW 166.66 MW
Rare +3 +1 416.67 MW 138.89 MW
Exceptional +4 +2 462.96 MW 231.48 MW
Exotic +5 +2 482.25 MW 192.9 MW
Legendary +6 +3 482.25 MW 241.13 MW

This table lists the stats for the A-TCS upgrades

Item Rarity Slots Bonus Slots Power Demand Bonus Power Demand
Petty +1 +1 385 MW 385 MW
Common +1 +1 350 MW 350 MW
Uncommon +1 +1 200 MW 200 MW
Rare +2 +1 578.51 MW 289.26 MW
Exceptional +3 +1 788.88 MW 262.96 MW
Exotic +4 +2 956.22 MW 478.11 MW
Legendary +5 +2 1090 MW 434.64 MW
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