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Turrets are used for combat or mining. They are attached to ships and stations and have a number of weapons attached to them.

There are three types of turrets: Mining Laser, Combat Laser, and Chaingun.

The number of barrels of a turret (such as a triple chaingun turret) is purely cosmetic and does not affect the DPS of the weapon. According to game files, the prefixes indicate that turrets can have as many as four barrels, but the catch-all prefix "Multi" could indicate even more.

Mining turret[ | ]

The mining laser is, as the name suggests, primarily useful for mining. These weapons receive massive amounts of bonus damage (20x base dps) to stone to aid in the mining process. Note that this bonus also applies to the stone blocks usable by players, making at least one mining turret very important when attacking heavily-armored players. As a laser, its damage depends on having energy and thus may be difficult to use on low-powered ships.

Maximum size: 0.3

Salvaging turret[ | ]

Salvaging turret deal high damage to hull. Use to recycle vessel for their resources and with a bit of luck, modules, turrets and goods.

Maximum size: 1

Repair turret[ | ]

This is Self Explanatory. Aim at your friendly target, and It will slowly be Healed. However there are two types of Repair turrets, Shield and Hull. Shield Repair regenerates the shields on your target, while Hull Turrets repair the Hull of your target

Laser turret[ | ]

The combat laser is much like the mining laser, but as it is intended for combat it does not receive the damage bonus. Lasers have the highest accuracy in the game ( 100% ).

Maximum size: 1

Plasma turret[ | ]

Plasma turret deal high damage to shields. They have energy consumption adding every shot.

Maximum size: 1

Lightning turret[ | ]

Tesla turret[ | ]

Force turret[ | ]

Maximum size: 5 (up to date)

Pulse cannon turret[ | ]

Chaingun turret[ | ]

The chaingun excels on smaller but still heavily armed ships. It does not require significant power to run and thus can be critical to limiting the size of a fighter. Due to this benefit, ammunition may be added in later patches, which may even require cargo space to transport.

Maximum size: 1

Bolter turret[ | ]

Cannon turret[ | ]

Cannons are slow firing, high damage, high range, high recoil turrets. They can vary from multiple shell in a clip, multiple shell fired at once, normal one shell at a time. Those turrets have a very noticeable recoil when multiple cannons are added.

Maximum size: 1

Launcher turret[ | ]

Launcher Turrets are turrets with a huge range ( ~30km ), a moderate firerate and are not very useful against normal ships because their rockets are quite slow. They are good to shoot on not-moving targets e.g. stations. You can find a few of them with the "Seeker Shots" trait, which allows the rockets to search for their target. Combined with "Independent Targeting" these turrets can do huge amount of damage.

Railgun turret[ | ]

The railgun has the special ability of being able to pierce through multiple blocks damaging them all at once. There are heavy armored blocks that will completely block a railgun's shot. Railguns typically have a slow fire rate, but they offer high damage and instant projectile velocity. These turrets can have multiple projectiles fired at once, multiple shots in a magazine, or normal one shot and reload.

Maximum size: 1

Acquisition[ | ]

Players start with a number of turrets when they first log into the game. Furthermore, turrets are dropped when destroying other ships or mining wreckages. Turrets can also be dropped when turrets on ships are destroyed. If the player is confident enough to bring their ship to battle, defending allies from pirates can result in mining or chaingun turrets.

Turrets can be bought from Equipment Docks, and also sometimes drop from NPC ships that are destroyed.

Using turrets[ | ]

Turrets can be attached to ships in the building mode. Select a turret on the right side of the screen, then attach it to your ship by left-clicking on the ship. They can be placed on any side of the ship, assuming there is space for them. A turret can only shoot in certain directions, so be careful when placing them. Turrets turn towards their target automatically and will cease shooting when they would hit their own ship. To remove a turret select the turret by using the middle mouse click then left click on the delete tool. Removed turrets will be added back into your inventory.

Crews[ | ]

A Turret will require a certain number of gunner crewmen, in order to be operated. When there are not enough crewmen for a turret, it will just stand still and do nothing.

Crosshairs[ | ]

The crosshairs show where turrets are currently looking at. The distance of the crosshairs shows the range in which a turret can shoot.

The color of the turret crosshairs shows different kinds of information:

Target colors demo085

The three crosshair colors

  • Blue: The turret is looking at the targeted position.
  • Red: The turret is not looking at the targeted position.
  • Green: The turret is looking at the targeted position and the position is in shooting range.

Destruction[ | ]

When a part of a ship is destroyed or breaks off, all turrets that were attached to blocks of that part are destroyed. Turrets can not be destroyed themselves, only by destroying the blocks they are positioned on.

Auto-Turrets[ | ]

Some turrets have "Independent Firing", meaning they deal less damage but aim on their own.

You can control these turrets from the turret control panel on the bottom. Turret groups with auto-turrets in them will show a mouse icon. Right click on the mouse icon to select the different fire modes.

Turrets have 4 fire modes:

  • Player: The default shooting mode, Player controls the turrets.
  • Full Auto: The turret aims completely on its own, prioritizing dangerous targets such as fighters.
  • Semi Auto: The turret detects whether it can shoot where the player is currently aiming. If yes, it's player controlled. If not, it aims on its own.
  • Attack Target: Similar to fighters, tells the turrets to attack a specific target.

Turrets in Auto-Mode will choose their targets based on their type:

  • Mining lasers will look for asteroids with resources.
  • Salvaging lasers will look for wreckages.
  • Armed turrets will look for enemies.
  • Repair turrets will look for damaged allies.

Manufacturing[ | ]

All turret types can be manufactured at turret factories. Depending on distance from the core will determine the type of material a station will manufacture a turret in as well as the types of turrets that can be manufactured. Visit the Turret Factory page to see a list of turrets that can be manufactured as well as turret types and components.