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Trinium avorion

A Trinium Asteroid

General[ | ]

Trinium is the fourth material tier in the game. Trinium is a very light material, being the lightest of all, sitting at with 21t weight for a 1m3 cube and 13.5hp for a cube of the same size, base. Trinium also adds computer cores and hangars.

The fact that Trinium is light gives it a good control over its military and civilian capabilities. It allows ships to be able to rely on speed, shields, and fighters instead of raw hull points.

Trinium asteroids are often cube-like, similar to titanium.

Acquisition[ | ]

Trinium can be found earliest at a radial distance of 300. While it is still rare at about range, several sectors closer to the galactic center typically yields a richer presence of Trinium asteroids and ships that utilize the material.

The player can also buy Trinium from Resource Depots starting from this distance.

Usage[ | ]

Trinium can be used in ships like any other material, wherein it's consumed when you build Trinium-based blocks on your ship, or when you repair damaged Trinium blocks on a ship.

Like all other materials, it can also be sold to resource vendors for credits.

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