Avorion Wiki

General Overview[ | ]

A Travel Hub offers one-time hyperspace boosts as a service.

Travel boosts are available in four tiers, and they increase the next hyperspace jump by a number of sectors. It's possible to book either for a single ship, or all ships under the player's control that are currently in the sector. The boost can be executed by flying through the travel hub's energy charge, and its fee is charged after it's finished.

The fee of the travel boost depends on its tier, requiring credits and a selection of components. When the service is bought for a fleet, the fees are doubled.

List of tiers[ | ]

Tier Hyperspace Range Bonus Credit fee Component fee
Tier I +7 10,000 5 Energy Cells
Tier II +15 30,000 20 Energy Cells
Tier III +25 75,000 30 Plasma Cells
Tier IV +50 250,000 10 Fusion Cores, 1 Neutron Accelerator, 1 Proton Accelerator, 1 Electron Accelerator

Construction[ | ]

Cost to produce: 51,350,000 credits.

Trading[ | ]

The Travel Hub sells no goods, however it functions as a consumer station. It buys mainly generator, propulsion and battery type goods:

Brewery, Casino, Collector, Equipment Dock, Factory, Farm, Habitat, Headquarter, Manufacturer, Military Outpost, Mine, Repair Dock, Research Station, Resource Depot, Scrapyard, Shipyard, Travel Hub, Trading Post, Turret Factory, Power Plant