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Trading Subsystem

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The Trading Subsystem is an installable Subsystem.

Statistics[ | ]

Trading Subsystems display trade and economy information.
Detected trade routes from the last few sectors a craft has visited will be displayed, along with local prices and price deviations for every trade good.

Permanently installing a Trading Subsystem will also display information about the economy on the Galaxy Map.
Any trade good, and either its price deviation or demand can be selected to be displayed.
Depending on what is selected, sectors will appear with cold to warm colors denoting either -30% to +30% price deviation, or low to high demand.

Multiple can be installed at once, however this is not useful as each subsystem will display the same information.

Subsystem Statistics
Rarity Effects Price
See Prices/Deviations Trade Route History Economy Overview Range
Legendary Yes 13–15 sectors 0 sectors
25 sectors
Exotic Yes 10–12 sectors 0 sectors
20 sectors
Exceptional Yes 7–9 sectors 0 sectors
15 sectors
Rare Yes 4–6 sectors 0 sectors
10 sectors
Uncommon Yes 2–3 sectors 0 sectors
5 sectors
Common Yes 1 sector 0 sectors 13,000
Petty No 0 sectors 0 sectors 2,000

Naming Scheme[ | ]


Battery Booster Battery Booster
Object Detector Object Detector
Cargo Extension Cargo Extension
Energy-To-Shield Converter Energy-To-Shield Converter
Engine Booster Engine Booster
Generator Subsystem Generator Subsystem
Trading Subsystem Trading Subsystem
Mining Subsystem Mining Subsystem
Hyperspace Booster Hyperspace Booster
Radar Booster Radar Booster
Scanner Booster Scanner Booster
Shield Booster Shield Booster
Shield Ionizer Shield Ionizer
Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring
Tractor Beam Upgrade Tractor Beam Upgrade
Turret Control Subsystems Turret Control Subsystems
Velocity Security Control Bypass Velocity Security Control Bypass
Xsotan Artifacts Xsotan Artifacts
Internal Defense Weapons System Internal Defense Weapons System
Hydra Subsystem Hydra Subsystem
Shield Reinforcer Shield Reinforcer
Transporter Software Transporter Software
Hull Polarizer Hull Polarizer

References[ | ]

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