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Tractor Beam Upgrade

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The Tractor Beam Upgrade is an installable Subsystem.

Statistics[ | ]

Tractor Beam Upgrades increase a craft's Loot Collection Range.

Permanently installing a Tractor Beam Upgrade increases its Loot Collection Range bonus by 200%.
Multiple can be installed at once, increasing the bonuses additively.

Subsystem Statistics
Rarity Effects Price
Loot Collection Range Req. Energy
Legendary +520–580 m
+1.04–1.15 km
+646–720 MW
Exotic +340–390 m
+690–770 m
+464–533 MW
Exceptional +220–250 m
+440–510 m
+331–376 MW
Rare +140–160 m
+270–320 m
+231–264 MW
Uncommon +80–100 m
+150–190 m
+145–182 MW
Common +40–60 m
+80–110 m
+80–120 MW
Petty +20–30 m
+30–50 m
+44–66 MW

Naming Scheme[ | ]

The naming scheme for the Tractor Beam Upgrade is RCN-${serial} Tractor Beam Upgrade MK ${mark}.

  • ${serial} is a semi-random string.
  • ${mark} is the rarity of the upgrade converted to Roman numerals (e.g. Petty → I, Legendary → VII).

Example: RCN-42 Tractor Beam Upgrade MK IV

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References[ | ]

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