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The RCN-00 Tractor Beam Upgrade MK# is a System Upgrade module, that increases the collection range of items, ores, salvaged scrap and goods around the ship.


In the table below can be found the base stats of the modules, per rarity level. There are two versions of the Tractor Beam Upgrade, and the table lists the lower values of the two. The higher valued upgrade has about 1.06 times all stats.

Item Rarity Range Bonus Range Power Demand
Common +40 m +80 m 80 MW
Uncommon +80 m +160 m 140 MW
Rare +150 m +300 m 250 MW
Exceptional +230 m +460 m 360 MW
Exotic +360 m +720 m 500 MW
Legendary +520 m +1040 m 640 MW
System Upgrades
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