Avorion Wiki

Intro[ | ]

The torpedo launcher block is the first type of block based weaponry introduced to the game if you ignore the ship ramming tactics.

the amount of torpedoes a launcher can hold is dependent on the material of the block. its size doesn't matter

when placing the launcher block there will be an arrow/line showing how the torpedo with path when launched

there is a cap of 10 launchers on any ship

turret block storage table[ | ]

Material Additional Storage Slots
iron 5
titanium 8
naonite 11
trinium 14
xanion 17
ogonite 20
avorion 23

controls[ | ]

the torpedo block can be assigned to a control group in the same way that turrets can be

to fire your torpedoes the block must be on and you need to right click

there isn't way to auto fire torpedoes you have to click each time you want to fire

right clicking will fire all activated torpedo launchers

A keyboard shortcut exists for launching torpedoes ‘G’ by default.