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Grandmaster of order

The Grand Master's vessel

The Grand Master of the Order is a boss featured in the DLC: Black Market.

Biography[ | ]

Being a militaristic leader of The Cavaliers, the Grand Master of the Order is responsible for supervising operations in the syndicate. He is known to overplan security for his deeds, even outfitting his ship with almost impenetrable armor.

The Grand Master is fought towards the end of The Commune and The Family storyline.

Encounter[ | ]

The Grand Master is always found with a contingent of Cavaliers Soldiers as bodyguards. When meeting him, after some dialogue options he activates along with his team and attacks you.

The Grand Master brings a large grey and blue vessel with very thick layers of armor and decorative spikes. His ship is divided into four parts, which are covered with large armor plating, exposing only very small parts of functional blocks (mostly engines) and a large array of generators in the middle. The Grand Master also has outstanding shield strength.

Due to the nature of his design, most shots are immediately absorbed with no effect, and ramming attempts are harmlessly deflected from the Grand Master's hull. He only takes damage from a select few points, namely the generator, the engines and each cross painted blue on the auxiliary modules. It is possible to detach each part with enough damage dealt. Torpedoes are also ineffective due to the presence of PDCs.

It is most advised to bring considerable firepower and target the exposed parts of the Grand Master in order to maximize damage. Fighting him at close range may be ill-advised, however preventing his shield from regeneration is of priority. Weapons with area of effect, such as cannon and launcher turrets may prove an effective choice.

Loot[ | ]

Upon death, the Grand Master drops two copies of the legendary cannon turret, the Distant Destroyer. His enormous vessel also proves useful to salvage, yielding large quantities of scrap Iron, Trinium and Xanion.