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Tankem - The Brotherhood

You are looking at the first people in centuries who will fly into Xsotan territory.

The Four are a group of experienced explorers who seek to be the first to cross The Barrier around the center of the galaxy and are one of the bosses you'll fight in Avorion.

Finding The Four[ | ]

To find The Four, you need to take on the mission "Artifact Delivery". It can be found on bulletin boards near the barrier as "Looking For Xsotan Artifacts". Follow it to the system specified, where you will find a beacon. Interact with said beacon while having a XSTN-K equipped (any will do).

The Four will show up, explain to you why they need the Xsotan artifact, and demand it from you. No matter how you respond, a fight ensues.

The Fight[ | ]

The Four each have their own specialization, related to their name:

  • Reconstructo heals his allies
  • Shieldbreaker has plasma turrets to sap your shields
  • Hullbreaker has railguns to drain your ship HP
  • Tankem has less firepower but is very durable

Recommended order of destruction:

  • Reconstructo: Destroying other ships will be very difficult due to its healing.
  • Shieldbreaker: Hullbreaker and Tankem deal poor damage through shields.
  • Hullbreaker: Heavy firepower in comparison to Tankem.
  • Tankem: Large health pool, but low threat overall.

Repeating The Mission[ | ]

You will need to wait 30 minutes after defeat in order to start the fight again. 35 Minutes if failing to kill The Four. When picking up the "Artifact Delivery" mission after recently completing the fight, the beacon will display the following message. "You again? Just you wait. We'll regroup and get your artifact soon enough".

Drops[ | ]

  • XSTN-V
  • 1 exotic repair turret
  • 1 exotic laser
  • 2 exotic railguns
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