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Outset[ | ]

The Family storyline picks up after the player receives quests Izzy, a freelancer who is trying to find her place in the shady corporations. After helping her out, she forwards several quests to the player so that they can join one of the circles.

The player's first task with the Family is to smuggle booze to a casino. After the task is completed successfully, John Moretti contacts the player with the prospect of more missions and fruitful cooperation.

Deceiving the Cavaliers[ | ]

Moretti judges that the Cavaliers, one of the rival circles interferes most with the Family's interests and operations.

The first task is to shut down a transport by making use of a misguided Cavalier combatant, who is a gambling addict and has been leaving information behind. When he is met, he can either be offered to have his debt settled (about 175-200k credits), or he can be killed. In his accommodation details to a delivery are found, which can be ambushed and dealt with.

Somewhat later, Moretti gets word that the Cavaliers have mobilized their effort in order to stockpile a large amount of weaponry, namely a cargo of bombs this time. For this, he devises a plan to infiltrate Cavalier ranks and hands the player a Cavalier camouflage subsystem to install, with which he will identify as one of the enemy. Using this, the player visits a trading post, and picks up the bombs, effectively depriving the rival group. Moretti wants that the player returns the bombs to the Cavaliers after he has rigged them, so as to not raise suspicion.

With the bombs, Moretti's second action comes into effect: he commands the player to attack another Cavalier transport. This time, the Cavaliers have brought some reinforcements, easily outnumbering the Family forces. Moretti warps in however, and he commences with a secret diversion: the bombs that got installed on Cavalier ships trigger, blowing up several of their ships. With the escort weakened, the transport is confronted and the Cavaliers are deprived of yet again another transport.

Toppling the rivals[ | ]

Despite the Family's best efforts, the Cavaliers prove successful with their efforts and they decide to launch a crusade across all the galaxy. If they could accomplish their goals, the Cavaliers would bring order to all factions by force. It becomes Moretti's main goal to stop not only them, but the Commune as well, so that the Family can reign with overwhelming odds.

Therefore, he intensifies scouting activities and decides to ambush a large Cavaliers force in no man's space. The battalion is however led by none another than the Grand Master of the Order, the Cavaliers' second-in-command. The Grand Master puts up more of a fight with his armored vessel, but he is defeated by the player.

The Commune is also to suffer the same fate. Their conglomerate is found in another unpopulated sector, with the Commune Council present. The trio of Executive Secretary is quickly dispatched by orderly eliminating the council members, making the Family victorious for the time being.