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The Family is an underground faction appearing in the DLC: Black Market.

Organization[ | ]

A network of smugglers and other shady entities, the Family is a loosely operating group that governs through interests and fame. They intend to keep their extensive web of relations afloat and therefore they prefer to undermine the rival groups' efforts by sabotage and striking when least expected, often taking fights to the enemy's very doorsteps.

The Family's one most prominent member is John Moretti: an opportunistic entrepreneur with many businesses and ever-branching connections. Moretti is known for his sharp wit and cool composure, and he does not hesitate to grab any possibility to turn to his advantage. He is also quick to recognize the most resourceful among the Family members, often assisting them personally to help prevail.

On the bottom of the chain of command serve the Family Associates: these are trusted members, who serve the group's purpose proud and without question. Any worthy outsider may become an Associate, should they catch the group's attention.

Rivalry[ | ]

The Family's most significant rivals are the Cavaliers, who threaten their ranks by amassing a large army and lead with zealotry all across the galaxy. Their headstrong attitude makes them almost unapproachable up-front, but chinks in their ranks make them very vulnerable to deceit and spreading misinformation.

Perhaps the most unexpected counterpart of Moretti is a former Family member himself: Mr. Jackson. This mysterious figure tends to always operate autonomously and with crushing efficiency, keeping three steps distance from any intervening figure. Jackson's high status and ruthlessness has earned him a somewhat worrying attention of the upper Family echelons.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Family bears a lot of resemblance with the modern day Mafia, operating in a grey area while also running a strict system mainly based on trust and name.