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Executive secretary

The triumvirate of the Council

The Executive Secretary is a group of bosses featured in the DLC: Black Market.

Biography[ | ]

As the Commune's administrative head office, the Executive Secretary is responsible for overseeing operations within the group. Favoring democracy and equality, it is comprised of three members with equal authority and power, who govern in unison. One member is always entrusted with leadership, and the others do not hesitate to take their place, should the situation arise.

The Executive Secretary is fought towards the end of The Cavaliers and The Family storyline.

Encounter[ | ]

The three ships Executive Secretary is always found with a contingent of Commune Comrades as bodyguards. When meeting them, after some dialogue options they activate along with their team and attack.

Unlike most other bosses, the Executive Secretary is a group of three ships, identical in design and firepower. Their spiky, tower-like green hulls are indistinguishable from each other, which they make extensive use of during the fight.

The Council fights in a unique way: only one of them - called 'The Executive Secretary' - fights at a time, while the other members - the 'Secretary' ships - remain stationary and invulnerable. The three ships must be fought in order: shooting a normal Secretary merely invokes a sarcastic message. When the current Executive Secretary is dealt with, another member of the Council activates, taking the role of his predecessor.

While they have numbers, the individual Executive Secretary are rather unimpressive ships without potent defense. They shoot torpedoes from a large reserve, but otherwise their weaponry is average, Their engines can easily be disabled and broken, making the Secretary a sitting duck.

Loot[ | ]

When all ships are vanquished, the last Secretary member drops two copies of the legendary laser turret, the Spectral Separator. The individual vessels also prove useful to salvage, yielding large quantities of scrap Iron, Trinium and Xanion.