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Outset[ | ]

The Commune storyline picks up after the player receives quests Izzy, a freelancer who is trying to find her place in the shady corporations. After helping her out, she forwards several quests to the player so that they can join one of the circles.

The first task with the Commune is to spread leaflets among a factory's workers. As the player enters the sector, they are immediately scanned and stopped by a faction's cruisers. The enforcers are unfazed at first, however they are content with going elsewhere of their liking, as long as their citizens are not influenced. After the task is completed successfully, Juliana Rosen gives further missions to set her plan in motion.

Spreading equality[ | ]

Juliana wants to obtain some weapons from the Cavaliers' hands, which she could use later for her own purposes.

The player is redirected to a casino known as "The Bog", where a contact called Athoa hides. Athoa tells that she only hands the data chip with the Cavaliers shipments, after a mysterious package is delivered to Ortho in a sector close by. Upon handing the package to Ortho, it turns out that the package contains some drunk photos with him and Athoa. Delivering his thanks, Athoa informs the player that he gambled his assets along with the data chip, and shares the coordinates where the victorious bandit resides.

Next, Juliana gets word that the Family wants to undo her work of freeing a group of factory workers to her cause, by installing their own men and bribing the existing ones. In order to have them strike, they must be supplied with food from a trading post. As the contact (Samuel Sparrow) retrieves the cargo, he demands that the player also delivers him weapons so that they can put up a fight. The player provides the weapons taken from a nearby pirate scum, and Sparrow tells that they need to make the Family reveal themselves, as they come to respond to the uprising.

As the frigates show up, they immediately see through the scheming and threaten the player to be dispatched, being a Commune agent. They however slip Moretti's name as they converse with the player, blowing their cover and attacking. They drop a data chip upon defeat, revealing Juliana's location and her bodyguards being Family and Cavaliers. The player immediately seeks out Juliana and defeats the lightly armed wardens, freeing her.

Toppling the rivals[ | ]

With Juliana now residing in a safe haven, she can feel that the uprising at the coal mine has incited various other industries to rebel against their oppressors. She also gets news that the other rival factions are mobilising for a large attack and they need to be disposed of. A group of Commune scouts marks two sectors, where the rival fleets can be defeated once and for all.

The Cavaliers assemble a large fleet under the leadership of the Grand Master of the Order. The Grand Master shows resilience in combat, having outfit his vessel with almost impenetrable armor, but he is downed by the player.

Somewhere in the area is found the very leader of the Family, Capo dei Capi under a light guard. The head of the criminal association tries to defend itself by sending his closest guards to the battle, but he succumbs soon after his underlings, establishing the rule of the Commune under equality and freedom.