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The Commune's emblem

The Commune is an underground faction appearing in the DLC: Black Market.

Organization[ | ]

The Commune is a collective of believers holding egalitarian and democratic views. Much like the Cavaliers, the group thinks that the factions' current system failed to uphold peace and prosperity, and therefore seeks to undermine it from the very foundation. The Commune however believes in peaceful solutions, trying to target the most populous but oppressed layer of society: factory and station workers, eager to stand up against their superiors.

Similarly to the underground groups, the Commune is a well-organized system. On the top of the pyramid sits the Council formed by the three Executive Secretary officers. The Council trusts each other and always appoints one of theirs to lead the organisation, granting them absolute power.

Next to the council operate trusted members of the Commune, like Juliana Rosen: an avid revolutionist who is most devoted to the common cause. Juliana has however not been popular among the rival syndicates: after countless attempts, she has been abducted. By convincing her captors, she uses her remaining power to communicate with those outside.

The main workhorse of the Commune is the countless Comrades: enthusiasts who are willing to complete their officials' commands at a whim and without question. Comrades however also arm themselves, should they ever become under attack by a hostile entity.

Rivalry[ | ]

Being the most progressive group out of the three, the Commune has garnered many rivals by their continuous effort. The Cavaliers aim to counteract the moderately peaceful faction by waging open war and leading skirmishes, implanting terror into the hearts of the common folk. More prominent however is the Family, whose deep connection webs and smuggling networks makes hard to dismantle leaderships, particularly those who enjoy the vast wealths and security of the clan.

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