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Outset[ | ]

The player receives a notification from Izzy, who grants them an opportunity to join the Cavaliers. Through it, it is revealed that the Cavaliers are moving weapons and one of the transports became under attack by the Family. On the spot, the transport is nowhere to be found, as the Family's ambush group escaped with the cargo, leaving only a sole survivor and plenty of wreckages behind. The witness could however track an Associate's location.

The Associate is forced to reveal the location of the weapons cache, which is guarded by a group of smugglers. After the weapons are bought or they are persuaded to hand info over, they reveal that the Family does not fly with suspicious cargo in open space, but rather they stash them in unknown sectors, so as to not risk information spill. One such sector is found with a reinforced group of Family members, who are dealt with. Suddenly, the prominent Cavalier leader Adriana Stahl makes an appearance, thanking the player for their effort and letting them claim any loot found in the area.

Securing supplies[ | ]

Adriana warns that The Commune is also bound to sabotage the group's efforts, namely by claiming and stealing the Cavaliers containers. Some particularly valueable containers are to be delivered to a safe space. Three pairs of containers are docked, of which two sets are threatened by pirates. After the retrieval, Adriana wants to move another container that is believed by the Cavaliers to be safe.

As the player approaches, he is met by none other than The Emperor and a large group of Cavaliers. He is insulted by his interference and exclaims that Adriana is in fact trying to overthrow him, when suddenly, Adriana herself appears. She takes the opposition and accuses the Emperor for taking the mantle of a benevolent ruler, while treating everyone unfairly and getting rich in the process, not caring about the Cavalier soldiers' lives. The Emperor also provides a counterargument of Xsotan and pirates not caring about anyone's life, essentially nullifying moral doubts.

With Adriana overstepping his administrative boundaries, the player can follow either her, or the Emperor by being his general. After the side is chosen, the group is split into two and the rival side is fought to the death.

Eliminating the rivals[ | ]

After the inside tension is relieved, news come that the two other factions prepare a new technology that instantly disperses scouts. It is known that they and their leadership are operating in two separate sectors.

The player eventually deals a devastating blow to the Commune and the Family by disposing of their leaders, The Executive Secretary and Capo dei Capi, respectively, making the Cavaliers emerge from the turmoil and the victor free to pursue their goals.