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The Cavaliers' emblem

The Cavaliers is an underground faction appearing in the DLC: Black Market.

Having high relations with the Cavaliers provides 30% discount on Turrets at a Black Market.

Organization[ | ]

The Cavaliers is a militaristic crusader faction, encompassing vigilant fighters who are sworn to bring order to the galaxy by force. They believe that the Xsotan and the pirates have become such a commonplace threat that they must step out in the limelight and sweep the current status quo aside.

Governed and controlled by the Emperor, the Cavaliers field massive armies that have few answers on the battlefield. Using their never-dwindling morale, the Emperor tries to establish a position of power by mostly accumulating weapons and other destructive assets. In order to achieve efficiency, field operations are delegated to the appointed generals:

  • Adriana Stahl: a kind-hearted, yet ambitious individual, who is poised to uphold her moral code at all costs.
  • The Grand Master of the Order: a military advisor and organizer, who ensures that all operations and even his own vessel are protected at all times.

Last but not least, the most populous circle of the Cavaliers is the Soldiers, who do the heavy lifting for the syndicate. Soldiers are responsible for moving and securing cargo, as well as providing the frontline and the fighting in order to achieve smaller victories.

Rivalry[ | ]

The Cavaliers' upfront and aggressive methods brought them rivals, which prefer more subtle ways to undermine their effort. The Commune aims to counteract militaristic demonstrations by covertly stealing from them and influence the ideology of lower layers of society, dissuading them from waging war.

The most significant counterpart of the Cavaliers is hands down the Family, employing all types of dirty tricks and even challenging their efforts in the open field, disrupting transports and planting their undercover agents in various offices, where they can topple any challenge to their structural integrity.

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