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This page contains a list of the mods, that are currently supported to the game.

Modlist[ | ]

Mod Links Authors Dependencies Optional dependencies Conflicts
Advanced Shipyard Forum topic Laserzwei Avorion ^0.20.*
(HET) High Efficiency Turrets Forum topic

Steam Workshop

KaneNOD Avorion ^0.20.* Optional MODs
All Production Chains Forum topic Laserzwei Avorion *
AutoDock Forum topic Shrooblord Avorion ^0.20.*
Avorion Multiverse Forum topic Popokattepetel Avorion ^0.21.*
Carrier Command Forum topic Laserzwei Avorion *
Change Max Cargo Forum topic Hammelpilaw Avorion ^0.20.*
Compass-like Gate Pixel Icons Forum topic

Current update

lyravega Avorion ^0.20.*
Custom Craft Orders Forum topic Hammelpilaw Avorion ^0.20.*
Extended Turret Factory Forum topic Hammelpilaw Avorion ^0.20.*
Goods Hauler Forum topic (deprecated)

Modified by unbedkannt1984




Avorion ^0.20.* Custom Craft Orders ^0.2.0
Ham Galaxy Settings Forum topic Hammelpilaw Avorion ^0.20.*
i18n - Internationalization - Easy Localization For Mods Forum topic Rinart73 Avorion ^0.21.*
MilitaryMissions Forum topic Hammelpilaw Avorion ^0.20.*
move Asteroids (mos) Forum topic Laserzwei Avorion *
MoveUI Forum topic Dirtyredz Avorion *
MoveUI Plugin - Sector Ship Notifier Forum topic DracoNB



Avorion ^0.20.*
Scrapyard Plus Forum topic DNightmare Avorion ^0.23.*
Sector Manager Forum topic Laserzwei Avorion ^0.20.*
Sector Overview Forum topic (deprecated)

Modified by Rinart73



Avorion ^0.21.* i18n - Internationalization ^1.1.0

ClientData ^1.0.0 (included)

Ship Script Loader Forum topic Dirtyredz Avorion *
Simple Asteroid Respawner Forum topic Laserzwei Avorion ^0.20.*
Transfer Cargo Tweaks Forum topic Rinart73 Avorion ^0.21.* i18n - Internationalization ^1.0.0
Useful Cargoshuttles Forum topic (deprecated)

Modified by MRT

Modified by Shrooblord




Avorion 0.20.* Avorion ^0.21
Weapon Engineering (Turret Editor) Forum topic

Modified by okken



Avorion 0.20.* Avorion ^0.21
Xsotan Dreadnought Forum topic Hammelpilaw Avorion * i18n ^1.0.0

Credits[ | ]

The "Authors" column may not contain all related credits to the mod. Please follow the links to get the full list contributors.

Legend / explanation[ | ]

Dependencies are required for the mod to run. If one or more dependencies are missing the mod may not work and cause issues. It also can cause loss of data.

Optional dependencies may enable optional functions of the mod, but they are not required at all.

Conflicts means, that the mod is not compatible with everything listed there.

If you see a "(deprecated)" after a link means, that the download you get there is deprecated.There may still be useful informations about the mod, but for downloading the latest version you should use one of the alternative links.

Versioning[ | ]

  • Avorion ^0.20.* [matches Avorion 0.20.0 or higher]
  • Avorion <0.20 [matches everything below Avorion 0.20]
  • Avorion 0.20.* [matches 0.20.*, but not 0.21 or higher]
  • Custom Craft Orders ^0.2.0 [matches the "Custom Craft Orders" mod 0.2.0 or higher, watch related mod info for links and further informations]

Beta branch[ | ]

Please be aware that some mods may break on latest beta branch, when a new update comes out. This page will only mark a mod as deprecated, when there is really a known issue, not when a new update appears that MAY break a mod. Use at your own risk. If you want to keep it clean better use stable branch. Also you should always test mods before installing them in your live galaxy, even on stable branch.

Notes[ | ]

The intention of this page is to supplement the "compatible mods" list on the Forum. Where any differences arise, this page supercedes the information on the Forum.