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Subsystems, formerly called "upgrades", can increase your ship's performance in various categories and also add some more features to your systems.

All subsystem sockets, except the first, require a set amount of Processing Power be reached before that upgrade slot becomes available to a maximum of fifteen. However, this limit is also further limited by your Building Knowledge as of 2.0, with the limit being at 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 respectively for Iron, Titanium, Naonite, Trinium, Xanion, Ogonite, and Avorion. Furthermore, most subsystems cost significant amounts of Energy.

Some subsystems can come in different material variations and every subsystem type can occur in all the different rarities, except for Artifacts. A higher rarity usually goes along with better modifiers.

The seven tiers of subsystems are as follows:

  • Petty (Gray in colour, the worst quality, strangely, this quality is more rare than common)
  • Common (White in colour, and as the name suggest, this is the most common upgrade tier)
  • Uncommon (Green in colour)
  • Rare (Blue in colour)
  • Exceptional (Orange/Yellow in colour)
  • Exotic (Red in colour)
  • Legendary (Purple in colour)

Installing Subsystems[ | ]

You can install subsystems to your ship from the ship menu (Default Hotkey 'P'). From there you have to select the "Subsystems" tab, which is the third from the left. Add or remove subsystems from the sockets in the top portion of the tab by dragging or right-clicking the subsystems .

Permanent Installation[ | ]

You can install subsystems permanently for improved stats by right-clicking them. Some subsystems have to be permanently installed to have any effect. To remove a permanently installed subsystems, you must be close to an Equipment Dock, Mobile Equipment Merchant or Trade Guild Merchant. As of 2.0, the game will alert you when you can remove permanently installed subsystems.

Otherwise it will be destroyed when you try to remove it.

Acquiring Subsystems[ | ]

Subsystems can be acquired in several ways.

  • You can collect them during battles where they have a chance to drop from destroyed Blocks. This also means that shooting or salvaging wreckages can result in them dropping from time to time.
  • You can buy them from an equipment merchant, an Equipment Dock or a Black Market.
  • You can research them from at a Research Station.
  • They can be found in Secret Stashes (along with large amounts of money, often around 100k).
  • You can get them as a reward for doing Events or Missions.

Battery Booster Battery Booster
Object Detector Object Detector
Cargo Extension Cargo Extension
Energy-To-Shield Converter Energy-To-Shield Converter
Engine Booster Engine Booster
Generator Subsystem Generator Subsystem
Trading Subsystem Trading Subsystem
Mining Subsystem Mining Subsystem
Hyperspace Booster Hyperspace Booster
Radar Booster Radar Booster
Scanner Booster Scanner Booster
Shield Booster Shield Booster
Shield Ionizer Shield Ionizer
Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring
Tractor Beam Upgrade Tractor Beam Upgrade
Turret Control Subsystems Turret Control Subsystems
Velocity Security Control Bypass Velocity Security Control Bypass
Xsotan Artifacts Xsotan Artifacts
Internal Defense Weapons System Internal Defense Weapons System
Hydra Subsystem Hydra Subsystem
Shield Reinforcer Shield Reinforcer
Transporter Software Transporter Software
Hull Polarizer Hull Polarizer