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Stick of Doom is a boss that is summoned by acquiring, and then right-click using, the item "Staff Pager".

Acquiring the Key[ | ]

The clue that indicates the existence of this boss is found rarely in the results of some Captain missions, with the Captain reporting back to you: "We found a stash with a message on it: 'To call in a staff meeting, combine a Lightning Gun, Hacking Upgrade, Laser, Railgun and PDC at a research station.'"

Staff Meeting - screenshot by runetrantor [Image credit: Reddit user u/runetrantor]

Each of the five items listed must be Exotic quality or better. At least one of the items must be Legendary quality. Clicking the "RESEARCH" button then sacrifices the items to create a "Staff Pager". Then jump to an empty sector (preferably as close to the center of the galaxy as possible, as loot seems to scale with region, but boss difficulty does not), open Inventory, then right-click the Staff Pager and click Use.

The Fight[ | ]

The Stick of Doom will be summoned approximately 13 kilometers in front of the player's ship. It only has 30k to 40k hitpoints of hull and no (standard) shields, but initial attempts to shoot the boss will register as Immune with the boss saying in chat something like "You'll never get through our Hyper Integrity Field!"

Its weaponry is short-range (maximum of 10 kilometers), but it can have anywhere between 300k and 600k omicron.

The damage immunity can be temporarily disabled by causing the boss to spin. Force turrets can do this, but may not be viable because force turrets have short range and the boss has very high DPS at short range. A more reliable method is to ram the boss ship-to-ship at high speed starting from long range; this will send the boss spinning, thus disabling the hyper integrity field, and minimize time spent within range of the boss' weapons. The exact run-up distance is at the player's discretion, but keep in mind that it's helpful to be going at several kilometers per second before getting within 10 km of the boss. The player can then turn around and open fire using whatever long-range weaponry the player deems appropriate.

It's worth noting that, as the name "Stick of Doom" implies, the boss ship is a long, thin rod. Aim will be important in both high-speed ramming and in opening fire afterwards.

If the boss regains damage immunity, simply repeat the ramming procedure. The boss states in chat whether the hyper integrity field is working or not.

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