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Stations are big immobile crafts that allow players to trade, repair ships, recruit crew among many other functions. Stations can appear in large groups, especially in a faction's Prime Sector, but also individually.

Characteristics[ | ]

Stations are usually much bigger than other ships and have much more HP, which makes them almost indestructible for early players. Larger stations also have larger commodity limits.

Stations that produce goods are more commonly referred to as Factories.

Players can interact with stations by pressing the F button. Depending on the station a menu will appear (dubbed an 'automatic response system'), where players can then refine, buy and sell resources, assemble ships, among other functions.

In most stations players can hire new crew members. These will also vary depending on the station type. For example, a Military Outpost is more likely to offer Commodore captains, gunner and security crew than a Repair Dock.

Each different station will have different trade possibilities and is likely to spawn in different locations. A Scrapyard may appear completely alone in a sector. Most Habitats spawn mostly alone with the chance for a trading post to supply the new colony. Planetary Trading Posts are next to never inside the gate network and Equipment Docks are in highly developed and populated systems. They are more likely to appear in gate sectors. Faction headquarters only spawn in their respective Home Sector which is always detached from the gate network.

Stations belong to factions unless owned by a player. The prices and available uses or goods of stations improve with the current relations with that specific faction. Turrets are a particular example as the faction reputation unlocks each rarity tier of turret up to exceptional through the highest reputation. If the relations are too bad when you attempt to use the stations menu, it might even inform you that it is unable to do business until relations improve.

Within a sector, the faction or player with the majority of stations assumes control of that sector. Taking control of a faction-owned sector, whether by founding a majority of stations or by destroying the faction's stations, will cause the player to lose significant amounts of standing with the faction.

Players may hire crew members from any station, provided that they are in good faction standing with the owner of that station.

Types of Stations[ | ]


An example of a generated Resource Depot

The types of stations can be determined by the scripts that the stations use for their routines. Alternatively they are further divided by 6 categories; Mines, Basic Factories, Low Tech Factories, Advanced Factories, High Tech Factories and Other Stations.

The official script types of stations at the time of writing are:

Player-Owned Stations[ | ]

The player can create their own factories by using a ship made at a shipyard. When ordering a new ship they must choose the "Station founder" option and once created they can enter it with the interaction menu and will have the option to found a new factory in the top right. The ship is converted to a station and loses the ability to move, so it either needs to be well placed initially or either moved by force turrets or docking and towing it with a suitable ship later on. While towing it with a ship the station can be moved to another sector.

All factories and stations the player can construct produce goods, which can be bought at a 100% discount. They also attract NPC traders who will buy or sell goods at the station. The base price decides the frequency of traders visiting the station, while regional supply and demand will affect the price past the set price.

Factories are divided into four categories ranging from tier 1 basic factories to high-tech tier 4 production chains.

When a player builds any of the end tier consumer stations of category 5, they most commonly will receive a 20% cut of the profits and the station lures more traders into the system to buy and sell their other goods. Not all of them are meant to offer income, however. Military Outposts offer a steady supply of military missions and others better rates. It also is necessary to supply a core equipment dock to buy the highest type of turrets based on their initial tech level as no faction is active there outside of colony missions.

However, mines cannot be built using a station founder, and can only be founded on a claimed asteroid. Upon claiming an asteroid, the player can choose to sell it to a nearby faction for several hundred thousand credits (in which case the faction will found their own mine and take control of the sector) or found any type of mine upon it.

Note: Stations cannot be founded if they are closer than 3km from another station. However, after founding, the station can be ordered to "Engage Transport Mode". In transport mode the station can be docked and moved with a ship, or even docked to another station to exchange goods between those stations.

Brewery, Casino, Collector, Equipment Dock, Factory, Farm, Habitat, Headquarter, Manufacturer, Military Outpost, Mine, Repair Dock, Research Station, Resource Depot, Scrapyard, Shipyard, Travel Hub, Trading Post, Turret Factory, Power Plant