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Specimen 8055

General information[ | ]

  • Has about 500k shield and hull HP and about 1.5k DPS.
  • Due to its high DPS and high amount of HP, it can be dangerous for early and midgame ships.
  • It's also known as Testobject 8055

Finding Specimen 8055[ | ]

To find Specimen, you need to search for a hidden mass sector ( usually in the Naonite regions ) with a asteroid pattern pointing to a big asteroid in the middle. When you come close enough, you can investigate that asteroid and it will give you coordinates. When you jump to these sectors ( they are marked as hidden mass sectors ) you will likely find a system with the same content as the previous. Now you just hunt down these system.

You might jump into a system with multiple asteroids given different coordinates each, so you might have to search around a bit.

Fight[ | ]

Because its shields are invulnerable, you first need to destroy the 4 asteroids which are connected by a light beam to it. Due to the high amount of HP the asteroids have, make sure you have enough HP yourself. When you destroy one, the boss's shields lose 25% of their initial HP. After you destroyed all 4, the boss behaves like a normal ship, but with a lot more HP compared to the usual ships in the Naonite regions.

You can safely mine the asteroids before engaging him if you keep your distance.

Drops[ | ]

  • More drops than a regular ship, e.g. pirates, usually 1-2 exotic upgrades, a few exceptional and some more. There's a chance of getting legendary items.
  • Because he's doing research about invulnerable shields, most of the upgrades he drops are shield boosters.
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