Avorion Wiki

General Overview[ | ]

This station produces energy cells. It is considered a basic factory, and requires no resources to maintain the production of its product.

Energy cells are one of the most widely used commodity in the galaxy, necessary for supporting large infrastructures of manufacturing. Due to the common universal demand for energy cells, this is recommended as a starting station for traders. It is recommended to upgrade cargo capacity to increase the amount of energy cells the facility is capable of storing. Energy cells are also used during the manufacture of weaponry.

Station Manufacturing Process[ | ]

Products from this station are used in the manufacturing processes at the following stations:
Energy Cells

Ammunition Factory, Antigrav Unit Factory, Book Factory, Chemicals Factory, Cocoa Farm, Coffee Farm, Conductor Factory, Corn Farm, Distillery, Energy Container Factory, Energy Generator Factory, Energy Tube Factory, Explosive Charge Factory, Fertilizer Factory, Food Bar Factory, Fruit Farm, Fuel Factory, Gauss Rail Factory, Laser Head Factory, Laser Modulator Factory, Luxury Food Factory, Microchip Factory, Oil Refinery, Plant Farm, Plasma Cell Factory, Plastic Manufacturer, Potato Farm, Power Unit Factory, Rice Farm, Rubber Factory, Semi Conductor Manufacturer, Sheep Ranch, Solar Cell Factory, Spices Farm, Targeting System Factory, Tea Farm, Tools Factory, Transformator Factory, Vegetable Farm, Wheat Farm, Wood Farm

Turret Manufacturing Process[ | ]

The following turrets require this product during the manufacturing process:

Lightning Turret

Construction[ | ]

Cost to produce: 8,625,000 credits

Production[ | ]

This factory produces the following resources per cycle:

Name Quantity Volume Avg. Price Illegal? Dangerous?
Energy Cell 25 0.5 50 No No

Profitability[ | ]

This station's profitability is an average of 1250 credits per cycle.