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These supply a small amount of energy to your ship however they are the cheapest way to upgrade your ships energy.

When placing these on your ship you need to aim for surface area not volume. For example a long thin and wide solar panel will be more effective than a large cube with only a small surface area.

Stats in comparison to a hull block:

Mass: 1/6th, 0.1666x

Durability: 1/1, 1.0x

Credits: 11/5, 5.0x

Materials, 1/1, 1.0x

Power generation:

1 MW per surface area, unaffected by material.

If packed optimally, this equates to a maximum of 120 MW per kM³ of volume, which falls between Trinium and Xanion Generators in terms of energy density (but at a far lower resource cost!). If packed into 0.001 thin plates ( tiny blocks refuse to line up with 2x2x2 blocks) and stacked up to 2x2x2 you can get around 0.53 MW per resource. Less than half of the 1.65 MW per resource, but in the same space as a 660 MW generator, solar panels can generate 16 GW of power. Though not at all cost effective, certainly energy-dense.

Some calculations:

  • 1x1x1 cube, 6 MW, costs 61 credits, 5 resources (=10.166 credits and .8 res for 1 MW)
  • 1x1x10 prism, 42 MW (2 1x1, and 4 1x10), costs 611 credits, 50 res (=14.5 credits and 1.19 res for 1 MW)
  • 1x10x10 prism, 240 MW (4 1x10, 2 10x10), costs 6111 credits, 500 res (=25.46 credits and 2.083 res for 1 MW)
  • 10x10x10 prism, 600 MW (6 10x10), costs 61111 credits, 5000 res (=101.9 credits and 8.33 res for 1 MW)

Currently the equation does not support the tooltip's statement. Tiny cubes work better than large flat panels.

Useful things to know.

Solar panels have a great ratio of hp to weight:Trinium solar panel 10,10,10. 13500hp at 3.5kt. Over 3,800 hp per kt, (I've noticed trinium solar panel is more efficient for sys slots than its computer core, takes more space, but is lighter.

The equivalent hull block being much worse weighing 21kt for the same size and hp. just over 620hp per kt, and it costs more material and goesnt give any energy gen. just cheaper with credits tho saving around 30k credits

Avorion solar panel 10,10,10

45500hp at 6kt giving over 7500 hp per kt. making it the most weight->hp efficient block in the game. glow blocks coming not to far behind, being half as affective.


Update: power generated is directly proportional to the SURFACE AREA that the block has. In calculations above:

  • 1x1x1 cube has surface area of 6 (6 times 1x1)-> hence it produces 6MW of pwer
  • 1x1x10 prism - surface area of 42 (4 times 10x1 + 2 times 1x1) - produces 42MW
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