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Smuggler hideout

A smuggler hideout and a smuggler (ship) in the background.

Smuggler hideouts appear randomly throughout the galaxy. They can be found within faction territories or out in the void. Smuggler outposts are not linked to one another by faction and are each their own unique faction.

Unbranding[ | ]

Smuggler hideouts can be used to unbrand stolen cargo. Doing this costs 50% of the good's value, but in turn this allows the goods to be able to be sold at any normal station. The outpost can directly buy the stolen goods, but only for 15% of the cost. This gives the player a way to sell a lot of stolen goods without having to unbrand it for a large sum of money, and then travelling to sell it to other stations.

Trading Goods[ | ]

Similarly to how trade goods are generated at trading posts, a list of goods will automatically be generated to be bought and sold legally. A player owned smuggler's den will NOT produce any goods!

Location[ | ]

Smuggler hideouts can be found by exploring hidden mass sectors, or by doing Explore Sector missions from Reasearch Stations and Military Outposts

Removed Features[ | ]

Spies[ | ]

Smuggler Hideouts could be used to hire the service of spies, which would uncover data about neighbouring factions. The data provided was station count, military ship count, and construction capacity, which could then be found in the diplomacy tab. This information was always available to players who were allied to the faction being spied on. Spies on player owned stations still cost the same as they did in Smuggler Hideouts.