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Description[ | ]

Shield Generators are technologically advanced devices, that project and sustain a protective energy matrix around the physical body of a ship or station. Shields receive a separate capacity level and regeneration rate from all the Shield Generator blocks installed and work as secondary defensive measures against incoming fire before it can cause any damage to the parent structure.

Shields consume vast amounts of energy to recover their capacity, but in return provide great degree of additional endurance on top of the Armor and Hull.

However, Plasma weapons deal additional damage against Shields, there are turrets and torpedoes which are capable of penetrating or disabling them, and Shields do not protect against collision damage.

Shield Generator Stats by Material[ | ]

Shield Generator Blocks become accessible starting from Naonite tier, and gain 1.5x hp for each following material tier. Ogonite also does not support Shield Generators.

They have 4/3rds the mass and 1/8th the durability of a Hull block, but provide 12.5 times more Shield HP than a hull block of the same material provides in Hull HP.

Shield Generated = vol * 50 * 1,5 ^ material_level

Shield Regenerated = shield generated / 180

By measure of standard 2x2x2 block size (8k m³)
Material Cost ($) Hull (hp) Shield (hp) Mass (t) Shield/Mass (hp/t) Energy Consumption (MW) Shield/Energy Consumption (hp/W) Shield/Cost (hp/$)
Naonite 10061 9 900 352 2.56 187.50 4.80 0.089
Trinium 11762 14 1350 224 6.03 217.50 6.21 0.114
Xanion 14058 20 2025 288 7.03 255 7.94 0.144
Avorion 21343 46 4556.25 384 11.87 352.50 12.93 0.213

Hull Block, Armor Block, Engine Block, Stone Block, Cargo Bay, Crew Quarters, Thruster, Framework, Hangar, Dock, Turret Rotation Lock, Shield Generator, Energy Container, Generator, Integrity Field Generator, Computer Core, Hyperspace Core, Solar Panel, Light Block, Glow Block, Glass Block, Reflector Block, Hologram Block, Gyro Array Block