Avorion Wiki

General Overview[ | ]

Scrapyards are stations which are found in sectors with a lot of wreckages. They do not buy or sell goods but can offer some services to the player. Jumpgates rarely connect to a Scrapyard

Services[ | ]

Scrapyards offer the following services:

Salvaging Licenses[ | ]

They sell salvaging licenses that allow the player to scrap wreckages of that sector. Licenses prices increase according to their duration which vary from 5 minutes to an hour. The closer to the core the player is, the more expensive a salvage license will be. A player will need a salvaging laser turret in order to salvage.

Purchasing a salvaging license will increase the existing timer. So, for example, with a remaining time of 15:00, purchasing a 5:00 license will increase the total time to 20:00.

Higher duration have less credit per minute cost.

Scrap ship[ | ]

Players may scrap their ship. This will refund them for the credits, but the player will lose the materials used to construct the ship. The player will also lose crew and turrets present on a ship, so it is highly recommended to remove those before scrapping the ship.

Dismantle turret[ | ]

Players may scrap turrets they don't need into components, returning part of the resources used for construction. Parts obtained from such deconstruction are randomized but correspond to the turret type (i.e. a player will probably get High Capacity Lenses from laser turrets - including mining ones - or Servos and Ammunition S from chainguns). Assumed overview of possible components for the selected turret is shown at the top of the window, but one should note that random number of components starts from zero (meaning you don't always get all of the components shown, especially rare components). Some kind of system can be detected though:

  • Total price of components obtained is usually less than the price of a turret (meaning that buying components at corresponding factories, if present, is more economically effective).
  • Turrets of higher tech level and rarity tend to return better components.
  • Price of a turret is a good hint at how rare the components may be.

Penalties[ | ]

Salvaging in a scrapyard sector without the license will worsen relations to the scrapyard's faction. If the player continues to salvage, military intervention will be called to remove the player. The player will be constantly messaged by the scrapyard if he does not have a license. The longer a player salvages without a license, the harsher the faction penalty becomes.

If relations are poor, players will not be able to obtain a salvage license at all. If the player is at war with the faction and he has a sufficiently powerful ship, the scrapyard may be destroyed and he will no longer be messaged by the scrapyard for services.

Caution should be taken when fighting enemies in a Scrapyard sector as damaging any wrecks, even those made in the current engagement, will anger the Scrapyard.