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Scanner upgrades increase the distance that the player receives information about the targeted ship. This information includes items such as Cargo, Ship Health Stats, Weapon Omicron, etc. The Scanner Upgrades appear to have a large variance in stats possible, which can allow for several different versions of the mod of the same rarity tier while having little chance to stack. This does mean that the Scanners can fill up a player's inventory slot capacity faster than most other system upgrades.


The Scanner Upgrade only has two adjustable stats, being the Range, and the Power Draw. Inclusively, the Scanner Upgrades also have the option to be permanently installed. If this were to be done, the range bonus given to permanent installation is the same as the range bonus given my the temporary installation, making permanent installation just as effective as installing a second upgrade with the same stats. The power consumption of the upgrades is also about 5.5 MW per percentage.

Item Rarity Range Power Demand
Petty +20% 110MW
Common +35-46% 192-253 MW
Uncommon +59-62% MW
Rare +67-106% 367-581 MW
Exceptional +89-140% 488-769 MW
Exotic +98% 539 MW
Legendary +152% 834 MW
System Upgrades
Battery Upgrade, C43 Object Detector, Cargo Upgrade, Energy To Shield Converter, Engine Upgrade, Generator Upgrade, Improved Trading System, Mining System, Quantum Hyperspace Upgrade, Radar Upgrade, Scanner Upgrade, Shield Booster, Shield Reinforcer, Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring, Tractor Beam Upgrade, Turret Control System, Velocity Security Control Bypass, XSTN-K