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Salvaging Laser[ | ]

You can get Salvaging lasers of different materials, but they can only salvage materials one tier level higher than their own.

General Overview[ | ]

A Salvaging Laser can be found by destroying other Ships or by buying one from an equipment station or merchant. Salvaging turrets are found often in combat much more often with enemies that are utilizing salvaging lasers. To use the Salvaging Laser, simply attach it to a ship by pressing the Build Key and placing the turret on your ship. To then activate the toggle of the laser, press the ship menu key, select the salvaging laser and assign it to a number.

Combat Effectiveness[ | ]

Salvaging lasers are excellent in early areas as even a primary weapon source. With sufficient damage, they can be used effectively in combat. Salvaging lasers are completely ineffective against shields, causing no damage.

Salvaging[ | ]

Salvaging Lasers can only salvage up to materials one tier higher than their own. Salvaging lasers will deal more damage to materials that are lower tier than their own. Efficiency is an important stat, as is damage. In resource rich areas efficiency will not matter as much as how quickly you can gather the material. In the following example you will see more clearly. For sake of simplicity, we will assume 1 Damage/s will gather 1 resource/s for simplicity:

# Efficiency Damage/s Resource/s
Laser 1 20 55 11
Laser 2 40 16 6.4
Laser 3 30 30 9

While the least efficient, the first laser would get you the most material every second.

Salvaging Strategy[ | ]

It is recommended you put your highest efficiency salvaging lasers separate from your lowest efficiency salvaging turrets. Occasionally you will come across blocks that have high resource densities and low health. Provided you are able to identify them, you would want to use specifically your highest efficiency lasers for these. For general salvaging it is recommended to use all lasers.

Some salvaging lasers consume energy. These should also be separated into their own group so they can be cycled properly to prevent your ship's power from running at empty.

Mining[ | ]

Salvaging lasers are useless for mining.