Avorion Wiki

This is the official roadmap for Avorion by Boxelware.


Developer Note: "These are all features that we would like to introduce to the game, but it's no guarantee that we actually do it! Some of these have been partially added, others are worked on right now. So please be patient, it might take us a while to get through the list!"

Confirmed Upcoming Changes

These are confirmed features/updates that will be coming to the game. Last updated: December 2022

Developer Note: "For the future, we want to make sure to not spread our efforts too thin, since we're a small team. We're happy to tell you that we'll continue supporting Avorion with more free updates in 2023!"

Bosses Update

  • Additional boss encounters all over the galaxy
  • New "Behemoth" event series with legendary loot
  • Ship management improvements

Blocks Update

  • More blocks
  • Secondary colors for blocks
  • Photo Mode

Factions Update

  • Improvements to diplomacy
  • Improvements to wars between AI factions
  • Additional stronger, smaller AI factions

As always, each update will also arrive with a series of bugfixes, quality of life improvements and performance improvements (if possible).

Some Planned Content (No Release Schedule!)

This is the official list for what we've planned with the game. Just because a feature is listed here, doesn't mean it'll be implemented. These features aren't in any kind of order.

Last updated: December 2022.

General Content

  • Fleet warp drive to take your entire fleet with you when jumping as long as they're in close proximity
  • Strafing in Keyboard mode
  • Specialty goods, maybe 1 - 3 per faction
  • Improved controls of allied ships
  • (done/wip) More different upgrade types
  • (done) Hackable Containers
  • (done) AI uses workshop ships
  • (done) Real docking where one ship actually attaches to the other
  • (done) Improved visuals for AI ships


  • Blocks that create an exhaust particle effect
  • Blocks that create a spark particle effect


  • Weapon: Ion Cannon that drains energy on hit
  • Weapon: Mines
  • Weapon: Anti-Matter cannon that shoots slow but incredibly powerful anti-matter shots, drains entire battery on shot


  • (done) Settings for balancing PvP on servers
  • (done) These settings will include limited number of ships, volume and stations per player

Scripting API/Modding

  • (done) Control camera via scripts

Endgame Content

  • (done) Legendary Bosses for after the Guardian was killed, that are really hard to beat and require different tactics
  • (done) Legendary Weapons with unique visuals and/or effects
  • (done) Anomalies
  • (done) Radiated sectors

Events, Missions, Story

  • More Events happening
  • More Distress Calls
  • More Bulletin Board Missions
  • Event: Distress call from ship with a reactor leak, players must fix the leak
  • Event: Wave-By-Wave attacks from Enemies that end in a boss fight
  • Event: A crewmember has a life-threatening accident and you have to ship them to another station for medical care
  • Mission: Find a smuggler's stash (then decide if you want to keep it or give it to them)
  • Mission: Investigate goods being stolen from container fields
  • Sector: Deserted pirate asteroid with lots of stolen goods in containers floating around it
  • (done) Sector: Minefield
  • (done) Mission: Investigate missing freighters
  • (done) Event: A station needs resources/goods in 20 minutes
  • (done) Event: Protect a convoy during a transport mission
  • (done) Spawn Xsotan fleet when the wormhole to the center is opened

User Suggestions

These features are user suggestions that we liked and are considering as future features. Last updated: December 2022.


  • Have ships attack with priorities: Ships -> Stations -> Rest
  • Have Energy Suppressor Satellites turn into wrecks when they burn out
  • (done) Changing of save game location
  • (done) Make trailer ship designs to be available as blueprints
  • (done) General lower size (volume) limit for ships: Reason is griefing
  • (done) Warnings before buying dangerous/illegal goods
  • (done) Execution of map commands only after confirmation
  • (done) Station that uses Industrial Tesla Coils
  • (done) Tutorial improvements: New features (map commands & enchaining)
  • (done) Have ships of factions refuse to give out the coordinates of their home system if relations are at bad

Scripting & Modding

  • Add functionality to check if chat window is open
  • (done) Improve render callbacks for cleaner layering
  • (done) Add server side API that tells when player loaded the sector. Not just joined, but all resources were loaded and "Space" pressed.


  • (done) Scale explosion size with weapon size

UI Improvements

  • Make the player's ships' hyperspace bars visible on galaxy map if charging
  • Show credit rewards for mission completion on the current missions screen under player info
  • Cancel Button for refinery
  • (done) Turret Factory: Add "duplicate turret" function (will be resolved through turret blueprints)
  • (done) Allow movement of fighter squads in list
  • (done) Color menu improvements
  • (done) Change sorting of dialog options, so that players won't accidentally take an option that is bad for them
  • (done) Show the ship dimensions (x-y-z meters)
  • (done) Add ship name to chat report about passage fee to give players more information