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A Rift as viewed on the galaxy map, with a Gate connection passing through it.

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A Rift as viewed from inside an adjacent sector: A black cloud-like shape with lightning occasionally flashing through it.

Rifts are tears in the fabric of space-time that have afflicted the galaxy, creating entire regions that are normally impassable to non-Xsotan ships using regular hyperspace jumps. The Xsotan created the rifts as a coup-de-grace in the war against the United Alliances, trapping most of the Alliance fleet close to the core of the galaxy, surrounded by a ring-shaped rift known as The Barrier. Studies have revealed that each rift is a connection point between our dimension and the Xsotan's home dimension.

With the Into the Rifts DLC installed, major factions residing in the vicinity of various Rifts have set up Rift Research Centers, which can teleport a ship into the rift to study the Xsotan and their unique habitat. The player may partake in such dangerous missions, in exchange for advanced equipment.

Rifts as Galactic Obstacles[ | ]

A rift is a region of the galaxy where our dimension intersects with the Xsotan's home dimension. The threshold where our dimension meets theirs is normally impassable to ships.

In practice, any sector that is part of a rift cannot normally be entered by jumping into it. Ships on one side are also blocked from jumping across the rift.

Nevertheless, Gates can still be used to jump from one side of the rift to the other unimpeded. Wormholes also ignore Rifts in this way, as can a few other teleportation effects.

Without the Into the Rifts DLC, this is the extent of Rift effect on gameplay.

Visuals[ | ]

Rifts appear as black regions on the galactic map. They do not have a grid overlay, as normal galactic sectors do. Small lights occasionally dance across the surface of a rift, indicating its location and shape more clearly.

Placement[ | ]

Most rifts are long and narrow in shape, though they can be of radically different sizes - anywhere from one to several dozen sectors long, but rarely more than a few sectors wide.

Rifts are randomly placed across the galactic map when it is first generated, but are far more common as you get closer to the galactic core. There could be hundreds of them in total throughout a given galaxy. Two or more of these rifts may sometimes intersect with one another to form criss-cross shapes.

Additionally, there is always a large ring-shaped Rift, roughly 5 sectors wide, surrounding the core of the galaxy at a distance of 145 sectors from the core. This ring separates the core from the rest of the galaxy, with no gates or wormholes leading into or out of it. This large ring is known as The Barrier, and plays an important part in both the game and its lore.

History and Origins[ | ]

During the war between the United Alliances and the Xsotan, the Alliance moved its entire fleet close to the galactic core in order to deliver a killing blow to the Xsotan congregated around the supermassive black hole at the center. However, before they could be destroyed, the Xsotan performed some inexplicable action which tore large holes in the fabric of the galaxy.

Most importantly, a ring-shaped rift formed at some distance away from the core, completely separating everyone on the inner side from everyone on the outer side. This left the United Alliances without a fleet, causing its complete collapse.

Into The Rift DLC[ | ]

Rift stations avorion

The Into The Rift DLC adds some content to rifts. when in a sector close to a rift, you might see some stations like those above. the Teleporter (left) does not appear in the station list in strategy mode or the map view and has no icon. the Rift Research Center (right) is a normal station like any other, it shows up in station lists, has an icon, and can be directly interacted with.

Usage[ | ]

the Rift Research Center is a consumer station and has a mission board, shop, and other standard things as well as an about page which gives details about rifts. You can buy unique upgrades at their shop providing a wide range of benefits. upon accepting a mission, it will let you interact with the teleporter and start the mission. The teleporter will inform you of a couple things and tell you if your distortion shield is enough.

Mission board screenshot avorion

Rift Anomalies[ | ]

Subspace Distortion is a thing only in rifts that tears your ship apart. you will receive a distortion shield upgrade upon accepting the mission. depending on the difficulty of the mission and its depth, you may not have enough protection. if that happens, your ship will start tearing itself apart. more distortion is a faster shred. The rift depth is equal to the level of distortion shield required.

Teleporter Wormholes are a funnel of blue particles that teleport you to a matching one. The narrow side of the funnel points to its target.

Physics Modifiers change the balance of various things. Often, you'll encounter missions that will increase the damage plasma weapons, slow ship acceleration, lower generator output, make shields not recharge, etc. it can happen that shields will not be able to regen and workers will be less effective when shields are down.

Intra sector wormhole avorion

Other Anomalies exist other than those detailed above and include things like radiation, mines, acid fog, etc. It will tell you what the modifiers are and what they do on the mission board.

Inside the Rift[ | ]

Upon entering the rift, your situation may vary greatly. You will always spawn in a spot with a station to shield you from the environment. This includes any environmental hazards such as acid fog and distortions. You will notice that you can't see everything at once and there are buoys that will guide you along the sector and you can place your own. these are essential for navigation as your target may vanish as you get farther away from it. The map doesn't show everything that exists, only what you can see making navigation even harder.

Hazards[ | ]

(numbered left to right then down like english reads)

Ancient Defense Platforms(1) are highlighed red like an enemy and will shoot any ships that enter their range. This includes Xsotan. The red line coming from it to the ship when you approach means you're a target.

Shockwave Generators (2) look like a glowing point of something. They will shoot a shockwave that will expand and damage ships it encounters. They only shoot a ring, so they are easily evaded by moving.

Radioactive Asteroids (3) are asteroids that glow yellow and damage your ship when you approach. (numbered left to right then down like english reads)

Gravity wells (4) pose no immediate threat like damage, but will reel you in and shoot you out at multiple kilometers/sec.

Mines (5) will explode and do damage if approached quickly. They have a red glow around them and are easily spotted from a distance

Xsotan Breeders (6) will spawn xsotan if there is too much activity nearby. this includes using lasers and weapons.

Ancient defense platform avorionAvorion burst thingRadioactive asteroidGravity well reeling in avorionMine avorionXsotan breeder avorion

Other Stuff[ | ]

Nano Bot Repair Platforms will repair your ship and heal broken blocks

Nano doc avorion

Escape Methods[ | ]

Easier missions will have a Rift Ripcord in your inventory that will pull you out of the sector and back to the sector you came from a couple seconds after you activate it.

Harder missions will have a wormhole device that spawns a wormhole a distance away and will let you get back to the starting sector. They look like any other wormhole and a cutscene plays to show you the wormhole

Very hard missions will make you spawn a wormhole device that will generate a wormhole nearby. It is invulnerable but does get pushed by bullets like everything else. Many people hate this because the device will go flying and you need to stay nearby for 2 minutes while all the xsotan try to kill you (pictured below).

Wormhole device avorion