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A Resource Depot is a station.

It is the only place where the player can trade materials.

It also refines raw ores into those materials, for a small percentage, called "refinery tax".

Prices and refinery tax depend on the player's relation to the owner faction and the amount of materials available in the station.

Building a Resource Depot

Founding a Resource Depot costs 15 million credits.

Advantages of building your own Resource Depot:

  • You don't pay the refinery tax when you refine ores there (small advantage)
  • You get 30% more credits for resources you sell to your own Resource Depot, compared to what an allied faction's Resource Depot will pay you.
  • You can build it close to rich asteroid fields that are far away from civilization, in order to refine ores there.

A Resource Depot does not require any blocks to function. It is possible to build it only from stone blocks and it will work.