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General Overview[]

These may be equipped in the system upgrades window by dragging them from the list of available systems to the ship systems boxes.

This device shows sectors on the universe map that contain some unknown objects. These unknown objects can be moused over for a general description.

These scanners will have bonuses that apply in the galaxy map. The bonuses are radar and deep scan range. Radar range is essentially the distance that energy signatures can be detected. Deep scan range is the distance that mass signatures can be detected.


Sectors with energy signatures detected will appear with a green blip. These sectors will contain live ships/stations or pirate activity.

Sectors detected with mass will appear with a yellow/gold blip. These sectors may contain anything, empty asteroid fields, pirate activity, derelict ships/stations, or live ships/stations.

Radar upgrade bonuses will stack if you use more than one system.


Provided you have enough radar upgrades, Cycling between energy and mass detection for the same sector can allow you to determine if it's a dead zone or not. If you're looking to avoid pirates and find salvageable goods, this can be very useful.

You're more likely to find derelict stations in mass areas that are faction territories than out in the void.

System Upgrades
Battery Upgrade, C43 Object Detector, Cargo Upgrade, Energy To Shield Converter, Engine Upgrade, Generator Upgrade, Improved Trading System, Mining System, Quantum Hyperspace Upgrade, Radar Upgrade, Scanner Upgrade, Shield Booster, Shield Reinforcer, Stabilizing Mainframe Wiring, Tractor Beam Upgrade, Turret Control System, Velocity Security Control Bypass, XSTN-K