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Project IHDTX is an endgame boss as of Avorion 1.0. Its fundamental concept is similar to Specimen 8055, but far more lethal.

He is eligible for spawning for all players that defeat the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian at least once (you must be present in its sector in order to be eligible).

Walk Through[ | ]

Verified as the correct way to find it as of 31.07.2020.

In order to find Project IHDTX, you need to search through the hidden mass sector asteroid inside The Barrier. Apparently, through the secret stashes around asteroids you will find special crystal shards, which,with 2 shards, you will be able to pinpoint the origin of these shards, usually extremely close to the galaxy center. Once you find the location, a red skull marker will be placed on the galaxy map.

Once you warp to the sector, you will enter a confrontation with Project IHDTX, and regardless of the choice you make you will enter battle immediately. The ship have about 6 million hull, and a extremely low Omicron. However, its strength and weaknesses lies in two mechanisms.

The first one is similar to Specimen 8055, as the ship will be immune to damage while channeling through 4 asteroids surrounding the ship with white/bluish light. It is almost impossible to destroy these asteroids while Project IHDTX is constantly shooting at the player.

The second mechanism is its deadly front laser. As soon as the battle starts, the ship will try to aim the laser at the player's ship, which will show as a red aiming light. The light will turn green when it is locked in place, and fire within 1 second. This laser penetrates shields, even if you have an impenatrable module. the laser does about 1.5 mil damage per shot (the difficulty is on normal). for most ships this means 1 hit = death. The laser has a maximum range of 100km, which should not normally come in to play while fighting it.

Its drops are mostly laser turrets, with at least one legendary. this hasn't been fully confirmed yet though.

The trick on getting rid of the asteroids is to have the boss' laser hit them. It appears that you MUST get him to destroy his own asteroids. Having a heavier ship hide behind the asteroid and destroying it with mining lasers has a high risk of bugging him out, and leaving him immune to damage.

The laser is mildly forgiving in terms of hitting the asteroids so even a shot that would normally miss may still hit them.

The best thing that you can bring to this fight is a disposable ship that can turn somewhat but has very good strafing movement. if you're willing to cheese it entirely, bring some sort of ring ship that he can shoot through without actually hitting.

Your main ship waiting in a sector nearby will definitely be useful for destroying the boss when its shields go down.

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