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Boss Swoks
Boss Swoks
A possible Boss Swoks ship
Type Boss
Faction ???

Boss Swoks spawns between the Red Rings

Boss Swoks spawns between the Red Rings

You have not heard of me yet? I am Boss Swoks III, scourge of the outer sectors. You will get to know me soon enough.

Boss Swoks is one of the bosses you can fight in Avorion, and likely the first you'll encounter. He drops the XSTN-III module which is needed to access the center of the galaxy. He can be found in empty sectors that have a radial distance between 350 and 430 units to the center of the galaxy. The formula for "radial distance" is the square root of (x2+y2). For instance the radial distance of a sector (275, 290) is about 399.66, which falls within the distance at which Swoks spawns.

Spawn Mechanics[ | ]

Boss Swoks spawns in empty sectors that have a distance between 350 and 430 units to the center of the galaxy. It has a 5% chance to spawn each time an empty sector is entered. A counter is incremented on every jump into an empty sector such that on the 10th consecutive jump into an empty sector, Swoks is guaranteed to spawn. This counter is reset when entering a sector with an Unknown Energy Signature, or when an AI or a Boss Swoks is spawned.

After Boss Swoks is defeated, the player that spawned the boss cannot spawn another AI or Boss Swoks for 30 minutes.

Fight Mechanics[ | ]

Boss Swoks is not much different from other pirate ships, except for his very high HP, and a large number of turrets. He is accompanied by 11 standard pirate ships: two Raiders, two Ravagers, two Marauders, two Pirates, and three Bandits. Due to the nature of this early-game fight, it can be a challenge for new players. With the addition of hyperdrive jamming when near enemies, new players should take extra precautions to make sure they are ready for the fight. More advanced ships will have no issue fighting Boss Swoks upon revisiting the outer rim.

Achievements[ | ]

  • Listen here you little... - Ask stupid questions to Swoks
  • Scourge of the Scourge - Defeat Boss Swoks

Trivia[ | ]

Re-battling Boss Swoks increments the Roman numeral after his name. The numeral is server-wide and serves as a way to see how many Swoks are defeated on the server. So if a player beats Boss Swoks III, the next encounter will have the name of Boss Swoks IV.

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