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Operations can be ordered for ships commanded by a Captain from the Galaxy Map. Select a ship and then one of the operation icons to get started.

Operation Types[ | ]

Travel Operation[ | ]

  • Travel operation time does take into account hyperspace jump range.

Scouting Operation[ | ]

Requirements[ | ]

(Note, detailed information on the scouting command can be found in the game LUA files at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Avorion\data\scripts\player\background\simulation\scoutcommand.lua , for the steam version of the game)

Scouting operations uncover the location of all civilized sectors within the area and allows the scouting captain to mark in the map "notes" field single most "interesting" element in each system, and the scout can be selected to mark the

  • Different types of captains will note different things, assuming the "leave captain notes" checkbox is enabled. Any captain can perform a scouting operation, but only explorers will reveal mass signatures. If the captain is an explorer or a miner they may mark claimable asteroids, for example, but others will not.

If there are one of five different kinds of asteroid belts in the sector, the captain will choose one of four asteroid belt related messages:

  • "There are asteroids here."
  • "We found an asteroid field in this sector.
  • "We found asteroids here.
  • "There are asteroids in this sector."

Any of these could signify an asteroid belt of the type that might spawn a claimable asteroid which could become a mine, but in addition to the 5 marked types of asteroid belts there are also possible asteroid spawns in container fields, wreckage fields, resistance cells, pirate ship locations, and xotan asteroid locations, none of which are marked as asteroid fields by scouting actions.

  • Wormholes: Exploration captains will mark "strange" signals with one of a group of messages variously saying, "I have never seen this before" or "something strange is in this sector" or "Something strange is here, beware."

These messages refer to either MAD Science stations, Wormholes, or Strange Asteroid Formations. Pirates may exist on warp in but these sectors are usually relatively safe at first. You have to check the location to see which it is.

Mining Operation[ | ]

Salvaging Operation (Scrap Button)[ | ]

Requirements[ | ]

  • At least 1 salvager (may be R-Salvager or not).
  • Some cargo space.

Damage Efficiency[ | ]

  • Salvager material vs area resources affects this.
    • Running iron salvagers in an area with little iron reduces efficiency for example.

Refining[ | ]

Procurement[ | ]

Sell[ | ]

Trading[ | ]

Requirements[ | ]

  • Merchant class captain is required, unlike some other operations.
  • Some cargo space.

Selecting an area will show the top 4 profitable? routes between the known [unsure, may have seen trade op ending on a sector not explored previously?] stations within the area. For trading operations the area can be changed to vertical or horizontal rectangles unlike other operations that are a square area. Changing the area shape or bounds will list new set of top routes within that area.

To run the operation a single route must be chosen. The number of flights that will be taken depends on your cargo size as well as the down payment you are willing to provide your captain to purchase the goods. The down payment slider upper bound [with a bit extra?] is the lowest of:

  • Buy price to fill your ship's cargo hold.
  • Buy price for all available units in the route.

If your down payment does not cover the entire route contract then multiple flights will be made by your captain. The more flights required the higher chance an NPC will steal the job from your captain before your captain finishes.

Your captain will deliver the profit for each flight as each flight completes, and then re-use your down payment for the next flight. Upon completion your down payment your captain used to fund the operation is returned along with the final (or only) flight's payment.

Even if your captain is carrying cargo for the route before beginning the trade operation, your captain will not use it and it will still be there at the end of the trade operation.

Supply Factories[ | ]

Expedition[ | ]

Restock[ | ]

Ambushes[ | ]

Ambush probability is calculated using several factors such as Firepower, HP and of course the location you are sending your ships to.

Generally speaking the ambush probability is affected by :

  • Fleet HP (Max shield + Max Hull of all ships added together)
  • Fleet DPS (Turrets DPS + Fighter DPS of all ships added together)
  • The captain perks (Affect each ship individualy before everything is put together)
  • Average enemy ships HP in the area
  • Average enemy DPS in the area
  • If you're at War with a faction in the area

The resulting formula (excluding captain perks) is as followed :

A first pass at the ambush probability is done for each sector based on the time it would take your fleet (viewed as one big ship) to destroy 5 enemy ships VS the other way arround. If a faction is at war with you in the sector, enemies DPS and HP factor become much more important in the calculation (from 1->2 and 1.5->7.5). This means your own fleet will have to be as much as 4 times more resistant to get the same ambush probability. An average weighted by sector type is then done and you get a first draft "ambush chance". Then for each escort ship "having less than 50% of sectors where the ship wouldn't get attacked means that it's strong enough to reduce base" ambush chance by 25% compounding. Finally Attack probability increases by 40% for every additional hour after the first. Only then are captain's perk factor multiplied to the result.