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After we realized we couldn't beat the Xsotan at the time, we decided to flee.

Back when the Xsotan first arrived, a part of the then galactic federation decided to flee the galaxy, trying to stay safe from the alien invaders. While doing so they left behind a path of beacons, so those coming behind could find where they went and reunite. Reward: XSTN-I

Quest[ | ]

As most quests, the start of these can be found in hidden mass systems. Equip a scanner upgrade with deep scan range and visit the yellow blips on the map.

The start beacons have a 33% chance to spawn in asteroid and wreckage sectors[1] which are at least 200 sectors from the center of the galaxy[2]. They're easy to spot on the sector map - some of them blink (zoom out to spot them). The beacons are numbered, e.g. #35 X=65 and #37 Y=97 - find beacons until you have the same numbered coordinates (Example: #24 X=27, #24 Y=233. This should lead to 27, 233 on the main galaxy map). Go to that location (via mission menu-> show on map). You'll find a beacon in that sector with new coordinates. Follow them. Repeat that until you've reached the final sector (somewhere near the very edge of the map).

Talking to the communication beacon will reveal the backstory to the current, fractured state of the galaxy and finally the player will be given the XSTN-I artifact.

Known Bugs[ | ]

There could be a chance that the last sector has nothing, this means you have to start over.

The sector can have the coordinates of a space-time rift or inside barrier, meaning the player is unable to reach the final sector, and therefor has to start over.

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