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Organize allies for the fight against the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian. To Find allies, The player has to locate a factions headquarters and ask if they are willing to assist the player.

Unless the factions relations towards the player are "admired", the player will have to convince the faction to join them in the battle against the XWG.

When convincing a faction, the player should keep the factions traits in mind, because the player will have diffrent options on what to tell the faction when persuading them. For example: If a faction has the trait "Very Greedy", the player should tell them, that the Xsotan Wormhole Guardian has great treasures, and thereby securing one or two ships from that faction.

If the player attempts, and fails, to convince a faction, then that faction cannot be convinced otherwise under any circumstances, not even if the player later gains Excellent relations and successfully negotiates a normal alliance with that faction.

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