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A Pirate Ship shown with a Fire Power of 180.8 Omicron.

Omicron is a measurement of firepower in Avorion. It estimates the damage per second (DPS) of a ship or turret, assuming that every shot hits a target.

Calculation[ | ]

A single turret's Omicron is calculated by multiplying its Damage with its Fire Rate (shots per second). For example, a turret with a Damage of 78 and a Fire Rate of 0.7 has a firepower of 54.6 Omicron, because

78 · 0.7 = 54.6

A ship's Omicron is calculated by summing the Omicron of all turrets on the ship. A ship with three turrets of 43, 55 and 75 Omicron would therefore have a total firepower of 173 Omicron, because

43 + 55 + 75 = 173

Limitations of Omicron[ | ]

The Omicron of a turret or ship may not accurately represent its ability to do damage. This is because factors such as overheating and accuracy are not included in the calculation.

A turret might have a Omicron of 700 whilst only being able to fire three shots before incurring a 20 second cool-down. Cool-down is determined by the negative attribute of overheating, and so doesn't affect fire rate. In this situation, a calculation that took overheating into account might yield an Omicron of only 35.

Adversely, a turret may have bonus damage, such as +29% damage to shields. This is not considered in the calculation Omicron either, and so the true damage may be underrepresented.