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The Object Finder is an installable System Upgrade.

Mechanics[ | ]

The Object Finder scans your current sector for claimable asteroids, repairable wrecks, containers, Secret Stashes and Exodus beacons. If permanently installed, the presence of valuable objects in a sector will be passively announced on arrival in a sector. When activated (with free mouse), the Object Finder will "ping" the system and highlight all objects within range for 30s. Higher tier Object Finders enjoy a greater highlight range and reduced re-use cooldown timers.


Object Finder icon and activation

Note: The Object Finder was introduced with game version 2.2 and the release of the Into the Rift DLC. For version prior to 2.2, see C43 Object Detector

ObjectFinder HighlightedObject

Claimable Asteroid highlighted by the Object Finder

Battery Booster Battery Booster
Object Detector Object Detector
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Mining Subsystem Mining Subsystem
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Radar Booster Radar Booster
Scanner Booster Scanner Booster
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Hydra Subsystem Hydra Subsystem
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