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This mod extends the Turret and Weapon generators to add a new Gatling-Railgun Weapon to the game.

About[ | ]

  • weapontype.lua A new WeaponType GatlingRailGun has to be added so that the Turret and Weapon generators can be extended for that type.
  • turretgenerator.lua is extended to add a new generator function for the new turret type and some specifics about that turret.
  • weapongenerator.lua is extended to add a new generator function for the new weapon type, which builds on the existing Railgun generation function
  • In galaxy.lua the drop probability for the new weapon is added and set to a weight of 1, so that the turret will be generated in loot drops

modinfo.lua[ | ]

  • serverSideOnly = false This mod would be server-only, if it wasn't for some localization files that have to be present on the client to translate.
  • clientSideOnly = false The mod cannot be client side only, since weaponry has to be generated on the server.
  • saveGameAltering = false The mod doesn't add any new scripts or assets to the game, so it doesn't alter save games in a way that they might become corrupted once the mod is no longer active. It only alters some numbers in weapons, but doesn't add any actually completely new weapons.

Localization[ | ]

In the data/localization/ folder you can find an example for a German localization of texts that appear in the mod.

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