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This mod adds a new sector with lots of resource-rich asteroids. It also extends the sector specifics so that the sector is recognized where necessary.

About[ | ]

  • richasteroidfield.lua Script that will generate the sector
  • richasteroidfield.lua Extension so that the new sector is added to SectorSpecifics

richasteroidfield.lua[ | ]

  • SectorTemplate.getProbabilityWeight(x, y) Sets the probability (in comparison to other sectors) of this sector
  • SectorTemplate.offgrid(x, y) true, if the sector is meant to be a yellow dot (hidden mass sector) on the map, false for a green dot (default sector)
  • SectorTemplate.gates(x, y) indicates if the sector should have gates (if yes, be sure to actually create gates in SectorTemplate.generate!)
  • SectorTemplate.ships(x, y), SectorTemplate.stations(x, y) indicates how many ships and stations (from, to) there can be in this sector. Important for estimates of missions.
  • SectorTemplate.musicTracks() The music that should be played in this sector
  • SectorTemplate.generate(player, seed, x, y) Function that is called when the sector generation actually happens

The SectorTemplate.generate(player, seed, x, y) ist the heart of this script. It creates the content of the sector, in this case several rich asteroid fields.

modinfo.lua[ | ]

  • serverSideOnly = true The mod can be run server-side only as sector generation only happens on the server. The mod also doesn't add any new scripts, assets or localization.
  • clientSideOnly = false Client side only is impossible, since the mod is already server side only. Sector generation happens only on the server.
  • saveGameAltering = false The mod doesn't add any new scripts or assets to the game, so it doesn't alter save games in a way that they might become corrupted once the mod is no longer active. It only reuses already existing game objects and logic.

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