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This mod shows how to add a new mission to the game, and how to do dependencies between mods.

About[ | ]

This mod adds a new mission where the player has to find a lost freighter. It has a dependency to Mod Example: Bulletin Board Base, and extends a script of it.

The mission can be found and accepted at all bulletin boards of all stations. The player has to jump into another sector, fly close to a wreckage that will be generated by the mission when he enters the sector, and then return to the station where he accepted the mission from.

  • bulletinboardmissions.lua Extends the script from Mod Example: Bulletin Board Base to add the mission to the bulletin board.
  • lostfreighter.lua Core mission file of this mod.

modinfo.lua[ | ]

  • serverSideOnly = false This mod introduces a new Player script, and those have to be present on client and server. The script is also a mission script where the client has to read out information to display in the mission UI. Also: Localization.
  • clientSideOnly = false Client side only is impossible, since new scripts are added through this mod, which is only possible on the server.
  • saveGameAltering = true The mod adds a new script data/scripts/player/missions/lostfreighter.lua whose path will be saved into the database. Once the mod is disabled, the script is no longer existant and the savegame will be slightly corrupted (not unplayable though).

Localization[ | ]

In the data/localization/ folder you can find an example for a German localization of texts that appear in the mod.

Dependencies[ | ]

This mod has a dependency to Mod Example: Bulletin Board Base which it uses to easily add a new bulletin board mission to the game.

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