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This is a very simple mod that shows how to replace assets through mods.

About[ | ]

This mod provides no scripts but a few assets. The assets provided here will shadow (or replace) the vanilla ones that are used by the game.

  • avorion.png The big "AVORION" letters that are to be shown in the main menu, with yellow [modded] letters
  • bug-report.png The bug report icon, but rotated by 90°

Note: Even though only textures are replaced in this case, you can replace nearly all assets in the game, including music, plan xml files, sfx files and so on.

modinfo.lua[ | ]

  • serverSideOnly = false This mod only introduces visual changes, that the server doesn't know anything about.
  • clientSideOnly = true This mod only introduces visual aesthetics changes that the server doesn't know (and doesn't have to know) about.
  • saveGameAltering = false The mod doesn't add any new scripts or assets to the game, so it doesn't alter save games in a way that they might become corrupted once the mod is no longer active. Client side only mods never alter save games, since saves are a server-only thing.

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