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The Mobile Energy Lab

"Are you looking for the true power of pure energy?! We're going to show you the potential of true energy is like!" - Mobile Energy Lab as it attacks

The MAD Science Mobile Energy Lab is one of the bosses that the player will have fight in Avorion to enter the center of the galaxy.

This minor faction specializes in testing out electrical weapons and systems, which is indicated by the text responses from the Satellites, the loot that is dropped by the Satellites, and the bonus from the Xsotan artifact that the Mobile Lab drops.

Finding the Lab[]

The MAD Science Energy Lab will show up after the player vandalizes and destroys 4 Mad Science Satellites. These satellites spawn within a radial distance of 150-240 sectors from the center of the galaxy, inside of hidden mass sectors. This range is indicated on the map in the right column of the page.

After the fourth satellite is destroyed, the MAD Science Energy Lab will show up and begin to interrogate the player, eventually leading to the same option, which is the player attacking the MAD Energy Lab.

MAD Science Energy Lab spawns between the blue circles.

The fight[]

The Mobile Energy Lab fights with Lightning and Tesla turrets and has a very large firepower compared to what other bosses that the player has seen. The trick of defeating it is detailed in the same satellites that were destroyed to spawn the science vessel, which reads that the electrical weapons cannot permeate stone. This also means that since the electrical weapons cannot do any damage to the stone, a ship can easily be converted to have a stone casing that protects itself completely from the mobile labs, regardless if the ship has shields.

Another trick is to simply tail the mobile energy lab with Lightning turrets that have a further range, which the Mobile Energy Labs typically sport 15km reach turrets. This is not a recommended situation due to the trickiness of fighting tailing enemies, much less tailing a boss that utilizes hitscan weapons.

Due to the existence of plasma tesla turrets and plasma lightning turrets, stone doesn't always protect player ships as plasma tesla and lightning turrets can damage stone the same as hull and armor.


  • 1 exotic turret at Tech Level 52
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