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An Iron Asteroid

General[ | ]

Iron is the first in the tier of materials of Avorion. It is the heaviest and most fragile material in Avorion, only made up for how cheap it is to build with.

Typically, Iron is rarely feasible in an offensive standpoint, since it isn't capable of taking shots well or moving around easily, so its use is more effective for start-up mining or cargo transportation ships.

Acquisition[ | ]

Iron, being the lowest quality resource, can be found anywhere in the map in both asteroid and wreckage form. However, the easiest way to get iron is in the outer stretches of the galaxy, where most of the other materials do not spawn.

The player can also buy Iron anywhere in the galaxy as a resource from Resource Depots, unless that depot has a delivery request for iron.

Usage[ | ]

Iron can be used in ships like any other resource, wherein it's consumed when you build Iron-based blocks on your ship, or when you repair the damaged iron blocks on a ship.

Despite iron's lack of feasibility in a military standpoint, the player can still use Iron for civilian-based ships, such as mining or cargo ships. Iron's most useful feature for other material-based ships is the inertia dampener, which is only available for iron and Avorion.

If the player does not wish to build with it, it can also be sold to resource vendors for credits.

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